Boracay - Your honeymoon paradise

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Only 7km long and only 1km wide at the narrowest point, the postcard-shaped island, Boracay, in the Philippines, was voted by Travel + Leisure Magazine as one of the most beautiful islands in the world in 2012.

This paradise island with long white-sand beaches, blue sea, colorful sunset and an array of exciting activities is surely the best destination for your perfect honeymoon.

Located in Malay, Aklan, in the west of The Western Visayas, Boracay of the vivid colours of the white beach, green palms, blue water and blazing red sunset will draw the first beautiful lines on the picture of your new life together. So leave all your worries behind and enjoy your sweet honeymoon on this paradise island?

White sand beaches, blue water and sky

There is no doubt that all visitors coming to this island country are amazed with the pristine beauty of its beaches. However, if you can only choose one of them, then Boracay, one of the most islands in the world voted by Travel + Leisure’s readers, should be the one. There would be nothing better than immersing yourselves in the sparking blue water and becoming completely relaxed on the powdery white sand of White Beach or whispering a few romantic stories and sharing your feelings after the wedding in the tranquil space of Puka Beach. Let the sounds of the sea breeze and waves touching the shoreline, together with your jokes and sweet conversations, create a sentimental melody of happiness.

High wind and rolling wave

Unlike the calm water of White Beach and Puka Beach, Bugalog Beach, located on the eastern side of the island, is one of the Asia’s most attractive destinations for kite surfers. Higher wind and rolling waves with white foam combine to create a fantastic environment for you to windsurf or challenge yourselves with other adventurous water sports. You can simply rent the necessary equipment or find a professional instructor, then carve your own path through the waves. With a big parachute, imagine how amazing it is if you and your life partner can hold hands and enjoy exciting moments while seeing the sea sparking like sapphire.

Besides, if you prefer a more thrilling and interesting trip, you can go scuba diving to explore the diversity of marine life around Crocodile Island or test the level of your bravery by taking the plunge from Ariel’s Point into the crystalline water below. After all the sports, indulge in a luxurious massage right on the beach, enjoy a healthy mango shake or take a relaxing dip in the infinity pool of the Shangri-La Resort and Spa, with its mesmerizing view of the sea.

Colorful sunset from Willy’s Rock

It is easy to fall into love with the glorious sunset at Willy’s Rock, the iconic landmark of Boracay. Situated one hundred meters off shore, in the shallow water near Boat Station 1, Willy's Rock, with a statue of the Virgin Mary on the top, is the most photographed on the island. Leave all the beautiful pictures of this place you have ever seen and keep the enchanting scene of sunset, touching the soul of thousands of visitors, in your own mind. In front of your eyes is the reflection of fiery red sun ripping on the sparking ocean, making the immense sky even more magical.

In this romantic space, kiss softly, sit shoulder to shoulder without talking to enjoy these sweet moments as if time has stopped because of you. You can also rent a kayak to travel around the cliff and let the red, orange light full of your boat. The scene is simple and romantic like your long lasting and faithful love.

Your honeymoon journey will not really be complete without the effervescent atmosphere of parties by night on beach. Walk along the shoreline, stop at a bar or club glistening in lights and enjoy sips of drinks and a good groove. Boracay appears to boast a new beauty far different from its looks in daytime. If the party lifestyle is not for the two of you, then you can stroll down the beach, listen to the melody of waves and hear some people laughing far away or hunt down a bargain at the night market. 

This beautiful and unparalleled island offers far more than your expectations. Explore and make your honeymoon full of happiness with the colours of Boracay, a love paradise.  


Written by Linh Dang.