Top 10 wonderful experiences you should explore when coming to Ba Na Hills

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Coming to Ba Na Hills, tourists can see a colorful spring garden with numerous flowers specific to the sub-temperate climate such as hortensia. You can see wild hortensia and orchids. The unspoiled beauty of the wildflower is fascinating. In the recent years, French –style works such as villas, hotels, bars, tennis courts, and badminton courts are restored and built.

1. Check in Le Jardin d'Amour flower garden

Le Jardin d'Amour flower garden is designed by the architecture of France, the harmony of the natural landscape and the climate of Ba Na paradise. If Dalat is renowned as a place with romantic spots such as love valley and dreamy hill, Ba Na also has love flower garden as the picturesque, is created by the small gardens with interesting and sweet names:swear  square, lovebirds garden, Eden garden and meeting on the bridge of love spread sunshine.

Nine gardens at the Le Jardin D'Amour are 9 exciting stories which is set in 9 variety unique architectural styles, creating a space with bold and full of poetic flavor.

2. Try grape wine in Debay wine cellar

Debay cellar was built by the French on the cross atop Ba Na mountain since 1923. After the war was destroyed by bombs, this unique wine cellar has been restored. Wine bar area in Debay cellar was the ideal place where villa’s bosses or hotel’s owners in Ba Na enjoy wine and treat guests ago.

In the journey to visit the wine cellar, you will enjoy a glass of wine. If someone can’t drink wine, you can change other drinks at the next bar Debay.

3. Kowtow Shakyamuni on the Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na lies at the height of nearly 1,400 meters. In particular, the Buddha statue is majestic, with the height is 27 meters, 14 meters horizontal pillow, is placed on the lotus 6 meters high. It is built by cement and iron material and is responded by Nguyen Quang Xo gaffer.

Majestic Buddha statue is located between the clouds of the sky, the wind of mountain. From here, you can see all sides and bay of Da Nang, the coastline from Hai Van Pass to Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe Beach and Marble Mountain...

4. Take the climbing mountain train 

From idea to bring the uniqueness of each tourism product, Ba Na Hills has conducted survey types of train transportation climbing a mountain in Europe in order to bring visitors many different explorations. Climbing mountain train route will help you easily to move through the landscapes such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Le Jardin d'Amour garden, ancient villas on the route which through the stations is designed luxury and modern by European architecture.

5. Discover indoor park zone - Fantasy Park

Zone game is currently served a variety of entertainment activities: the thrilling games look like free fall tower in the tallest building of Vietnam and the region (29 meters), challenging for climbing with a height of 21 meters, bumper cars playground in Vietnam or Park dinosaur Park - the only exploring zone in Vietnam is built in-house.

The modern technologies of 3D mega 360 movie theater, 4D or 5D that bring best true and lively experiences with Saturday art. In addition, many of funny games help you relieve stress and get some pleasant moments with your friends and relatives

6. Try a fanciful living in beautiful sparkling French Village

Inspired by a journey around France with an impressive destination of the French missionaries Pigneau de Behaine - the first foreigner sets  foot in Ba Na, the French architects who have created a space stunning architecture, bring European style of the 19th century.

On the spectacular natural scenery and climate "subtropical" of "Eden" Ba Na, 32 buildings are built on an area of 21,000 m² and vivid landscape system with the large square, describing ancient church ... French Village is the represent minutely and vividly, the picture of latter-day modern France is so romantic, luxurious and elegant.

7. Enjoy tea ceremony in Tru Vu Tea Shop

The space Tru Vu tea shop’s space has simple and delicate decoration way. The door system opens and closes depends on the preference of visitors, which is a combination with glass walls create an open space, close to nature. Sitting in the house, visitors can admire panoramic clouds, forest, and has French Village area below.

Inside Tru Vu tea shop is decorated minimalist style, the style of meditation. Highlights are the low square tables are placed simple mats, surrounded by carpets for seating. Garnish on the tranquil scene is a lovely little vase and soft meditation music.

8. Watching Toc Tien waterfall from above

On the Toc Tien cable car route, you will be panoramic Toc Tien waterfall flowing from above. The story said that the past, the fairies used to come play here, too busy to admire the beautiful sky, and forgot long hair over 9 floors stone that made heroically and legend Toc Tien waterfall.

9. Swim in the attic pool 

Located in the Mercue hotel like a massive castle, sumptuous and magnificent in Village France population of Ba Na Hills. However, having few people know that it is hidden by a swimming pool with a unique architecture, show the luxuries of European nobility since ancient times.

This is a unique landmark of Mercue hotel. You will freely play in cool and blue water under rocks and imagine you are lost in fairyland.

10. Enjoy divine sausages

After all, your trip to discover Ba Na will be more fully if you can enjoy a hot and flavor sausage. In any corner of the Ba Na Hills, you can easily buy for the price of 25,000 VND. Between fresh cold air and the clouds, making a bite of sausage into your mouth, it is so wonderful. Many people argued that if you have an opportunity to travel to Ba Na Hills without eating at least a part of grilled sausage, that can not be perfect, sure!

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