Enjoy Peking Duck – King’s attractive cuisine

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Peking duck is one of the most famous dish in Beijing which is favored in 2000 seat restaurants are always closed. And if you want to eat, you have to set very early.


Roasted duck and Peking Opera are two things that the Beijing usually very proud . For them, roasted duck is not only a delicious dish, giving for gourmets but it also is the specific culture of the nation.

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The name is Peking duck but actually, this dish has origin from Guangdong. In the past, it has been very popular and frequently appears in the royal dining menu of Yuan Dynasty, the Ming, and Qing. Until the Dragon Throne, this dish is still a favorite dish for upper strata.

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These ducks are processed normally big, fat, and are roasted in a big fire oven. This duck has thin skin, crunchy, dark yellow color. After ducks are cooked, chefs will take a sharp knife to cut meat into slices, small and even pieces. The remaining bones are used for making soup.


Many restaurants will serve diners part of meat duck and skin separately.

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Many travelers when coming to Beijing for eating roast duck are often very surprised. Because the party which serves guests is only one main dish is a duck. The Chinese call it "unique taste" - a meal with one taste only.

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According to Chinese gourmets, ducks are selected for this dish are the wings and short legs, long body. Their meat has a layer of fat between the fibers. Then, it is covered with the duck’s skin a mixed malt bark.

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Fire for grilling duck is also used from a special type of wood, the fruit or scented to have favor, attractive diners.

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Many visitors said that coming to Beijing in winter when the cold winds spill, the snow begin to fall and sit in shops eating hot roast duck is really a pleasure in life.

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Sauce for eating with roasted duck includes 2 types. One is the traditional sauce with peas XI (soybean or fermented soy beans mixed with crushed garlic). The second type is soy sauce mixed with sesame oil, mashed garlic.

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According to reviews of many tourists, place for the best Peking Duck are restaurants located on Wangfujing Street - the street is renowned as not sleep in the China’s capital