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Introducing Ba Na Hills

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Talking about Da Nang tourism we cannot miss Ba Na Hills – a famous tourist destination which is known as the "gem" or "green lung". Ba Na, which has cool weather all through the year and original feature of mountains and forests, becomes the ideal place for relaxing.

Ba Na tourist resort is about bout 25 kilometers far from Da Nang to the southwest and has a height of 1.487 meters with the mild climate and year-round cool. Especially, you will feel the differences of four seasons in the same day when coming to Ba Na. You should go to Ba Na in the period from April to August when the climate is mild and the weather is quite cool and favorable for tourism.

Unmissable experiences

Discovery experiences and sightseeing with cable car 

Riding the cable car from the top of the mountain you can enjoy the whole parts of Ba Na that look as a perfect picture of clouds, mountains, forests and majestic waterfalls. You will feel like you are lost in the Elysium when experiencing with the cable car.

Linh Ung Pagoda 

After going off the cable car you will pilgrimage to Linh Ung pagoda to incense. Inside the pagoda, there is a white statue of the Buddha that is 27 meters height and Sarnath (Vuon Loc Uyen) where Buddha gave his first teachings.
Conquering Ba Na Mount – God mountain (Nui Chua)

Standing on the peak of Ba Na you can admire the view of all magnificent scenery, watch the Son Tra Peninsula or Thac Bac Waterfall (Silver Falls) which is located on Bach Ma (White Horse) mountain range and attracts everyone with white clouds covering around. In particular, hydrangeas show the beauty on top of Ba Na. Besides, you can conquer God mountain (Nui Chua) - the highest mountain of Ba Na to feel like you are soaring in the sky.

Bathing spring

Stopping at the foot of Ba Na mountain is Dream Spring (Suoi Mo) – one of the attractive places in the summer because of very cool and clean water. In addition, there are a 9 meters height Toc Tien waterfall which looks like fairies' hair.

Enjoy wine in cellar stone crossing the mountain

This wine cellar was built in 1923 by French to store the alcohols, especially wines. Although it has been many years over, the cellar still remains its intact feature in Ba Na. Visitors can visit and enjoy a little spicy glaze of special wines here.

Ba Na nocturnal sightseeing

Ba Na is quite eventful at night, which you can participate in activities such as campfire, singing or other group activities. Therefore, your pressure and fatigue of life will be forgotten and you are absolutely merged into the happy and funny atmosphere. Besides, when darkness falls down you will feel the peaceful atmosphere of the mountains and nature here. It will be a really enjoyable experience of watching the sunrise at Ba Na after waking up because of its energetic and fresh atmosphere.

Fantasy Park – entertainment zone

Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort, which has indoor entertainment zone of 21,000 meters square, has reached international level. There are diverse games for all ages so you can not only participate in games for entertainment but also watch 4D films. Especially, you can take part in adventure game Fantasy Park and enjoy food at the dining area or the restaurants specializing in serving European and Asian cuisine.

Ba Na cuisine

In Ba Na, there is a culinary village for visitors to enjoy varied famous dishes including not only national dishes of stuffed pancakes (banh cuon), pancakes (banh xeo), Bloating Fern-shaped cake (banh beo)... but also European food cooked by foreigner chefs.

Girdle-cake and pork rolling (Banh Trang cuon thit heo): You can try this dish at some well-known addresses in Do Thuc Tinh such as Mau shop, Quynh Giao, and Dong Noi.

In addition, you can taste rare beef at 228 Dong Da - Cau Mong (shopkeeper: Mrs. Ngoc), 103 Trieu Nu Vuong and 155 Nguyen Van Linh.

Bloating Fern-shaped cake, "nam loc" in Ba Be shop at 100 Hoang Van Thu.

Ba Na Hills cable car price

Ticket price including:

  • The entrance of Ba Na Hills Resort.
  • Free 90 games in the Fantasy Park.
  • Do not include games of skill and games with prizes.
  • The Da Nang: Adults take along with ID card, children take along with ID card or birth certificate. Tickets are only valid on the day.

People from other provinces:

  • Adults and children above 1m 3: 550,000 VND.
  • Children from 1m - 1m 3 height: 450,000 VND.
  • Children under 1m height: free

From 01/04/2016 the round-trip cable car fare officially sold by Ba Na Hills is 600,000 VND, children with a height of 1m-1m 3 are 500.000VND, children under 1 meter get 100% free.

Some experiences for visiting Ba Na Hills

Tickets are only available during the day, therefore, if you buy tickets without going immediately, it will not be able to use on the next day. The people of Da Nang have to bring ID card or birth certificate to get a discount. When sitting on the cable car, you must not smoke in the cabin, do not litter or eat in the cabin, not arbitrarily open cabin or lean out. You should see table fare for Ba Na cable car service before going to prepare money. 

  • Food and drink are quite expensive there so you had better prepare previous and take them along to save money.
  • The cost of cable car between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are free. You should find out the time of the cable car operation to avoid waiting. The first cable car is at 7.30 a.m. and the last is at 21 o'clock (9 p.m.)  
  • In Ba Na, it may be sunny on daytime but cold at night, therefore, you should bring warm clothes if staying overnight. Hotel only lets you check the room after 14 o'clock (2 p.m.) and return the room before 11 a.m., thus, you have to wait if you come sooner.
  • Ba Na is quite large so you should use flat shoes, sneakers or sports shoes for comfort.
  • Bringing snacks and drinks because Ba Na has only a few choices and everything  is quite expensive.
  • The journey takes about 6 hours to travel. You do not have to go early to avoid waiting for the cable car.
  • Hotels in Ba Na are often ready for check-in after 12 o'clock, thus, you need to wait if you arrive earlier.
  • You should find out the time of cable car operation to avoid waiting.
  • The fare of cable car between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are free.

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