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  • Sabai Jai Kai Yang

Bangkok, Thailand


65/5 Soi Eakmai 1, Sukhumvit 63 Road khet Vatana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Getting there

Nearest train: BTS Saphan Taksin




+66-02- 714-1457

More information,,


Mains from 80B and up.

Opening hours

Daily 10 a.m - 11.30 p.m

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This Issan (the northeast region of Thailand) restaurant is a great location for a local dinner in an open air but under cover environment. Honestly, everything we ordered from their sizable menu was impressive, and with plenty of pictures, don’t worry if you’re not sure which dish is which – just point and smile! 

Considering this restaurant has grilled chicken in their name (Gai Yang in Thai), obviously they are proud of this dish and it is highly recommended: juicy, tender, with a toasted chilli dip. Other options to try include grilled liver, larb pork salad and fresh papaya salad. Located on Ekkamai Road close to Soi 1, Sabai Jai Gai Yang also has karaoke rooms if you and your friends fancy singing a few numbers, as well as an indoor section with air conditioning and live bands on weekends. 

What to Order: grilled chicken, papaya salad, larb pork (ไก่ย่าง / ส้มตำและ / ลาบหมู) 

How to get to Sabai Jai Kai Yang

The easiest way to get there is by taking the BTS Skytrain to Ekkamai Station.

Take the exit towards Ekkamai road (also known as Sukhumvit 63) and walk straight until you reach Soi 1. Though it’s the 1st Soi, it’s probably about 1.5 kilometers or so down the road – so a good 10 minute walk.

Sabai Jai Gai Yang is across the street from Health Land Spa, on the left hand side of the road.

Reviews by visitors

Sabai Jai Gai Yang – Famous Grilled Chicken Isan Restaurant at Ekkamai

Central Sukhumvit Road (Nana to Ekkamai) has been taken over by condos, hotels, and shopping centers – everywhere you look there’s a new high rise sprouting up.

As development continues, family run Thai restaurants are becoming fewer, while international restaurants and air-conditioned food courts, like the Terminal 21 food court, are becoming more common.

There are gems that have survived, like Yong Lee, the shophouse Thai Chinese restaurant for instance. But there are less and less comfortable everyday restaurant options.

Sabai Jai Gai Yang (สบายใจ ไก่ย่าง), which is also known as Baan Tawan Gai Yang, is a long standing neighborhood Thai restaurant located just a 10 minute walk down Ekkamai road.

It’s not exactly a family run home style establishment (it’s grown quite large now), but it’s still open air (though they do have an air conditioned room), comfortable and easy going.

Though they serve Isan food in general, the menu really has a broad range of Thai cuisine, including some southern Thai dishes as well.

If a restaurant includes a dish within their name, while it’s not mandatory, it’s a bit of an indicator that they may make that particular dish quite well (at least we can accurately hope that).

Grilled chicken (gai yang ไก่ย่าง) being the second part of their name, makes it a rather safe bet.

And you won’t be dissapointed with the grilled chicken at Sabai Jai Gai Yang.

The piece I was served was cooked just right, not dry, and flavored just right. It was served along with condiments that included fragrant fried onions, sweet and sour nam jim gai yang (Thai chicken sauce), and another dry crushed chili Isan sauce.

The som tam Thai (green papaya salad ส้มตำไทย), although being quite on the mild side of chili, was fresh and nicely balanced.

I was impressed by their tom yum goong nam sai (tom yum soup with shrimp – clear soup version ต้มยำกุ้งน้ำใส).

Big shell-on prawns and a nice medley of vegetables filled the soup. But it was the broth that I really enjoyed, very strongly flavored with lots of galangal and lemongrass – more so than other tom yum’s. From the potent galangal, the soup gave a little sting going down the throat.

Price – 120 THB

To switch up the normally larb (Isan minced pork salad) we ordered larb woon sen, mungbean glass noodles mixed into a salad including minced pork, shrimp, red onions, garlic and a few garnishing herbs.

It was pretty good, I liked the addition of glass noodles so it wasn’t pure pork, like the common larb.

Price – 90 THB

The yam pla duk foo (fried catfish with sauce ยำปลาดุกฟู) could have been a little fluffier, but it was crispy and the sauce was nicely sour.

Price – 120 THB

As one of my favorite ingredients in the entire world, it’s virtually impossible for me to see stink beans on any menu, and not order them. So I did.

It was good, but a little on the sweeter side for my taste – I would have preferred the pad sataw a little on the spicier side of the spectrum. That being said, you can’t possibly go wrong with a plate of stir fried pad sataw (ผัดสะตอ).

Price – 160 THB

The Bottom Line

Sabai Jai Gai Yang (สบายใจ ไก่ย่าง) is an attractive restaurant for a number of reasons. One is that it’s located in the Ekkamai neighborhood where there are less and less local dining options.

Another is that the menu includes just about all genres of Thai food and allows you to order a diverse meal. The giant menu is filled with photos and written in both Thai and English, making it easy for both Thais and foreigners to order a feast.

The ambiance is such that you can just show up in gym shorts or a tank top to enjoy a meal – laid back, nothing fancy, just comfortable.

Prices are a little on the high side in my opinion, but you pay for location, convenience and their good reputation.

Sabai Jai Gai Yang (สบายใจ ไก่ย่าง) – Ekkamai

Prices: They are not street food prices, it’s more sit down restaurant prices where you’re likely to spend 150 – 250 THB per person for a well rounded meal
Hours: 10 am – 12 midnight daily
Address: Ekamai Soi 1

65 ถ.สุขุมวิท63 ซ.เอกมัย1 แขวง คลองตันเหนือ เขต วัฒนา กทม. 10110
โทร. 02-7142622

How to Get There

The easiest way to get there is by taking the BTS Skytrain to Ekkamai Station.

Take the exit towards Ekkamai road (also known as Sukhumvit 63) and walk straight until you reach Soi 1. Though it’s the 1st Soi, it’s probably about 1.5 kilometers or so down the road – so a good 10 minute walk.

Sabai Jai Gai Yang is across the street from Health Land Spa, on the left hand side of the road.


Sabai Jai sells mainly Isaan food and it is known online for having one of the best Gai Yang in Bangkok. Does it really live up to its reputation?

Sabai Jai Gai Yang is located at Ekamai Soi 1 but don’t be fooled by “Soi 1” because it’s actually in the middle of Ekamai and definitely not that close to the main junction.

The interior is very simple but they do have a thai style home feel.

Som Tam (Papaya Salad). Light, refreshing and fresh. The only thing lacking is sticky rice (Khao Niao).

Gai Yang (Grilled Chicken), the popular dish here. The chicken here is topped with fried onions, something different from other restaurants. I felt that the chicken was decent but not the best that I have tried in Bangkok.

Moo Yang (Grilled Pork) is good and we finished this easily.

Tom Yam Goong was delicious but we ordered less spicy and it somehow turned out to be a sour soup without any spice. Probably it will be better to stick to the original version.

An overview of all our dishes!

Goong Ob Woonsen was disappointing though because it’s very dry. We couldn’t finish this and this turned out to be the most expensive dish among our orders.


In a neighbourhood that becomes more trendy and modern every day, Sabai Jai Gai Yang is a throwback to the old school Thai eatery. This massive place sprawls over an entire corner, with large open air seating, plus a spacious air-con dining section as well. It's a typical Isan northeastern restaurant, with heaping plates of som tam salad, larb meat salads, and plenty of grilled pork and chicken ruling the dining selections, but they also have a fairly wide selection of regular Thai and even super spicy southern Thai dishes like kua kling ground chicken or pork, plus the infamous sataw stink beans, which require having lots of cold beer at arm's length to handle the spiceometer. While the prices here are not dirt cheap for an Isan restaurant, nor can you expect all the dishes to be winners with over 1000 diners packed in regularly, it is a value eating option for fashionable Ekamai and almost everyone can find something they like on the menu, and the restaurant is very tourist friendly, with picture menus and English included, and a lot of foreigners, both visitors and expats, come here precisely for that reason.


Sabai Jai Gai Yang Local Thai Restaurant Bangkok

Sabai Jai Gai Yang, also referred to as Baan Tawan Gai Yang, is an authentic, local neighbourhood restaurant to drink and dine in pure Thai style. Located in the sleek and modern district of Bangkok, Bang Na, Sabai Jai Gai Yang is a breath of fresh air where you can enjoy proper Thai food in natural Thai surroundings.

Sabai Jai Gai Yang Style

Sabai Jai Gai Yang is a casual Bangkok hangout where you can simply relax and chill out in your shorts and flip flops. The laid back, family orientated, local ambience make it a a great ‘off the beaten track’ restaurant away from the hectic tourist atmospheres or contrastingly snobbish undercurrents of other Bangkok restaurants and bars.

The Restaurant

The Bangkok restaurant has both a traditional open air section and an air conditioned indoor section. In the typical Thai restaurant style, Sabai Jai Gai Yang consists of a partially sheltered tent like surround, fold-up metal seating, plastic table covers and the standard drinks trolley at the head of the table.

Despite it’s relatively small size, there is a stage at the front where local bands play Thai tunes and pop music towards the later hours of the evening. It can get a bit loud and difficult to hear each other speak during these hours, but if you’re keen to listen to some proper Thai music in Bangkok, you’ll definitely find it here. I can’t help but feel a bit stressed out listening to the crazy overpowering beats of too much authentic Thai music myself though…

Sabai Jai Gai Yang is the kind of Bangkok restaurant to let loose, nothing fancy; buy a beer tower or two with friends and share taster dishes in the middle of the table, Thai style.

Sabai Jai Gai Yang Menu

Sabai Jai Gai Yang have an extensive menu of both Isaan dishes and Thai food. The battered, plastic menus are thick with pages of dishes in both English and Thai. Although staff don’t speak much English at Sabai Jai Gai Yang, the menus are pretty clear with plenty of pictures to help you choose.

Isaan and Thai dishes at Sabai Jai Gai Yang are reasonably priced and start from around the 80 baht mark. For 80 baht, you can get their signature dish, half a mouthwatering grilled chicken (as in the name – gai yang) with spicy Thai dips. Admittedly it’s tasty, but it’s also a real ball ache to eat half a chicken with a fork and spoon!

Other typical cheaper dishes at the Bangkok restaurant include Pad Ka Praw (Basil stir fry) and Som Tam (Papaya salad) which cost around 120 baht. Bigger dishes such as whole steamed fish and seafood stir fries cost up to 400 baht per dish. Just bare in mind that this is an authentic Thai restaurant – the spicy Thai dishes at Sabai Jai Gai Yang are damn spicy.

How To Get To Sabai Jai Gai Yang

Sabai Jai Gai Yang is located on Bangkok’s Ekamai Road Soi 1. You can get to Ekamai via BTS to Ekamai station, then head up Soi 63 (Ekamai Road) and Soi 1 is on the left hand side opposite Health Land. Although it is only Soi 1, this is a surprisingly long and sweaty walk (10 – 15 minutes) so you may want to take a taxi from Ekamai BTS station.

Sabai Jai Gai Yang is right on the corner of the main road and Soi 1 – the entrance is just around the back.


This place is about a 15 minute walk up Ekkamai road (Sukhumvit soi 63) from BTS Ekkamai. It is on the left hand side corner of Ekkamai 1 alley. It is famous for gai yang (grilled chicken) and som tam (papaya salad). The gai yang was very good especially with the hot sauce. They have a big selection of different types of som tam also. Their whole menu is pretty big also so there is some thing for everyone.


I have been coming here for years now it is still fantastic live music good food at a very good price what more do you want only downside is the location difficult to get when traffic is bad but worth all the trouble


We went here as a local friend's suggestion and didn't disappoint. The place is very local and authentic but most of the guests are westerners and tourists. It's quite big and quite far from BTS though. I was lost at Thong Lor road then took a cab and costed about 50 baht to go there. Or maybe I didn't know the right route. The business is very busy, staff are helpful as much as they can (it's the same in anywhere in Thailand where English isn't their first language). Their dishes are just amazing. The seafood tom yum is definitely worth it, they even have crabs! And we ordered this soft shell crab with egg thing that our friend recommended and oh it tasted heavenly. We also had grilled chicken with honey I think? The chicken was very moist and well cooked. I will make sure to visit this place again next time I'm in bkk.


I have been visiting sabaijai in Ekemai for many years now. The food is always very nice at very reasonable prices. They offer great seafood options as well as a nice selection of pork/chicken dishes. There is usually a live band playing Thai music on in the evenings which really livens up the restaurant. The staff are friendly and helpful, 

Tip: If visiting on a Friday/Saturday evening try to arrive early as the restaurant soon fills up and the service can be slow.


If your looking for a local spot with authentic thai food this is your best bet. Its a simple place with a lively ambience and very good value for money. The 'kai yang' (grilled chicken) here is the best so juicy and just delicious. Paired with the somtum that is perfectly balanced. The other thai dishes are also good, food is spicy but can tell them the adapt to your taste. Alot of staff so quick service usually quite busy.


Love this restaurant for a few reasons
- Sums up everything I love about Thai eating/ beer/ random music/ issarn Thai culture 
- the food is just beyond YUM YUM YUM
- love all the beer girls and towers
- staff are fab
- atmosphere rocks what with all the people eating, Chang girls circulating, songs which don't mean a thing to me but sound great 
- also very reasonably priced

Things to order
- crab curry - wow
- laab Gai 
- Gai yang - loads of it as its delicious 
- fried fish with garlic - whole one
- tam teng (cucumber version of Som tam)
- sticky rice 

All above are must try's are they are all so yummy! 

And obviously to finish you will need some 

Mango and sticky rice - SO YUM

Great for work socials, leaving dinners, get togethers and daily eating if you are so lucky to live in Ekamai 

Can't wait until I am next in Bangkok!!


Consistently a great place to eat. The have 3 areas to eat. An outdoor area, an area out back with live music ( thai musician are very good ) and an a/c enclosed area across the alley. All the food i've tried is excellent, some of the best i've had in bangkok. The prices are pretty reasonable for Ekamai


If you are looking to experience authentic Thai food in a clean environment while visiting Thailand, there is NO better place than Sabai Jai Kai Yang. Not only do they make wonderful grilled chicken (their namesake), but a huge menu of the best Thai food you could hope to experience. And not Westernized, like Greyhound or one of those ridiculous hotel restaurants! It is a large restaurant and easy to locate on Ekkamai Road. There is a large air conditioned room if the heat is too much for you. Recommendations include grilled fish with black pepper and vegetables, a seafood curry served in a coconut shell, baby crabs, and wonderful som tom, and excellent tom yum goong. Try to save room for Thai dessert! During the time I lived in Bangkok, this was my top stop, and today, I eat here EVERY time I come back.


Famous among the locals but frequented by local expats and tourists. I have only been to this restaurant once and was pleasantly surprised. Food taste great, service was fast and price was very reasonable. Crowded at dinner time and ambience is as one would expect in a street restaurant. Skip the coconut ice cream. All others are very tasty!


Been here numerous of times can honestly say I love this place. Nice food served quickly and warm which is sometimes hard to find in Thailand. Outdoor area has a great vibe with a live band. Recommend the pork neck and morning glory along with a beer great combo.


Been living in Bangkok for close to 4 years, best Gai yang (grilled chicken) i have tasted. Simple set up, great and well trained staff, consistence in taste, and extensive menu. Worth a visit if in Bangkok.


I was so sleepy and didn't feel like going anywhere for a meal when my friend called to go out for a lunch. Asked what I'd like to eat. Told them that I'd love local authentic Thai food. Therefore they drove me to this restaurant. Oh boy, The grilled chicken has awaken my sleepiness and exhausted body. Food was delicious and it is not pricy at all! We enjoyed our lunch in an air conditioned room which was great! We ordered a table full of food and finished entry thing! It is a highly recommended great luncheon place for family and friends.


Whenever we are in Bangkok, this is our place to get our grilled chicken fix. There are many places in Bangkok where you can find Gai yang (grilled chicken). But we feel that this is the best. You eat with the locals and pay the prices locals pay. (Unlike many other places in Thailand where they have foreigner only prices). The grilled cat fish and the grilled sea bass are well worth a mention too.


Highly recommended. I've been here a bunch of times since after the first time. The chicken is just spot on. Delicious. They have various choices of Thai food as well. Whether you're a Thai local or a tourist, this is a must-try.


Whenever we have visitors in town and they desire something authentic though tolerably clean then this is our place. The menu is varied, well priced and most importantly Authentic. They are famous for their Issan Cuisine - make an order for some papaya Salad and the BBQ chicken.

The place is often frequented by a high number of Japanese Business people on Fridays, though this only adds to the atmosphere.


I attended the restaurant with my girlfriend and her brother in Feb 2016.

We sat down and ordered the drinks, went for a beer tower and plenty of water all pretty standard. However, it was a little out of our way, but had heard it was very good so made the special effort.

We ordered a bunch of food and went for the sharing technique....when in Rome....or Thailand. But that's not a saying.

The curry I had was classic thai curry, extremely hot but very nice at the same time. The chicken we ordered was fantastic and great to share, however, when totting the bill up we noticed it came to about 8 quid for the chicken alone so didnt prove great value. We also had a fish for the table which turned out to be poor value, difficult to get between the bones and tasted like your usual bland white fish. It was also put on a parafin heater which was just boiling it. A burner that wasn't as high would have been appreciated.Yummy boiled fish.

However, I can't remember exactly what we had but I remember it being good except the fish.

In hindsight, no fish and chicken would have halved the bill as all the other menu items were a lot cheaper!
Great food though.


all the time busy, full, hot, fun, and best food in Bangkok steamed seafood in yellow curry powder- to die for BBQ chicken oh delicious Tom yum omg If you want a table cloth please don't come here - you won't like it in fact please don't go its full already


Went to this place as it was closer to hotel we stayed in. Food was good, looked like a joint frequented by locals as well. Service obviously was not high end but it does not coincide with the quality of food.


This is my favorite chicken spot and one of my favorite food spots in Bangkok. I like it so much that I am only grudgingly writing this review. The food is yummy, the vibe is local yet expat, the prices are awesome, the beer towers are.... tall!


The famous roasted chicken Gai Yang has various prep, but this is one of the best I have ever tasted. Meat is juicy, succulent and fragrant and the combination of sticky rice and spicy chili is just out of the world yumminess. We ended up ordering two orders of small chicken, we should have ordered a large one to begin with. Very reasonable pricing, 3 people with a ton of food and beers for about US$30+. We had some Som Tham and Yam Woon Seng too, but chicken is the best dish here. Casual, unpretentious, downright good chicken, I'd come back any time!


Our BKK friends took us here, Sunday evening and packed with people in the 3 seating areas. Folksy live Thai music and loud, so if you looking for a romantic night out - this is not the place for you. If you are looking for cheerful atmosphere with all kinds of locals - Thai, tourists and ex pats, with fair priced food and drinks. The food is quite brilliant and make sure to try the whole roasted chicken with dipping sauce + papaya salad, both dishes they are well known for. Also the ever present chicken with cashew nuts, which for once actually had more to it than just sweetness and bland.
Steamed fish ginger was also quite good...Will be back here for sure.


Grilled chicken served was well marinated and juicy with all flavours intact. Service was pretty good. They play live Thai music every evening. Prices are not as cheap as street stalls, but better than other similar restaurants in the area. Good for Isaan food.


I went friends for dinner. We ordered grilled chickens and Isaan foods. The waiters were friendly. The foods were delicious. The restaurant was popular with Japanese and Thai people. The prices were low.


Generally good Isan food. The small deep fried crabs are really good, but eat them when they are still hot. Khor moo yang is excellent, and contrary to other reviews I find the grilled chicken very good and moist. This is my "go to" place when visitors are in town and it never disappoints.


Great place for grilled chicken. It came with 2 sauces: a spicy one and a sweet one. I recommend dipping the chicken in the spicy sauce. The som tum thai was also delicious. If you live in the area, I would recommend a visit for some tasty food. They also have coffee drinks. The Thai iced coffee was good but not great.


Four of us had our dinner there. There were plenty of varieties to choose from. It was so good and the prices were very reasonable that we went back on the following night. We found these dishes among the many ordered, really tasty and nice - grilled pork; grilled pandan leaves wrapped chicken; stirred fried oyster with eggs; papaya salad; Coconut pudding; water chestnut in coconut milk. Yes, we really stuffed ourselves. 

BTW, for a good number of four, it was highly recommended to travel by taxi rather than taking the sky-trains or underground trains - BTS/MRT. We took a taxi from our hotel right to the eating place. Ask the hotel staff to write the location & hotel contact number in Thai on a piece of paper for reference when you travel by taxi. It can save plenty of wasted time when the taxi driver could not understand where one is going.


Our second visit to Sabai Gai Yang, I actually wanted to go to a noodle restaurant I had read about but we were 1 stop up from where we needed to be and my partner convinced me to go back to SGY.

Our first visit in Feb was nice, as was this. I especially like the laab moo here as well as the Gai yang. We had a few other dishes and liked them all. 

The outdoor seating area can get a little loud with the band playing and diners having a long night really getting into singing along but all in good fun. 

Overall a good place to eat, friendly atmosphere and decent service.


Every time I go to Bangkok I eat here... so much so that I even plan my entire trip around going here. I have never eaten such tasty Thai food anywhere in Thailand as good as Sabai Jai Kai Yang - the restaurant is semi-inside and outside with no widows (although there is an aircon part but lacks the vibrancy of eating in the main section.

The service is fast (the staff understand English but speak slowly)... and the food is truly amazing.. I have no words to describe it, apart from the fact that for my 'big' birthday recently, I decided to go there instead of some expensive give star restaurants. This is one of best restaurants in Bangkok.

My usual order is Pork Satay, Larb Gai (minced chicken and chillies - amazing), fish cakes, grilled chicken (which they are famous for) and Tom Yum Kung Soup.

A meal as above will serve two if not more happily, and with a couple of big beers, the cost will be around B700 (USD20).

Go to Ekamai BTS station and walk down Ekamai Road past the Big C shopping centre.. keep going until you reach Health Land and cross the road at the crossing.. and there you will find heaven in Bangkok!


This is my favorite Thai restaurant in Bangkok and given the amount of Thai people always eating here I guaranty, you will not be disappointed. Authentic Isarn food. Fresh fish and pretty much any renown Thai dish. Run here now!


We sat outside (they also had air conditioned areas) and ate some of the best grilled chicken known to man, served up with plates of NE Thailand's finest: som tum, fermented pork ribs, crab balls and sticky rice. Live music was a nice touch, and the bill came in under 1000 baht, including several large bottles of beer. Very casual atmosphere so it would be easy with kids or a large group. Traffic on Ekamai Rd is chaos, so best to walk down from Sukhumvit or the BTS sky station - about a 10 minute stroll.


Very popular place for isan food lovers! Nothing fancy but very cozy. It has 3 sections: Air conditioned area, outdoor with roof area, and outdoor with live band area. Today we sat in the one playing music outside and can be a bit noisy since it is more like a beer garden and when people get drunk then is a living party.

Food is tasty and of quality compared to the price. The one must try is the grilled chicken, well done and tender. I also had the grilled squids (one of my favorites) and mussels (Thai ones). Som-tum (papaya salad was okay but too spicy. 

Also a great place to order and take away for parties at home ^^


In Bangkok for the first time and don't know where to go to try various kind of Thai food and yet don't want to be too localised and feeling lost? Come here, order anything and it will not dissapoint.

The chicken, fish and salad is a must try. The mango sticky rice is also good if you have room for more


This is actually our second time eating here. Kai yang takes pride in they're dishes. They serve a variety of Thai style. Popular with locals and expats as well. Price is reasonable. Food tasted great and among the better restaurants we have visited. Their signature dish is the BBQ chicken. Roasted to perfection.


The grilled chicken was secknd to none; so juicy and tender, with the right balance of lemongrass, palm sugar and garlic, which is hard to find. Very foreigner-friendly menu and quick service. I especially loved how waiters and waitresses didn't come every 2 minutes to pour more beer on my glass. They respected that I was there for the food and that I just wanted a big bottle of Chang to wash down the awesome food. Highly recommended.


If you're looking for delicious Thai/Isaan food in a relaxed atmosphere with amazing value, look no further. I can see why this restaurant is packed every night. The food is served quickly, and everything tastes fantastic. We stuck with the classics of Som Tum Thai (Thai Papaya Salad), Gai Yang (grilled chicken), Pak Boong Fai Daeng (stir fried morning glory) etc. We finished everything. The restaurant has both open air and air conditioned seating. Could happily eat here over and over again!


If you looking for traditional Thai food in a no nonsense normal Thai setting, try this joint on Ekamai. A mixed group of Farang and Thai dined here on our recent trip to Bangkok and were not disappointed. Good value, cold beer, air-con or outdoors, live music in the evening. We mainly stuck with the standards - Gai Yang (grilled chicken), Yum Mamuang (mango salad), Khao Niew (sticky rice), Plaa Pao Glua (fish grilled in salt crust), Kor Moo Yang (grilled pork neck). All good. Excellent value to boot. We did return and will definitely head back on next visit.


This is certainly a very popular restaurant. Located on Soi 1 in Ekkami if you plan to get the BTS it's a fair walk from the station so probably wise to grab a cab. 

There's undercover seating in the front, some air conditioned rooms on the side and outdoor seating out back. 

It was very busy the night we went with a life band doing covers out back. 

We had the chicken, morning glory, crab in curry sauce and a great larb woon sen with a couple beers for 700 baht.

Service was prompt and food was good. 

Highly recommend.


We ate here 3 times during our 2 week stay in Bangkok, the food is excellent, the staff are very helpful, we don't speak Thai, they don't speak English but we still managed to order without a problem. Can't beat the food for the price they charge, well worth a try.