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  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
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  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
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  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
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  • Bangkok Flower Market
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  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market
  • Bangkok Flower Market

Bangkok, Thailand


1, Chak Phet Rd., Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200 Thailand

Getting there

Access: Taxi or Tuk Tuk

More information,


Free admission

Opening hours

Daily 24 hours, but best from around 20:00-10:00

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Bangkok Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talad) is the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Bangkok. The market has all kinds of popular flowers and flora-related items, including roses, forget me nots, orchids, lilies and more. Most of them sold in packs of 50 or 100 flowers in each, and prices are amazingly cheap. Part of the Old City, Bangkok Flower market is located on Chak Phet Road near Saphan Phut or the Memorial Bridge. Shops and vendors are housed inside two to three-storey shop-houses on both sides of the main road. The market lies just south of Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) and has access to a river pier, so it makes for a great one-day trip when combined with other historical attractions in the Old City.

Pak khlong talad means “market at the mouth of the canal” and it may have started as a floating market as early as the 18th century. In the 19th century it was largely a fish market before switching to flowers and produce in the 1950s, when authorities got tired of the fishy smell in central Bangkok. Some say that Pak Khlong Talad is now one of the world’s largest flower markets.

The name Pak Khlong Talad is used for the neighbourhood in general, which includes countless standalone shops along with several separate-but-related markets that combine to form one giant and loosely defined market. Blossoms burst from carts, stalls and shops along both sides of Chakphet Road, which runs between the Rop Krung canal in the west and Memorial Bridge in the east, and beneath various roofed sections stretching south towards the Chao Phraya River and north up Ban Mor Road.

Blooming wonderful

Pak Klong Talad is best known for its flower market, but fruit and vegetables are also sold here. The market is a feast for the senses. Dazzling yellow chrysanthemums by the thousands are bunched up next to purple orchids. In the side-streets, chillies form a fiery traffic light of colour with red, amber and green filling table-tops and overflowing on to pavements. Pencil-thin old men compete with the younger whippersnappers pushing trolleys full of produce to and from the wholesalers. Passers-by are tantalised by whiffs of jasmine and the perfume of orchids hangs heavy in the humid Bangkok air. All around the constant cackle of commerce provides the soundtrack that plays gently in the day increasing in volume at night before reaching a crescendo in the peak trading hours before dawn.

Chrysanthemums are amongst the best sellers at Pak Klong Talad. These flowers are used on a daily basis in Buddhism and found at temples and shrines throughout Thailand. The market caters to seasonal demands with the lead up to Valentine’s Day seeing an abundance of red roses, but whenever you visit the flowers on display are an incredible sight. The market is open to individual buyers, but it is mainly a wholesale market. If you’ve ever checked in at a hotel in Bangkok to find orchids or garlands on your bed, those flowers have almost certainly started the day at Pak Klong Talad. If you visit the market, you’ll be able to see the florists working on delicate garlands and intricate displays.

Most of the flowers sold in the market are delivered from Nakhon Pathom, Samut Sakhon, and Samut Songkhram Provinces, though flowers that require cooler growing temperatures may come from as far away as Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. The market's produce selection is extensive and is delivered from across the country.

The market accommodates both consumers and wholesalers and has a wide variety of customers. Many local florists visit the market in the early morning hours to stock their shops for the coming day. The urban poor who make a living stringing and selling phuang malai (flower garlands) buy sacks of jasmine and marigold blossoms. Though the market is documented in guidebooks, it receives few foreign tourists.

History of Pak Klong Talad

The market has a long history. During the reign of Rama I (1782–1809), a floating market took place on the site of the modern Pak Khlong Talat. By the reign of Rama V (1868–1910), it had changed to a fish market. The fish market was eventually converted to today's produce market, which has existed for over 60 years. The market's focus has shifted from produce to flowers as the Talat Thai market on the outskirts of Bangkok has become a more attractive site for produce wholesaling.

This part of Bangkok has been an important trading area dating back more than 200 years. During the reign of King Rama I, Pak Klong Talad was the site of a floating market. Decades later during the reign of King Rama V (King Chulalongkorn) the area became a fish market. When the fish traders moved out in the mid 1900s, the flower, fruit and vegetable sellers moved in and Pak Klong Talad is now firmly established as the most important flower market in Thailand. Flowers are delivered to Pak Klong Talad from nearby provinces such as Nakhon Phatom and Samut Songkhram, but also further afield from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Bangkok Flower Market Highlights

As the biggest flower market in Bangkok, Bangkok Flower Market is the best place to go for all your floral needs. Flowers range from local species (jasmine, chrysanthemum, gerbera, orchids, lilies, roses) to imported species such as tulips, snapdragons, iris, lisianthus, delphinium and more. Props and accessories for flower arrangements are also plentiful, whether vases, flower pots, floral foam, ribbons, florist wire, twigs or all kinds of decorative leaves imaginable.

Many vendors at Pak Klong Talad offer flower arranging services. Previously arranged bouquets, flower garlands, floral accessories for weddings or other special occasions are also available.

When to visit Bangkok Flower Market

Open 24 hours, Pak Klong Talad is most lively after midnight. If you want to see the market in full action, though, the best time to go is pre-dawn or at 3:00-4:00. This is when the roadside transforms into a kaleidoscope of bright, blooming colours, as vendors receive floral goods from each flower-growing area in the country. Wholesalers bring in truckloads of freshly cut flowers, while traders and retailers come to buy their stock in bulk. It can be quite a chaotic scene, and vendors may be less patient when dealing with visitors. If you go during this period, it’s best to just observe and absorb the surrounding atmosphere.

During the day, Bangkok Flower Market is relatively sleepy, although this is a good time for visitors to shop around. Prices are usually reasonably cheap, but during specific festivals such as Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, or graduation season, certain flowers will be three to four times more expensive (the same rule applies when you buy from any shop throughout the city).

How to get to Pak Khlong Talat - Bangkok Flower Market

The easiest way to get to the flower and vegetable market is by boat. You can get the BTS (skytrain) to Saphan Taksin station, which connects to Sathorn Central Pier. From there you need to get the Green Flag Boat to pier N7 – Rajinee. The flower market is a short walk from the pier, and everyone in the area will know where it is. Please note though that Green Flag Boat only operates 06:15 and 08:10 in the  morning , and 15:30 to 18:05 in the afternoon. If you’re too late for this boat, you can get the Orange Flag Boat to pier N5 – Rajchawangse, and take a tuk tuk from that stop. Alterantively you could take a taxi or tuk tuk from wherever you’re staying in Bangkok.

Otherwise you can take the Chao Phraya Express boat to Yodpiman Pier and walk straight through the Yodpiman shopping centre. You’ll come out at the back entrance to one of the roofed sections of the flower market. From here you could take an alley into the roofed market or turn right and hang a left on Chakphet Road, which is the backbone of Pak Khlong Talad.

Travel Tips

Pak Khlong Talat is located just a few blocks away from Wat Pho. It’s also a few block away from Bangkok Chinatown (Yaowaraj.) So if you plan to visit Wat Pho in the late afternoon until the temple closes, you can hop on a Tuk Tuk or just by walk to the Flower Market. Once you are filled with flowers and local spirit, hop on a Tuk Tuk or Taxi for a short ride (you can walk, but walking in the nighttime is not recommend) to experience Bangkok Chinatown at Night for one the best places for dining in Bangkok.

Reviews by visitors

Not bad, but not worth getting out of your way either. We enjoyed the lovely jasmin smell and watching the women make flower garlands. We were the only tourists there. However the market is too small and after 10 minutes there's nothing more to see. Only go if you happen to be in the area.

~Christiana H

The flower market is a feast for the eyes (and other senses), but as a florist, I was in my element! I didn't know where to point the camera first! Lorry loads of roses, wrapped in newspaper were being delivered and de-thorned. The abundance of every variety and colour or orchids and roses, piled high, ready for sale is a sight I will never forget. Thai ladies were busy crafting bouquets, temple arrangements, funeral wreaths and garlands. 

This was a busy, bustling place, full of character and colour. So much was happening, there was always something new to see.

We did not go on an organised trip, but took the ferry. This meant we could stay as long as we wanted and wander to all corners ( a good couple of hours - well worth the 20p ferry ride.)


So the flower market is pretty good but I've been to better. The best part is the produce market which is on the the other side of the road running along side the river. It's where local people go to buy there materials. It's been spruced up a bit but retains its working market feel. Bothered used to be a large butchery area but that seems to have gone. Still a great place to see how Thai people really are. You will see very few if any western people but it's very safe. Don't be put off by dark alleys. Explore all. There are actually some good places to eat and drink. If it's busy then it's fresh.


Go with a tour guide if you want to make the most of this as whilst the flowers are amazing it was the spices and vegetables that got me

Our guide gave us various things to hold and taste and it was really interesting and we got to see things that I would never have recognised

The flower arrangements are also fabulous with different sections devoted to different flowers such as orchids- the variety was amazing

The actual arrangements for weddings , funerals , celebrations etc were worth seeing as well 

The ground was pretty wet so do wear sensible shoes so you don't slip and watch out for motor scooters they are everywhere!,


It's a wholesale flower market for the city and the surrounding areas. As you can imagine, it is BUSY !! But a wonderful way to get a feel of what a wholesale market is like in Bangkok. Everybody and everything is busy, busy, busy ! There are The main street is busy and well as the alleyways....yes, go and explore the alleyways too !! There are a few small local style restaurants in this vicinity also. Get here by taking the LOCAL (not tourist) boats on the river ..... the express boats...15 baht flat fee. Get off at pier #6 (Saphon Phut) and you're just a stroll away


From flower arrangement shops near the market to giant warehouses of fresh flowers and produce. It was a really neat place to visit. Finding the warehouse takes a little adventure though as we were dropped off on a street and needed to pass into an alley to get to the real market. If we didn't, we would have never noticed it was there behind the main street we were on.

Like our taxi driver warned us... "er... it mostly for locals". So, no... it isn't some fancy-shmancy garden of flower vendors type place. It is a warehouse, buy-in-bulk type place, that to me is much more interesting than a pretty garden set up for tourists. Of course you could get some interesting arrangements if you wanted, but mainly it was a place to experience some real Thai life.

And just a reminder for all of Thailand, take a lot of water, fans, sun-hats, etc. Even though most of this market can be found in the shade, even minutes on the street in the sun can risk heat-stroke if you are not prepared, especially if you are sensitive to heat.

~Taf F

I had a night bicycle tour through here and it was absolutely jumping. It's such a hub of beautiful flowers and colors and it never sleeps. Easy to get lost in the labyrinthine suburb that is this flower market. Go at night because although the markets never sleep, there are less tourists and the humidity isn't as stifling. You're likely to find some stunning fresh produce so don't worry about packing your lunch. You'll also find sweet Portuguese desserts and treats and plenty of exotic fresh fruit. It's also interesting to see the spiritual elements, as this is a central depot for sourcing flowers for all the Buddhist shrines in the area.


Bangkok Municipal Administration in its effort to reclaim pavements has outdone itself to kill one of its best touristic attractions. Best to skip this part now, as the market has been closed as of May 2016. It is truly sad, for it was one of those parts of Bangkok with the most joyful and lovely animation. Lovely flowers, very friendly people, excellent site for pictures. Today, the street is desolate and empty. Some vendors have relocated to the nearby Yodpiman gallery, but it feels like they are fishes out of the water there. 

It is a pity, because the atmosphere, particularly at 23.00 or early at 4 AM was truly lovely, with a mixture of tiredness, good nature and peacefulness as I seldom experienced in Bangkok.


I tried to capture this place in pictures, but it's impossible to give an idea of the scope of it. A vast market open 24 hours a day (though for best selection get there early early, like 4 am early), brimming with both loose bouquets and flowers already woven into the garlands and sculptures used on altars at the temples. Fragrance and colour everywhere. Looking at these pictures I wish I were back there right now!


We visited at 9 a.m. which was not the busiest time. Not many visitors, some stalls were closed and the sellers seems relaxed. We really enjoyed our time here, soooo many beautiful fresh flowers: Rose, Daisy, Aster, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Lotus, Jasmine, Marigold, etc.; also fresh fruits and vegetables.

There was this Roses' seller at the center, she sells sets of ten roses with price range THB 20-120 depends on the blooming stage. We bought six sets of red, pink and white colors for total THB 310. She helped us rearrange the flowers into two nice bouquets.

When we were ready to go back to our hotel we saw that there are more market and stores across the street. We bought another two sets of 50 peach and yellow roses for THB 100 each. So nice to have all those pretty flowers in our room. 

Tuktuk fare to go back to our hotel at Khaosan Road was 40 THB.


This was an incredible experience. The flowers are ubiquitous. Row after row, block after block.... there are literally oceans of flowers. The smell and sights are phenomenal. It is almost hard to take in visually the volume and depths. 

They are super cheap! Of course, as a tourist, what are you going to do with them? I walked around and just soaked them in. This site blows the Jim Thompson House out of the water. This should definitely be a priority on your trip. It is open 24 hours a day. Supposedly, late at night is the best time to go because of the new deliveries arriving. We went late afternoon because of traffic and dinner arrangements and had no regrets.

~Kirk S

I visited this market early in the morning 6.00 am every one is busy to loading and unloading the flowers. Many vendors sell flowers which goes to the temple for offering. Freshly cut flowers ready for hotels and small vendors for dispatch. It's busy market, it's about observing thai labor, worker, vendors, buyers.

~mahesh p

really enjoy going to the flower market. can walk from chinatown or take taxi or tutu tut to this place.

whole street of flower and at cost price or distributor price. enjoy the time to spend here and even bought a 10 tulip which is so fresh at 300 baht only. rose 12 for 100 baht. a place to go if you like flower and it open early in morning till night i think. lot of energy there and busy place and the crowd make it fun to go


We stumbled on this while strolling back from the Grand Palace... Looks like a hub for selling flower arrangements you see in hotels here, so interesting to see the work that goes into it.

In the surrounding areas were food markets - garlic, chillies, etc. 

A bit of an 'off-the-beaten-track' view of Thailand and a contrast to the Grand Palace and Temples.

Would recommend for a view.


I guess some people might be a little disappointed with the flower market but I love going here and find it quaint and exciting to be amongst all the color and local products.


While out for a post dinner walk one evening, we happened to wander into the heart of this flower market. Such an energetic place, full of stalls bending under the weight of huge bunches of flowers, seed pods and hand made flower decorations. It's truly full of amazing sights and smells and a wonderfully relaxing place to explore. Highly recommended!

~Alistair W

It is a hive of activity. We visited late morning when the wholesale florists had gone but it was very interesting to see the stalls and the way they transport the flowers. There are vegetables on sale too. Not many tourists there.


Wasn't easy to find and I expected something a bit more grandiose (not sure why though). The flowers are beautiful and I enjoyed watching the merchant creating beautiful compositions of flower offerings. Other than that it's just another market. Maybe next time I'll come to see it early in the morning...

~Iris A

The flowers were beautiful. I was especially captivated by the orchids that come in a multitude of colour. 

However, the whole place was just kind of... Meh. It's not as big as I imagined. Initially we thought we were at the wrong market because it was so small. But after walking outside, and trying to find the market, we realised that the small flower market is THE flower market we are looking for. Kind of disappointed really.


I think we were the only tourists wandering through the market. Wow wow wow. We weren't buying flowers as only in Bangkok for 36 hours. Still, I'm so happy we popped along to see it.

The visual displays and aromas are worth going for. Fabulous!!


Flowers are sold here for large quantities, mainly targeted to hotels and restaurants. We heard it is beautiful at night and more lively. The decorations are somewhat for their offerings to their gods/Buddha. I was able to purchase a little garland for as little as 10 baht.

~Wing N

7/24 place for selling and buying all types of flower in Bangkok. Pak Klong Talat is the logistic place to ship flowers from the farms to the market. Tracing back the flowers were planted along the canals all around and outskirts of the city. The flowers were gathered here and being packaged to be sold. Most of the cut-flowers were intend for religious purpose. Majority end up on the 'spirit-house' inside Thai residence. A visit to the market can be exciting and educational.

~Charn P

After our late arrival in Bangkok, the staff of our hotel advice us to go and visit the flower market. I already have heard about it, but I wasn't expecting much. We arrived at 2AM and we have been really surprised about it. The market is open 24hrs, and I advice to go around the sunrise time, that is when is not crowded and you can take great pictures. 

You will also be able to see all the truck coming full of new flowers to change the old with the fresh ones.

~Chiara G

There is so much to see in this market. It not only lines the streets, but there is an indoor part as well. The color variations seem to be endless. I received a flower arrangement to welcome me to Bangkok. This same arrangement can be used in remembrance of a loved one who has passed. The women who work the market are masterful in creating things with the flowers. This is a nice place to visit in Bangkok; it provides a different perspective of the city.


The flower market is an incredible site. Many flowers I have not seen before and such care taken with them. One side is wholesale flowers. The other side of the road has the arrangements and garlands. Fantastic craft and creativity. Head the about 7.00 pm for the best time to see the market and experience the hustle and bustle.


The flower market is a very special place. It does not simply sell flower but mainly products related to flower. The price is really very low. And you can buy anything at a very reasonable price. The market is convenient, either can visit via river or road transport.


I love flowers, so I loved this flower market! We went in the late afternoon, and it was not busy at all. There were so many different types of flowers. I wanted to just buy them all because they were so cheap and pretty! It was worth making a stop here because we were already nearby. There wasn't anything there that we would actually purchase, but it was very nice to walk through. I'm glad we stopped there!

~Katie D

A bit hectic to get through, but well worth it! The fresh smell of jasmine, gardenias, and roses was absolutely captivating! I could have stayed all day!

We walked about, bought some fresh flowers, stopped at a couple road side stands, and just wandered about seeing the amazing market. Everyone is polite and helpful should you have any questions.

All in all well worth the visit!

~Priya P

We visited the flower market around lunch time. There were still lots of flowers around and it was really busy. However, I think we would've seen more flowers if we went earlier. 

Having said that, we absolutely loved it! It was such an amazing experience. It was what I had hoped Thailand to be like. Got a real glimpse of the Thai culture.

From the minute we arrived, the smell of the flowers and the foods was 'WOW'. There were a lot more fresh fruit and veg stalls than flower stalls in my opinion. If you like cooking, you will be blown away by the abundance of fresh herbs, spices, fruit and veg. The smell of fresh ginger was particularly strong! 

As regards getting there,take the sky train train. We went from Asok station (cost 42baht), changed lines at Siam (there are only 2 sky train lines in Bangkok), and got off at Saphan Taskin. The ferry pier is one of the exits off this stop. We then got the tourist blue flag boat (40baht) to pier 6, Yodplma, and then the flower markets are across the road from main pier building.

Also to note, afterwards we walked to Chinatown which was about a 10-15min walk. This was also well worth a visit, and you can catch the boat back from Chinatown at pier 5. We opted for the public orange boat back as this is just 14baht per person.

~Jennifer H

This may have been my favorite attraction in Bangkok. The colors and quality of flowers were incredible and bought flowers here to bring to the Grand Palace. You see different vendors making wreaths, etc. There is also a vegetable market attached which was also quite impressive. Just be careful of the workers bumping into you and moving quickly.


This is a wholesale market not only for flowers but for vegetables too.
I arrived at the venue after 10 in the morning. The atmosphere for a market was rather muted ,I think its because the hive activity was all done and dusted off before 0700 am.
Only a presupposition, but I think it is also the reason why there was not much on the variance of flowers being sold. Most of the flowers I saw at that hour was that for prayers(marigolds,jasmine etc). However because of the lull it created n opportunity to watch how the garlands are made, only to come away in admiration for the amount patience , dexterity and skill the garland makers had to make a single garland. It seems so wrong to pay 10-12TBht for one despite all the work that went into it.
A note to share. To get there I took a taxi from the Grand Hyatt which amounted to 100TBht. It was rather tedious due to the traffic. 
A much more pleasant way of getting there is to take the water bus from Central pier . To get to Central Pier you can get there by BTS . The fare was a lot less too.


This was the last place to visit on our private guided tour. On a warm afternoon day, it is nice to browse between the stalls. We got to see all the people working the flower business. We really enjoyed the colors, many variety of flowers. It is adjacent to the vegetable market as well.

Free activity, spend as much or as little time as you want.


Went to the flower market today and enjoyed it thoroughly. Missed the "best" time to visit by a mere 10 hours (they say between 2 & 4 am is best). If you buy one of the "hop on-hop off " tickets for the tourist boat (rip off, I know) you might as well go there. The directions provided in the booklet you get when you buy your ticket is incorrect and it took me some time to actually find the flower market. If you turn right after you get off the boat and walk along the verandah in front of the shops you will get to the flower zone. Take a left through a walkway to behind the shops and the flower market is straight ahead. You can see the sellers making beautiful displays for sale, and the flowers are so cheap.


We came to this market around 6:30pm and though I was hoping to visit later in the evening, since it's open 24hours and apparently famous for its hustle and bustle in the later hours, I was glad we missed the big local crowds. The aisles are small and there were already lots of people moving around with huge carts of flowers, so anymore crowded would have been uncomfortable and a bit frustrating. This is a lovely market for a walk around and some pictures. Having a guide was nice because we got the different flowers and their uses explained to us.


This place was quite interesting. Loaded with vendors selling all types of flowers and arrangements. Especially full since the recent death of king and everyone places flowers throughout city.


This is the second time we visited the flower market. You see lots of flowers and flower arrangements. Also the street smels so nice, but remember not to smell the flowers Thai people use flowers as offerings to Buddha, if you smell a flower it can not be used as an offering.


A haven for flower lovers.The sights and heady aroma are irresistible!Couldn't get over the prices too.Way cheaper than what one gets in India.A delight to see lotus and orchids in many colours. The vegetables and fruits are so fresh and some of them so exotic.It is a wonder how they manage to keep them so,in hot and humid Bangkok.


Wandered all through the market and it is a beautiful sight. Exotic flowers in bunches, made into wreaths, garlands, tiaras etc. Very reasonable prices, consider at 32 baht to the dollar that bunch of flowers in the middle at 25 is about 85 cents. It's a great place to spend and hour or so not being rushed.


If you're in the area, this is worth taking a few minutes to walk through the flower market. There are many different vendors with flowers for sale, some are delicately arranged into beautiful creations, others are simply the raw flowers. It takes about 10 minutes to walk through and get a sense of the bargaining and deals going on.


Visited this market indeed in the night. Of course the activity was on its peak (NIGHT MARKET!) -plenty of small, nad bigger shops, a lot of handwork to prepare all kind of bouqets and flowers. Not a luxury place - but you see a real market, a real typical place.


We decided to go and see the flower market and so pleased we did. We weren't there long as it's not a huge market but it was great to see lots of locals making flower arrangements and it was bustling with lots of colour and people doing business. We were the only tourists there! Everyone was very friendly and nobody hassled you to buy anything which was a welcome relief from the tuk tuk drivers and people around the main sites trying to get you to buy something. I'd recommend to anyone visiting Bangkok :-)


I visited at 4pm on a Sunday but apparently it is open 24/7. The whole street where the market is situated is dominated by flower shops and vegetable stalls. The market itself is filled with row upon row of orchids, roses, marigolds, jasmine and hundreds of other varieties of bulk flowers plus accessories for bunching and displaying. It's a photographers heaven, although the lighting in some sections is not great.
Surrounding shops sell bunches of flowers at retail prices, each specializing in different arrangements and flower types. Two decent bunches of orchids cost me less than AUD $1.
Across the road from the market in behind the flower shops is an amazing bulk vegetable market. Be prepared to spend an hour or two here and take your camera!


There is no touristy tackiness here. These clever working class people present their produce in an amazing way. I've never seen such perfectly cut and bound vegetables. The flowers are beautiful and the smell of them is lovely (which is a pleasant change from some parts on Thailand!) Took about 30 mins from Sukhumvit to get there (300 baht each way by tuk tuk and taxi) but I enjoyed it and liked getting away from the touristy scene. I was the only Caucasian person for miles. I felt like I was seeing the real Bangkok, not a show.


This is a fresh flower market that is bustling with energy. We went to the Yodpiman River Walk and this is right behind it. Beautiful fresh flowers everywhere being cut, packaged and readied for marketing. This is where it begins and then it must go to florists and other sellers in Thailand who probably mark the price up. It may be a must-stop for those who love horticulture and flowers.


Huge flower market. Unbelievable. As cool as anything you will see in a city so full of amazing attractions. What has to be several thousand sellers, each really interesting. The flowers decorate the altars you see everwhere. Bangkok is truly a place of flowers. Not a tourist thing the flowers are for all the little (and big) shrines you see everywhere.


Getting to the flower market by train and ferry was honestly more entertaining than the flower market itself, so much fun. The flower market itself is great and some of the local florists make some amazing floral displays, def go early in the morning when its all a buzz, dont catch a cab, catch a public ferry and look at the river and see the sighta.


Thos had been a really great experience. Highly recommended. Be there before 12:00. You can try and taste most of the products there without fee, people are even interested to explain you what they are selling-even if they do speak only Thai. Recommended to turn left and rught into the smaller gangways-and remember that always a small mororcycle can come along the way. Excellent! Go there and not to some other touristic "shame" places


Great night market (all night from around 18:00) with lots of flowers and merchants preparing kits for the sacrifices, vegetables and more flowers. Very large complex with friendly people and worth a visit. Do not forget to visit the Ginger ladies who cut Ginger stripes for various restaurants. Amazing this is still done by hand. Really recommended


Flower Market is one of the best markets that I have visited in Bangkok. It is in between China Town and the Reclining Buddha Temple.

As we entered the flower market, it was full of different kinds of flowers. The whole market was emitting different fragrance. From lilies to roses all kind of flowers were being sold by the vendors

It's quite crowded but completely worth the trip to the market.


We visited this market twice - the first time we visited on our own and the second visit was as part of an evening tour. It was completely different and much better to go later at night. Apparently they are not allowed to sell from the streets until after 9pm so go after this for maximum impact. 
And if you go at the beginning of your stay in Bangkok you can buy flowers for your hotel room!
Really interesting market - especially if you love flowers and experiencing local markets rather than touristy ones.


Having heard about it, visited during my recent visit.
What a lovely market full of all types of flowers.
It was amazing to watch making of flower garlands and other decorative articles for worship.
I wish we had gone early morning when the market is in it full blossom.
Also nearby you can visit vegetable market.


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