Introducing Bay Canh Island

Bay Canh island in the archipelago of Con Dao, with an area of 683 ha, including two parts interconnected by a sand bank in the middle, which called Cat Lon beach. The whole island is covered by tropical forest, with many endemic animals such as ebony squirrels, black squirrels Con Dao, lizards, pythons, snakes and some species of sea birds...

Marine resources around Bay Canh island, have high biological diversity such as: the rich coral reefs with many species of clams, snails, sea cucumbers, fish living in coral reefs, sea turtles, and seaweeds... Which were strictly conserved, and will be attractions to delight you diving, and admire the beauty of colorful corals.

Highlights of Bay Canh island, is Cat Lon beach with charming of the stretch white sand, where sea turtles to lay their eggs mostly in Con Dao. During the breeding season from April to September yearly, each night there is a few turtles get to the beach for nesting. 

You will have the opportunity to witness the wonders of Mother Nature while watching turtles lay eggs. Then you will be participating in sea turtle conservation process here, such as bring eggs carefully from the nest arrive the incubator area, and watch the lovely baby turtles excitedly run to the sea.

Bay Canh Island also has pristine mangrove is formed on the sand mixed up dead coral. Although the area is just about 5ha, but the existence of mangrove has contributed to a complete coherence with other ecosystems such as tropical rainforest on the high mountain and seagrass. You can trek around the mangrove, explore the ecosystem here and especially see a big mountain crab species with pincers that easily makes one startled when first seen.

Additionally, in the northeast of Bay Canh island, also there is a lighthouse was built in 1884 and now is still active, guide to the boats in the region. You can go along mountain trails to the lighthouse for the beautiful panoramic views.

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