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Getting around

Get around Asia

By plane

Air travel is a good mode of transport between this large region's many travel destinations. Fares are lower on average than in Europe or America, and low-cost airlines in Asia are rapidly expanding their networks particularly in Southeast Asia.

By boat

Ferry services connect China, South Korea and Japan in East Asia. There are also very many international and domestic ferry services for the island nations in South East Asia including the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

By train

There are highly developed train networks in India, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, as well as less developed services throughout South East Asia as well. Most of these countries, but especially China have also been investing a lot in high speed rail in recent years, and even for longer distances trains might be a worthwhile option not only in terms of views and comfort but also in terms of price and speed, especially if you figure in the time and money saved while you sleep on sleeper services. In Russia as well as India big parts of the country are mostly served by slow rail and it is a superb way to get into contact with locals (bring a phrasebook) or just see the country pass by the window.

By bus

Travel by bus is also very possible for the budget conscious traveler in most Asian countries, and probably a good way to experience the local countries as a local would. Quality of services ranges wildly from luxurious buses on par with or even more comfortable and fast than trains to beat up old school buses where you might conceivable actually sit next to a chicken. (Hence their nickname "chicken bus")


In most reasonably built up locations in Asia you'll be able to get a taxi. They're usually cheap, but always make sure the meter has been reset. If a cab doesn't have a meter, either agree your price before getting into the cab or find another one. 

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