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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Oosterdokskade 5 | Second Floor, 1011 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Getting there


BOAT: Perfectly accessible by boat and within easy reach of Amsterdam's historical canals.

TRAIN: A 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

PARKING: Within 50 meters at Oosterkade parking garage.


+31 20 260 2094



More information

http://www.samhoudplaces.com/, https://twitter.com/samhoudplaces, https://www.instagram.com/samhoudplaces/, https://www.facebook.com/samhoudplaces/


&samhoud places prices: Menu 130/170 € - Carte 123/295 €

The shorter sampling was 150€ and the longer 200€. The Wagu upgrade was 60€ alone and the great wine selection is no bargain. A mid range bottle goes for 160€. But if you can afford, this place has charm, class and the meal was superb. The location is off the center next to the train station and the cab ride will cost 10€.

Opening hours

WED-THU: 19:00 - 21.30
FRI: 12:00 - 14:00
19:00 - 21:30
SAT: 19:00 - 21:30
SUN: 12:00 - 14:00
19:00 - 20:30

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&samhoud places opened its doors in August 2012. &samhoud places is an international gastronomic journey where people are inspired and connected by extraordinary food and excellent service. Enter the inspiring world of chef Moshik and taste a globally inspired combination of ingredients while you enjoy the view of the city of Amsterdam. Moshik Roth invites you on an adventure. This fashionable establishment will take you from one pleasant surprise to the next. The chef knows how to combine inventiveness with refinement for a fantastic flavour experience, extracting the best from top-quality ingredients with absolute precision.

&samhoud places Review

Man, when you can make sunflower seeds taste wonderfully addictive, you've got skillz.
Despite it being a posh environment (all crystal, I mean even the complementary olives were served with crystal tooth picks!!! Do you think they count them, what'd you reckon?) we never felt unconfortable or out of place. 
We'd booked for an early dinner in the lounge and arrived early, so we're ridiculously early. We were there even before the beef had arrived for dinner session that evening. But when I mentioned we were was so looking foreward to trying out their cote de boeuf, they did everything in their power to make that happen. So, big ups to the staff!!!
My mom said it was the best beef dish she had in a while and maybe ever! You have to keep in mind, however, this was after she'd had 2  ginger mojitos and 1 glass of red wine. If I would ask her about this dish in about 2 months, she'll be like what beef dish. That cote de boeuf was memorable nonetheless!!! We also tried the toast brioche (2nd favorite) and their signature dish "& tomeato", a vegi burger made of tomato so concentrated it almost tasted beefy. Mom also loved the halibut ceviche, well, the garnish of the halibut ceviche. The ceviche was served in a cocktail glass with some vegetable garnish on top and the ceviche in the bottom. We were sharing all dishes, so my mom handed the glass to me after having some herself. I asked her how the dish was and looked at her plate. Mom: yes it's nice....Me: mom, you didn't have any fish!? Mom; oh, there's fish? Yes mom, ceviche is fish...
There's glass everywhere. Behind those big windows,  it's see and be seen. Or perhaps it was because half way through dinner I started stripping. The sun was out that day and it was starting to become simmering hot behind all that glass. I sincerely hope they've installed some kind of airco, otherwise I can imagine it would become unbearable during summertimes. They might get away with postponing it for another year though, since it seems like we'll be skipping summer this year. 
If the temperatures won't rise above 25C, the windows are great for people watching, providing a perfect view of the crowds passing by the waterfront. Besides, if it gets too hot inside, there is always the option of taking a seat at 1 of the tables on the patio. 
All in all, I'd say we had a(n) (almost) perfect evening.

After hearing Vartika G. talk about this place when it opened, we finally decided to try it out for a casual lunch. Even though it is sort of unassuming from the outside, &Samhoud Places is every bit grand on the inside. This review is for the brief experience at the lounge downstairs. I intend to do the fancy upstairs dinner thing sometime soon, too, though.
As soon as we walked in, we were briefly told about the specialties of the restaurant. Having read a little about the restaurant and the acclaimed chef, I was prepared to be impressed. We decided to get a small window facing table where we could watch people walk by. The menus were elegantly designed, as was practically everything inside. I loved the leather bound drinks menu that also had pages upside down, so it was easy for everyone at the table to look at.
I decided to get the famous tomato burger. It came with a side of home fries, and not a lot of them, as you generally get with burgers. The burger itself was seriously delicious. Will try again! The condiments were all made in-house according to the staff, and were definitely great. I also had a salad on the side, which was different kinds of tomatoes and pears and topped with tomato sorbet. The skinny cutlery was cute, too!
The downstairs lounge is a casual lunch destination, and also has free wifi. The staff was all very relaxed and friendly. I see myself spending quite a lot of afternoons working from &samhoud places.

When you think about a two star Michelin (&samhoud places michelin star), this is precisely what comes to mind. For once the staff was equal male and female, both had the same outfit of a blue suit and sneakers. The kitchen is clean and the meal pacing impeccable. 
One issue is the price (&samhoud places prices). The shorter sampling was 150€ and the longer 200€. The Wagu upgrade was 60€ alone and the great wine selection is no bargain. A mid range bottle goes for 160€. But if you can afford, this place has charm, class and the meal was superb.
The location is off the center next to the train station and the cab ride will cost 10€. We walked back home in the fresh autumn night and I know we should have done so on the way these. I strongly recommend the appetizers, they make a greater statement than the entree. The dessert was breathtaking; a Mille-feuilles made to perfection.

After attending multiple 2 and 3 three Michelin starred restaurants (&samhoud places michelin star) around the world I can say that Samhoud Places is not Michelin worthy in my books. The food was tasty but not as clever or creative as I have come to expect and the service was clumsy at best. I would say that this place suffers from poor oversight. Presentation, pacing and sequence of flavors are not impressive, nor do they follow a theme. Ambience is equally confused...hip for foodies or for money waving clientele? Classic haute cuisine or trying to buck the trends? I don't buy it either way. The menu has a familiar structure and as expectations build disappointment sets in.  Do they have a sommelier? I don't know. The service seemed confused when my wife asked about wine pairings. Really? At a Michelin restaurant? Why wouldn't you have wine pairings? Well, it turns out they do but I don't understand why that was that ever in question? Seating can also vary as there are some lofty large tables facing the canal, a row of tight diner style tables off to the side and some in front of an open kitchen. Any choices? No. And yet it can change the experience completely depending on the consumer. Foodies might dig the work of the chefs while romantics want a view of the city. It may seem petty but that is what you paying for with a 2 star Michelin experience. Money aside, I honestly feel duped into a meal that didn't hold up to its end of the bargain. Moshik talks about "Taste has everything to do with a composition of memories" .... Well, this is one that I'll remember for all the wrong reasons. Want a good experience? Think of French Laundry, Alinea, Grace, Inn at Meadowood ... heck even go down the street to Librijie Zusje and you'll get an experience that is worlds apart from this place. Samhoud, I know this sounds generically harsh, but it is uncharacteristic of my other reviews. 

I also feel obliged to provide some constructive criticism:
- don't wait an hour between the first drink and the amuse bouche. This is the moment of greatest anticipation and interest. Nobody eats a whole pizza before coming to a tasting menu. We come hungry and interested. 
- pick a person who can describe all of the dishes and also know how to answer questions. Ever have the chefs come out to present? That spells passion. 
- if you have a dish that deserves a table side presentation, don't do it behind of the person you are serving, otherwise, what's the point? If I can't see what you are doing, then just do it in the kitchen. 
- the butter on the table had a peel-on label. That hardly oozes of 'hand-made' freshness. Make you're own. 
- wait staff shouldn't look at their watches at the end of a meal. It sends the message that they want to go home and are done providing service. 
- ditch the coaster-sized print out of what Moshik thinks about his food. It's patronizing. Instead, hand out a copy of the tasting menu itself and a little gift (chocolate, cookies .... even a hand written note) at the end of the meal. This is something I've seen from every great Michelin starred restaurant thus far. 
- if you are going to feature a dish by a renown artist like Damien Hirst, at least give him the honor of presenting an art piece by the dish or in the restaurant so that people can connect the food with the art. 
I can imagine a lot of people saying "sure, you are bitching about the service and ambiance, but what about the food?"  Personally I liked the taste of the majority of the Autumn Inspiration menu. It didn't blow my mind but my tastes may not be the same as yours and they are also continuing to develop as I experience other restaurants. So how are you going to gauge your meal on what I thought of the sweetbread (which was sublime)? Plus, the menu  changes with the seasons, so you probably will be eating a different meal altogether. So, my only advice is to read the other reviews and figure out if this restaurant has the ability to satisfy your expectations before you really decide to go.

Close to the central station and library you will enter in restaurant. Main floor occupies bar and virtual cinema (as a part of the experience) restaurant and kitchen is on upper floor.
Dress code, relax.
Tasting menu 4 or 8 courses. Restaurant works from 19:00.
Food was correct, missing touch of chef who poses most like host and busy texting on his mobile, whole night I did not see him close to the pans.
Personally I do not like journeys around the world tasting menu, but this is what you will get here. 
Waiters professional and up to the task.
Sommelier, well she will take interest in you only if you willing to have several glasses of wine otherwise it will be like for us: "you need some red wine with tour main course" and open tablet on your desk so you can choose from.
Eat better in Amsterdam at one star Michelin restaurant (&samhoud places michelin star)

As you enter, you think perhaps you are in the wrong place - casual & cool bar downstairs with a virtual reality cinema on the side. The restaurant is actually upstairs...great view with a beautiful open glass kitchen - odd almost trying to be cool modern decor (neon purple/blue lighting w/ waiters in sneakers). Now...the food...an international culinary delicious adventure! We tried the full tasting menu...the perfect egg is indeed the perfect egg - no further description necessary. Loved the Kyoto starter - delicious Eb & Vloed - stunning plating, interesting flavours and fun stories for each dish - I truly enjoyed everything until the truffle cappuccino. The consistencies/textures of the different ingredients did not mix well together - the oil floating between the layers and the bits of truffles mixed in...i could not finish this...utterly vile. This dish was really the only dissapointment but a huge one. Desserts....the Japanese garden dessert was beautiful plated. The mille - feuille was nothing special. We certainly had more than enough food. I would recommend this to the foodies out there.

Opting for the large tasting menu meant some 12 courses of delight were in store from the "amuse bouche" through to two significant deserts. There were no disappointments and the 'eggstraordinary' egg dish was memorable, red mullet with foie gras, succulent pigeon breast, sliced beetroot - too many cleverly combined ingredients offering exciting taste experiences to mention. Oysters and sweetbreads featured in my partner's choices so plenty of opportunities for experimentation. The Israeli chef Moshik genuinely welcomes you to his world and is a master practitioner, the Israeli white wine offered a perfect complement to the dinner. Great views from the first floor, don't be put off by the unpretentious ground floor entrance.

My husband likes to celebrate our special days in Michelin star restaurants. This was our first visit to &Samhoud Places. This is a very casual restaurant, waiters/waiters wearing Nike sneakers unlike any other upscale restaurants, virtual cinema downstairs, VR glasses on the walls, football balls as decorative objects (not my style). I found people friendly, but also a bit arrogant (no surprise). We had a nice view of Amsterdam. We tried small menu which was actually huge. My husband was very satisfied with the wine selection in wine pairing menu (55 Euro). For me amuse,starters and perfect egg were the best.
My husband showed me his message at the end of the dinner that he asked from the restaurant during reservation to make a small surprise for me like a candle on our desert which was confirmed by the restaurant. But I guess they forgot it, there was no special treat for my birthday. Overall, it was a nice experience.

This is probably one of the best new restaurants in town. High quality and good food. Had one of the best times ever. The restaurant is located pretty close to Ams CS with plenty of parking underground with a great view of the city. 
Do even miss it!!!
I liked this place a lot, however after a full week of eating out three meals a day my pallet was a little off. I would like to try this place again at the beginning of my next trip.  Loved the ambiance and the five courses chef special, which is more like 8-9 courses takes you on a trip around the world, you feel like you have traveled to ASIA, Europe, South America and the US. One of my favorite things was the tomato burger which is a staple and a must try.  The meatball dish was very tasty also the dessert. Prices (&samhoud places prices) reasonable for the quantity, quality and experience that you get.
Staff did an excellent job with the service.

I have to say that I usually don't come to Amsterdam for the gastronomic experience, but &samhoud Places changed my mind. It was a Sunday night when we got a table to experience a culinary journey across the world. It was delicious. The one dish that stood out was the caesar salad served in an eggshell - very impressive. This is an expensive restaurant (I never spent so much in a Dutch restaurant), but worth it.

Humans are funny creatures. The idea of merging food with theatre is a folly and a curious and oft times dangerous and short lived experiment with a limited shelf life. We go to restaurants to eat, primarily and to leave feeling that the food, above all else, was the star of the show.
This small, intimate and expensive restaurant, the brainchild of Moshik Roth and Salem Samhoud, was full on the night we dined there but has less than 10 tables, just to put this into context. The food is beautifully executed but the service is extremely arrogant and this ruined the evening for me. Surly waiting staff with gormless expressions and portraying a sense of abject disinterest in performing the tasks for which they are being paid, makes for a lousy engagement between service personnel and patrons. 
The proceedings commence with a curious amuse bouche type offering, tiny morsels of finely constructed ingredients, one of which was nestled on top of, what looked, like rice crispies and the other 2 served on a spoon and a smooth polished pebble. 
The Menu offers the predictable option of a journey through the kitchen or a less arduous a la carte option, the latter suited the 4 of us on the night we ate here, albeit that we mostly stuck with less adventurous options. Goose Liver and Garden of the Sea - both declared 'interesting and well presented' - neither were considered outstanding. We followed with the Roe Deer and Sweetbreads, both of which not only looked good but were expertly and sympathetically cooked. 
With 4 Irish Coffees and Wine, the bill for 4 was 722.25 Euros - for what was undoubtedly an interesting but not worth over 50 Euros for a starter almost 100 Euros for a main course.

We heard about the restaurant and decided to treat ourselfs when in Amsterdam.and ohh it was a treat.
we set in front of the beautiful canal during sunset and it was amazing!
The waitress who served us was so lovely and nice she explained every detail about the courses.
about the food:
we could't wait to get the next course when finished one.
we took the 4 course menu and it was great.
i highly recommend to go there!

Together with my wife, we visited the restaurant to have dinner. First we attended the VR cinema which can be found on the bottom floor and was a very nice and surprisingly fun experience. 
Than we went to have dinner, we had a table which was located next to the kitchen. The kitchen is made entirely off glass so you can watch the very skilled chef doing their cheffing things. 
The food was amazing, every amuse and dish was perfectly well balanced and well thought out in terms of flavour. The food is very well presented and the wines were complimenting the food wonderfully. 
The waiter who served us and the sommelier made the experience complete, they know what hostmanship truly means. 
We had a wonderful evening and will definitely be coming back.

I was recommended by a chef to try Moshikos food. Its a great culinary experience. Menu was quite confusing at the beginning however the food is outstanding and quite peculiar. For me prices were very high for a casual michellin experience. The Wagyu beef was the winner of the evening. The looser was one of the female waitress who was in a bad mood and ruined the end of our night.

We were recommended to &Samhoud by the staff at Vermeer (full for 3 days!)
Chef Moshik and his staff were excellent! 
Fantastic wine selection and delicious Tasting Menu, on caliber with "11 Madison" Chef Humm, Chicago's late Charlie Trotter, and Allred's at the top of Telluride, Colorado. 
We were very pleased. Very nice staff, great table with view across the harbor over Amsterdam Centrum. 
A memorable night. Expensive but worth it: "You get what you pay for!

Chef Moshik created other-worldly dishes out of ordinary flavours. The starter tea was absolutely amazing, Amusements were creative, the entree fish contained a lot mroe than fish taste. I do not even want to mention the main dish and desert :) Service was even higher quality than food, if possible. They make us feel as comfortable as we are at our regular cafe, which we have not expected from the comments in here. It was the best choice for our special night (anniversary), strongly suggested!

Quite disappointed with our visit. The location is great and we live locally, so it has been on the list for a while and an anniversary dinner seemed an apt time.
There is no airco in the restaurant and we went on one of the hottest nights of the year, quite uncomfortable. Airco is arriving at the end of the summer!
Service: Mixed, its casual without being stuffy, but it lacks a certain finesse. 
Wine: Prepare to spend! Its a great menu, experienced sommelier with some good recommendations, but some of the prices (&samhoud places prices) are quite beyond most budgets, even at this level.
Menu: I have to think hard about what we ate. And that in itself is an indication of the lackluster menu, yet I can tell you course by course a menu from eight years ago in Melbourne! Nothing stimulating or exciting, lots of foams and froth that add nothing. Highlight was the pigeon breast. Lowlight was the nauseating gorgonzola ice cream.
Think hard, you can certainly eat better and significantly cheaper in Amsterdam. We so wanted to enjoy the experience, but it did not live up to its two star rating.

Visited on my own for dinner, felt very comfortable. Staff were knowledgeable and extremely helpful including doing a wine flight of half glasses for the 8 course menu.
Food was excellent, faultless and made more so by watching the preparation from my spot at the bar. There were tables with lovely views. I had a lovely evening & will return on my next visit to Amsterdam!

We went to this well known restaurant in Amsterdam to celebrate an anniversary. And what a celebration it was! The food was exquisite: both creative and delicious. The service (Lisa!) was simply wonderful: witty, intelligent, and delightful. And the restaurant itself was most comfortable, inviting, and classy. I am sure that we will visit this wonderful restaurant again, soon!

We had diner here last night. The food is amazing and very surprisingly. The various tastes are different as ussual and they surprise you all the time. The combinations of tastes of the food are great. The staff is very friendly and attentive. The view from the windows is wonderful. The prices are expensive but worth the experience. If you are looking for a different food experience I can highly recommend this place.

I have to begin with the view because is perfect 
The place is nice I had a table all the way to the end so I didn't get to see the kitchen which is open 
Te service is not all there the waiters are nice but they don't anticipate ur needs Or refill your water I had to keep asking for it
The food is very creative very flavourful but for some of the dishes I feel like less would had been more 
My husband appreciated that there was protein in most of the dishes as most of this restaurants tend to do a very vegetarian menu 
Overall it was great food but we have been to many Michelin started restaurants (&samhoud places michelin star) all over the world and that is why I don't give them the 5 rating 

My second best meal of the year. The best one was at Martin beratsategui . Restaurant with great views of the water and an open fish bowl like kitchen. Had the 8 courses tasting menu. All dishes were creative, nicely plated and full of flavor. Highly technical but not to show off. Great wine list on the expensive side. Very friendly and professional service. Sophisticated.

My wife and I visited the restaurant during a kid's free weekend in Amsterdam. From the moment we arrived to the time we left, all the staff were welcoming, attentive, friendly and very helpful. They gave a good explanation of the menu and our choices, and we decided on the large inspiration menu. The food that arrived was beautifully presented, and a creative taste sensation. It was great to see the Chef himself in the kitchen, working with his team. Towards the end of a fantastic meal we asked if we could move and sit at the bar in order to watch the kitchen at work, and they did so without any hesitation. We have been lucky enough to eat at a number of Michelin starred restaurant's, and &Samhoud Places did not disappoint. A truly memorable evening and meal and thanks to all the team for a wonderful experience. Loving the footballs too.

This is an amazing experience 
And we would recommend a visit to everyone who appreciates dishes prepared with extra skill and in this case it is really Art!
It needs no molecular interaction it s all about taste and looks
The service is lovely and for every food intolerance s solution is found 
We will come back thanks for this performance!!!

The dishes we had at the monumental chef Moshik Roth's were delicate, subtle, airy and elegant at the same time. Every bite was like a journey to faraway islands and a sensual experience of tastes and smells. We spent around four hours at the restaurant and it was a truly exquisite cuisine. 
However, I was a little surprised when after a glass of champagne and the fabulous infusion drink, one of the waitresses approached our table, holding the menu in both hands, pointing it right at us and said that "the menu is already opened on the page with our Inspiration menu, but of course you can also order a la carte". I felt this was a little contentious way of persuading us to chose the menu more convenient for the restaurant and it was dismissive of the a la carte menu. I felt that this was very inelegant and I would certainly expect a more subtle approach at a two star Michelin restaurant. (Eventually we did order the 7 course inspiration menu, each and, in addition I ordered a goose liver from a la carte menu). 
The waitress who served the wine was very nice but perhaps lacked thorough knowledge about the wineries from the menu. To be fair, she first asked about our budget for a bottle (it was about 100 eur) and there were only few options in reds in that price range. She suggested to us the only one wine that was under 100 Eur - a blend for 70 Eur. The price (&samhoud places prices) is of course always important but this was not our only concern when we decided to have our dinner at this restaurant. We wanted to go through the whole meal with a bottle of red and were looking for something that would pair with the food. We can read the menu and did not need a waiter to point to us this one bottle that cost less than 100 eur. Eventually, after studying the wine menu on our own for few minutes, we narrowed down the choices to the 70 Eur bottle suggested by the waitress, a pinot noir for 135 eur from Maison Leroy, and a 150 eue Morgeaux (which we knew). We then asked the waitress to help us make the final choice. She started by attempting to explain to us the difference between the grape pinot noir and cabernet savignon. I felt this was a little too much and politely shifted her attention to the fact that we are looking for a wine to pair the food (We know the difference between pinot noir and cabernet). We chose the pinot noir. 
Overall, I had a feeling that there was a dissonance between the elegance, sofistication and finesse of the dishes and the roughness and lack of subtlety on the part of some of the serving staff. I felt that I was treated like just another food-ignorant-tourist that will follow the predicted line of Inspiration menu order. This, unfortunately, left a somewhat bad aftertaste.

I went there with my wife and we were delighted with the food arrangement and the wine pairing. The staff was very friendly and treated us really well. We sat on the kitchen's table and watched the kooks work...that was awesome! and the view, really outstanding and unique. I'd love to go back and try new dishes!! Thanks Moshik for the lovely evening ;)

The place itself is well organized, spacious and well designed. We missed a bit the airco, but I guess this is quite rare in Amsterdam. Waiters were super helpful and friendly, they paid attention even to such details that the writing on the plates should be in the correct place. 
The food was also nice, but to be honest we went there with higher expectations, we thought that for a Michelin star restaurant (&samhoud places michelin star) (or for such a price range) the food was nothing spectacular. We left a bit disappointed to be honest. 
We mentioned this on their Facebook page and they did get back to us quickly with a promise to get back to us later and we have been waiting for that ever since. 
All in all, too expensive

High quality chef restaurant, the appetizers are amazing (for example: bluefin toro tartar with white miso and flowers on sushi rice crisp). The dishes are simple and accurate and you can feel the specialty of this restaurant in every bite.
Little bit pricy, but worth the experience.
Friendly service, staff, nice view. Tasted 8 course menu. Very short sparkling vine list, no prosecco, sekt, franciacorta. Food - excellent. No air conditioning. Remarkable, funny chef pictures in menu and elsewhere.

We loved everything about this place! the food , the service the view the location we really had the feeling we are being treated royally by everyone including Ralph which was great super host. Classy and accommodating . As Israeli I was proud to visit a two stars Michelin Resturant with Israeli chef moshik Roth and I am looking forward coming back . 
The dishes were delicious and we felt as each one of the course was a celebration to food creation . 
By far one of the most memorial Restaurants we Ever dined and we dine in quite a few of them. 
Keep up the good job moshik and the find team

The environment of the restaurant is very nice, as well as the food but I am not sure they deserve such a high price. I realize though that this comment applies to most Michelin starred restaurant.
Phenomenal food!!! The chef knows how to 'play' with the ingredients to get you so many new flavors from oh so familiar products.
The service was great! Everyone were nice and very well familiar with the courses 
I love that they wear tennis shoes, makes it less formal as well as comfortable to these who works hard to serve us.
**please note that this place is very pricey (&samhoud places prices)

We had a lovely evening at Samhoud places. The restaurant is quaint with a gorgeous view, and the ambiance is classy yet comfortable (loved that the waitstaff wore blazers and tennis shoes!). The chef coins his food as "simple" - he uses simple, fresh (perfect!) ingredients and combines them with robust imagination. We recommend the chef's 6 course dinner, you won't be disappointed!
Firstly having a seat at the kitchens edge is an interesting place to see how your meal is constructed/created/artistically prepared. It also gives an insight into how Chef Moshik runs the floor, and that he does indeed in a desire to produce such fine dishes. The tasting menu with an optional Foie course was excellent, a journey of culinary tastes that kept you waiting for the next course. Chef Moshik even comes out to check on a couple of courses to see how things are going. Great service, excellent food, and with a seat on the kitchens edge also entertaining/informational.

Sitting together with a perfect view over the Amsterdam canal, we had a great meal. They combine every course with a great surprising wine. Love the dessert, perfect combination of sweet fruits and good chocolate and of course the espresso after that. The service is excellent!
“2 stars Michelin well earned”. Nice seating with view on the river on the one side, on the open kitchen on the other side. An enthusiastic staff serve us a very tasteful menu with some Japanese accents. For us it was very recognizible that the chef indeed cooperates creatively with the French 3 stars cook, JG Klein, in Lorraine.Nice wine selection.

This was our first trip to &samhoud Places and whilst the cost is certainly high, even by two Michelin star standards, it was certainly a positive experience overall.
First impressions were good, the dining room is large but with relatively few tables. We were seated at a table large enough to seat four (there were just two of us) and by the window with a wonderful panoramic view of Amsterdam. The other tables were suitably distant from our own that we could really feel we have our own private experience. The only slight downside to the large open space is that the general volume level can rise if one table is louder than another. 
We were offered the winter menu, despite this being late March. We were told that chef is often quite late in presenting the new seasonal menu. This didn't matter though as the food we did eat was generally excellent. The tasting menu we chose was comprised of seven courses, with the usual round of amuse bouche before the main dishes start. There were two points where one had to choose between two dishes. For the starter we chose both the langoustine and the beetroot options and for the main we chose the Anjou pigeon over the Wagyu beef, mainly due to the 65 EUR supplement for getting to taste the latter.
The service was prompt and attentive throughout, if a little stiff. Other fine dining restaurants do a better job at building a rapport with the guests.
Would I come here again? Yes, I would.

Have had the pleasure of eating at &samhoud places a couple of times and this is among my favorite restaurants in The Netherlands and probably best chef in the country. Food is a celebration of the senses - surprising combinations, top quality ingredients and some original ideas you should try for yourself.
i found this place through the internet and risked inviting my friends there without knowing how good the place was. good thing i wasnt disappointed. the view was beautiful and the food is delicious specially the wagy beef as main course.

I've been there couple months ago - really nice place 2 Michelin Stars* (&samhoud places michelin star) - well deserved! Great food and staff! Beautiful view on the water and Amsterdam City Center. Perfect place to celebrate something special
“menu degustacion, long lasting pleasure”. More then 4 hours at the restaurant , with the inspiration menu, we start getting one by one a very small dishes of culinary adventure that we could be worry at the beginning it might not be enough , but at the end we were full and the journey of delicious flavor where beyond expectations.
We were visited by the chef twice
Service was pro and kind
Recommended for people who appreciate good food and proper feast

Israel celebrity chef Moshik Roth runs the show himself, great staff and service but the food is a unique experience, many tasting menus, very difficult to choose. Next time will visit the street food on the 1st floor.
We had dinner there during our last stay in Amsterdam. The location is perfect with a great view. The staff in the restaurant is young, but professional and very friendly. The food and wine were delicious. We had a great evening. One small remark. When going to this restaurant, you know that you are visiting a 2-stars-restaurant in the centre of Amsterdam (so definitely not cheap), but the prices are really very high (more like 3-stars-restaurant prices).

This restaurant has a very talented chef and the food is great. But after our second visit we think that the prices are way too high and the plates of food often lack coherence to justify the level at which this restaurant wants to operate. The staff is friendly but a bit too stiff for our taste, but that's a personal thing.
So this is the most expensive meal I ate in my life and also the most interesting one. A two hours meal full of art expressed in dishes. Every dish is a surprise of tastes that make your senses feel alive. This is a molecular kitchen so really it's nothing like a normal meal you can get anywhere else.
The full 8 courses costs about 160 euro per person, the veggi one is about 145 euro per person. This doesn't include drinks.
The restaurant is located near the central station, beautifully designed and with a stunning view to the canals. The staff is very professional , they made adjustments to the menu for us for things that we didn't like. All in all this is a meal I will never forget. 
I will say that it's not the tastiest meal I ever had. Once you compare restaurants and add in the cost factor, I'm not sure it's worth the huge amount but again, it is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm glad I tried it.

After much research on Amsterdam restaurants, we booked this for our first night. Absolutely stunning view of the waterfront from our table, and very good service. We did the 4 course tasting menu which included several amuse bouche. At first it was pretty good but even though lots of thought was put into each dish, none really tasted very good as the dinner went on. I hate saying that because our waitress was great and the dining room so lovely. By the time I got in my taxi, I felt like that was one of my least favorite expensive dinners I have ever had in any city.

This is a difficult review because there were many things to like. The location on the canal provides a pleasant view---the night lights were pleasing. The staff was friendly and the food was creative and fun. Unfortunately, with each course, the wait between courses became longer and longer. We asked the server 3 times about the holdup on our dessert and after at least 35 minutes we just asked for the check and left--disappointed. One cannot blame the server, as they can only bring the food if it is ready---and yes each time we asked, she did walk back to the kitchen. However, when there is a prix fixe menu, a 35 plus minute wait for dessert, particularly at these prices (&samhoud places prices) just does not work. In theory one could ask why the server did not try to find some sort of short-term remedy while we sat there, but it was still the fault of the kitchen. I would consider going back if I read enough reviews that confirmed that their food delivery had improved, because I very much enjoyed the food.

Had the most wonderful diner at Samhoud Places. This restaurant fully deserves the 2 stars rated by Michelin. The food and taste experience was simply devine. The location in Amsterdam overlooking the waterfront from the first floor is already an pleasure by itself, but the restaurant exceded my expectations. 
The maitre 'd asked us what we could and could not eat and asked us if he was allowed to surprise us with wines to match. It was beyond expectations. Service was pleasant and made us feel special. The chef, Moshik Roth, came to our table for a short chat. His creations stand far above anything i have enjoyed in any other restaurant.
The Japanese somelier surprised us with some unexpected but wonderful wines to match the dished served.
Samhoud, you gave us a lot to talk about to our friends. Thank you very much.

Chef Moshik could keep his two stars when he moved to this place. We are not so sure that was deserved.
He has always been some sort of rebel (created a hamburger made of tomato - actually quite tasty!) and experimental. This restaurant is his new showpiece. Lounge on the ground floor, restaurant on the first, with a nice view on the waterfront. 
Yes, the meal was excellent, but rather pricey (€ 600 for four, for lunch)
Make sure that you get a table at the window - you don't want to sit facing the hustle and bustle in the kitchen (or maybe you do?).

I am surprised to learn about some of the bad reviews and the fact that the restaurant is currently ranked at 1200ish amongst Amsterdam restaurants in tripadvisor. I have to say that this is one of my best michelin experience - the food are not just delicious but with very good, lively and creative presentation (see pics). The staff are attentive, nice and talkative - as I was alone the waiter gave me a couple of books about their restaurant and Van Goug for reading, which is quite a caring act. Of course food is the most important part and they are stunning - all the small starters within my 9 course menu are special and beautiful and the 2 mains (sea bass and pigeon) are so well cooked. Highly recommended and will definitely visit again!

Experienced the upstairs restaurant's 7-course tasting menu at &samhoud places in June during a visit to Amsterdam. Nothing short of spectacular. The preparation, presentation, and taste were all what we would expect from a modern, Michelin-starred restaurant. We'd compare it to ABaC in Barcelona and Eden in Banff. We actually dined at Michelin-starred restaurants three nights in a row in Amsterdam, and &samhoud places was the best by a long shot.

We went to the upstairs restaurant bit of &Samhoud Places, so can't comment on the ground floor street food bit. We decided to order the short tasting menu, and were really pleasantly surprised! The food was incredibly innovative and interesting, and we enjoyed every dish we had. The restaurant is truly deserving of its 2 michelin stars! 
As an added bonus, the views out of the restaurant over the canal are lovely, and we were there right as the sun started to set!

We visited &Samhoud places restaurant as a group of five. Upon arrival, we were shown to our table and offered drinks. After the waiter had given each of us menus, we all decided to go for the taster menu. We all opted for the accompanying wines as well, how ever, one of our party wasn't overly keen to have as many white wines as was offered ( I think it was six whites, one rosé and one red ) The waiter said he was sure something could be sorted and said he would send over the sommelier. Around five or so minutes later a lady turned up at our table, after asking for our order, we explained we were waiting for the sommelier, to help change some wines. She then said that she was the sommelier, but she seemed at a loss as to what to change any of the wines for. Her only option was to have a bottle of white and a bottle of red..... Now I know the wines have been chosen to accompany each dish, but as has been done for us in many fine dinning restaurants before, one or two of the white wines had been changed out for a pinot noir or a rosé. As she was a complete waste of time and offered no assistance at all, two of us decided to have a bottle of red between us and the other three went for the accompanying wines. We made our way through the courses ( all of which were fantastic) and when we were on the sixth or seventh course, the bottle of red ran out. The sommelier then can over and asked would we like another drink, whilst myself and the other person were thinking on this, the sommelier piped up and said," why don't we have another bottle of the red wine we had had already and she could remove the red wine that the others were having as part of their wine flight" mmmm there was me thinking that the wines couldn't possibly be changed for others, as they had pacifically been picked for each dish....
Over all though we had a great night and our waiter was attentive, funny and made the night that much better.