Introducing Around Nha Trang

Big enough to bustle, yet small enough to retain its relaxed air, the delightful city of NHA TRANG has, despite increasingly stiff competition, earned its place as Vietnam’s top beach destination. A grand 6km scythe of soft yellow sand is lapped by rolling waves on one side and fringed on the other by cafés, restaurants, hotels and some unusual modern sculptures. Hawkers are on hand to supply paperbacks, fresh pineapple and massages, while scuba-diving classes and all kinds of watersports are available. Local companies also offer popular day-trips to Nha Trang’s outlying islands, combining hiking, snorkelling and an onboard feast of seafood. Bear in mind that the rainy season, around November and December, sees the sea get choppy and the beach loses much of its appeal.

Islands around Nha Trang

The islands are sometimes known as the Salangane islands after the sea swallows that nest here. The sea swallow (yen) produces the bird's nest from which the famous soup is made.

There's an uninspiring aquarium on Mieu Island but no other sights. The islands (including Hon Mun, Hon Tam and Hon Mot) are usually a bit of an anti-climax for, as so often in Vietnam, to travel is better than to arrive; it's often a case of lovely boat trip, disappointing beach. The best part is anchoring offshore and jumping into the cool water while your skipper prepares a sumptuous feast and chills some beers.