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Ba Na Hills History

Infantry captain Marin Debay discovered Ba Na Hills in April 1901 when he was ordered to find a place with a cool climate to build nursing homes for the French in Central America by Paul Doumer - Governor General of Indochina.

"The capital for the vacation of Central America " was planned perfectly with a hospital, post office, and opera house. "Having food, dorm rooms, movie, sports, games, the transport of goods and mail  and the hiring of palanquins as well as traffic", the first female novelist of Vietnam, Huynh Thi Bao Hoa, wrote in Ba Na's Travels.

According to the statistics of France in 1925, there were only about 120 tourists choosing Ba Na Hills as a place for visiting and having a rest. After the road up the mountain was complete, the number of visitors ascended gradually. By 1937, the figure had reached more than 1,000 people who mostly are French and the Vietnamese authorities. Services like electricity, water, hospitals, post offices, banks, hotels ... have been used to serve tourists. Ba Na Hills has gradually become a famous resort not only in Central America but also in the whole Indochina. In 1938, Ba Na Hills was put on the list of 8-day car tour for the route Saigon - Dalat - Nha Trang - Quy Nhon - Da Nang - Hue - Vinh - Hanoi - Hai Phong and vice versa by Travel Indochina tour. The palanquin is considered as an exciting and very typical transportation there. In many years ago, the number of visitors in Ba Na is as many as in other resorts such as Le Bockor (Cambodia), Cape Saint Jacques (Vung Tau), Tam Dao, Sapa ...