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Introducing Ben Tre

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The few travellers who push on beyond My Tho into BEN TRE PROVINCE are rewarded with some of the Mekong Delta’s most breathtaking scenery. Until recently this province was isolated by the Mekong’s wide arms around it, but the new Rach Mieu Bridge from My Tho (opened in 2009) is starting to bring a rush of visitors. Famed for its fruit orchards and coconut groves (Vietnamese call it the “coconut island”), the province has proved just as fertile a breeding ground for revolutionaries, first plotting against the French, and later against the Americans, and was one of the areas seized by the Viet Cong during the Tet Offensive of 1968.

Ben Tre is a province in Mekong Delta, also known with name Land of Coconut. Ben Tre is located in the end of Mekong river, so it owns many cannals and immense coconut gardens. Addition, Ben Tre also has many other fruits gardens scattered in all province, most concentrated in 2 districts Cho Lach (Chợ Lách) and Chau Thanh (Châu Thành). 

The Coconut Land is not large, therefore you need only 1 or 2 days to visit all attractions in the province. Travel Ben Tre, you should join ecoturism activities, stay at houses of locals, feel fresh air,… Usually, tourists combine travelling Ben Tre and Tien Giang, the time for 2 places is 2 or 3 days.

Situated in Mekong Delta, and with 60 km seashore, Ben Tre has all beneficial conditions to become a green attractive destination. It is featured with a plain geography, which is scattered around by sand dunes and adorned by rice fields, fruit plant gardens, and numerous rivers and streams, canals and arroyos. The four Tien Giang river branches, including My Tho, Ba Lai, Ham Luong and Co Chieu rivers, split Ben Tre into 3 islands of Minh, Bao, and An Hoa. All contribute to an ecological system of rivers, canals, arroyos and green trees, facilitating transportation, hydro-electricity, and more importantly, ecological tourism potential.

Things to do in Ben Tre city

1. Strolling fruit market (on Hung Vuong street) at 5pm and walk through the river by a wooden bridge. 

2. Visit Thanh Phong coconut candy workshop in Phu Khuong ward to see they produce candy, and eat few hot candies, tastier very mush compared to packaged candies. 

However, if wanna buy candy back to gift, you should buy at Tuyet Phung store (near TV station), coconut candy at here is best. 

3. About 4 to 5am, let’s get up early and come to Truc Giang lake to watch Ben Tre people exercising. Then, come to Ben Tre market or Agricultural products market (Ward 8) to feel the begining of a busy day. Then, head to Ben Tre 1 bridge to watch sunrise. 

4. Come to sidewalk cafe opposite Ben Tre restaurant and enjoy a coconut on a hammock. 

5. Visit Ben Tre museum to find out the history of Ben Tre. The museum has French architecture, a ideal place to take pictures. 

Attractions in Ben Tre

Travel Ben Tre, you should visit ecotourism zones, where have many activities exploring the beauty of Mekong Delta waters, nature and people of the Coconut Land. 2 ecotuorism zones where you should not skip: 

1. Thoi Son islet (cồn Thới Sơn) – You will get enjoyed many fruits, Don ca tai tu – a kind of traditional music in Mekong Delta and watched the process of producing coconut candy. 

2. Phung islet (cồn Phụng), the home of Mr. Coconut Director (ông Đạo dừa – Nguyen Thanh Nam) who ate only coconut to survive during his life (i heard my friends told like that). There’re many special things about architectures at here. 

3. Quy islet (cồn Quy), is in Chau Thanh district, has many kinds of fruits and seafoods. 

4. Oc islet (cồn Ốc) is attractive ecotourism of Giong Trom district. At here, you can enjoy beautiful landscape of the waters and traditional dishes of Ben Tre, find out rustic daily life of the locals. 

4. Vam Ho birds garden, in Ba Tri district, is home of countless bird kinds. If you lucky, visit the garden at right time when the birds fly to prey, you will be seen a very beautiful sight just having in Mekong Delta. 

5. Cai Mon Fruit garden in Cho Lach district and Tien Long, Tan Phu regions in Chau Thanh district. You will be seen and explored the immense fruits gardens. Addition, you can enjoy specialties of Ben Tre countryside: chicken soup, oyster soup, snail pancake,…


Most of the action in Ben Tre happens within the confines of Hung Vuong and Tan Ke from north to south and Ngo Quyen and Nguyen Hue from west to east. Traffic can be manic here as the roads are smaller than neighbouring My Tho, mainly around the market. Hung Vuong especially due to fruit and vegetable sellers parking their wares on the street.

You will find an ATM located on Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Le Dai Hanh. The Coop Mart on Dong Khoi and Cau Moi will also have a couple of ATM’s located inside. We couldn’t find a dedicated internet cafe in the area. However, we found a shop that has LAN games that could pass as an internet cafe on 30/4 street in between 3 Thang 2 and Tan Ke.

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