Bo Hon Island

Introducing Bo Hon Island

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When it comes to beautiful islands in Halong Bay, Bo Hon Island is definitely worth mentioning. The island has not only beautiful landscapes but also has one of the largest island chain with many of Halong Bay famous caves like Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, swimming Tien Cave, Trinh Nu cave, Trong cave. These caves are famous destinations for tourists whenever they want to visit Halong Bay. Beside the magnificent cave system, Bo Hon Island takes your breath away with its series of high peaks, steep cliffs and consecutive mountains. They intertwine together, fitting perfectly into the horizon, making you feel like they are crafted by the most skillful craftsmen.

Bo Hon Island is a beautiful island in Halong Bay, and one of the largest in the area. It is about 1.5 hours from Bai Chay although you took much longer to reach it, as you were cruising slowly and enjoying the view along the way. This limestone island consists of towering limestone hillocks. Bo Hon Island is also the home for many types of flora and fauna as well as wild animals. The island is inhabited by many species of plants, such as Banyan Tree, or orchid ... Animals reside here include monkeys, deer, antelope, wild deer, chamois... Though the number of wild animal is diminishing, Bo Hon Island is the sanctuary for those animals to live in. While having such diverse ecosystem, maybe Bo Hon Island is more famously known for its hidden cave system. Each cave bears a beautiful magic of its own, and is associated with many touching legends.

Bo Hon Island is located at the heart of the UNESCO – Named World Heritage Area on Ha Long Bay. It takes up to an hour or more by boat to get to the island from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf.