Gieng Troi – attractive destination for Da Nang backpackers

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Located in the northwest of conservation area Ba Na - Nui Chua, Da Nang, Gieng Troi is still a isolated and wild place because of rogged and difficult terrain.

Gieng Troi belongs to conservation area Ba Na - Nui Chua, Da Nang, where has famous Ba Na Hills tourist resorts. Wild scenery is the inspiration for backpackers, with the type of picnics as trekking, hiking, camping, or swimming in the stream.

Starting from the parking place of Ba Na cable car area, backpackers have to conquer 7.5 kilometers winding mountain passes, across through streams and jungle to reach this place. The first pass is the most dangerous, if you get over this way, the rest will be very easy.

That is also the reason why this place is an isolated and wild place. The confluence of two streams from the west of Ba Na forest create a new big stream pouring down.

Cascades then create a waterfall which is more than 20 meters high rumbling dump all day and night long.

Waterfall also form a very deep lake oval-shaped 20 meters width and 25 meter length.

Water continues to pour down create a large stream.

Scenery here is always a inspiration for photography enthusiasts.

Immersing in clear water here, visitors will be definitely hard to resist jumping into the pool to swim.

The scene around waterfalls and lakes also incredibly primitive but no less poetic.

The flora is still diversed in this area due to locates in the conservation area. Discover the wild beauty of Gieng Troi, visitors can walk to enjoy and discover but to save time, you can ride a motorcycle, you should, however, choose a good motocycle manual.

Lie back on a cool flat stones, all weariness on the way to conquer, the worries of this life will be disappeared. It is the time that we find ourselves melt and immerse in wonderful nature.


Written by Photo by Ho Ngoc Thanh.