Top 22 delicious dishes you must try in Budapest

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If you're a fan of adventures, passions for discovering the local cuisines, you should not miss the following typical dishes when visiting Budapest - Hungary's capital.

1. Gulyas

Gulyas is the Hungary’s mind. Gulyas has means that cowboy in the Hungarian language, but gradually they have understood this concept means that the stew of cowboy. Beef stew Gulyas has deep flavor eating with brilliantly colored chili and viscous soup making for you a special flavor of the peaceful local area.

2. Jokai bean soup

This dish is named belong to the writer Mor Jokai in 19th-century, Jokai bean soup includes vinegar, sour cream, beans, bacon, parsley root and carrots.

3. Lecsó

Lecsó attract diners with mixture kinds of vegetables. This actually is another version of the famous vegetable soup dish from Hungary including green chilies, red chilies, tomatoes, onions, salt, sugar and chili powder.

4. Paprikas Csirke

Csirke Paprikas (chicken paprika) is one of Hungary's famous soups include cream, chicken sauce, pepper and some other spices. If you want to find a best Papikas dish, you can go to the center market Great Market Hall Budapest.

5. Halaszle

Halaszle fish soup is considered that a national spirit dish of Hungary country, including fresh carp, paprika, and chili powder. You can enjoy Halaszle with bread or boiled noodles.

6. Ujhazy chicken broth

This dish consists of a chicken, mixed with carrots, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, green peppers, cauliflower, and peas. This is a traditional dish in the wedding parties in Hungary.

7. Langos

This is a street food which is loved by many indigenous people, including flour, mashed potatoes, sour cream, cheese, ham, and sauce.

8. Kolbasz

Kolbasz is a kind of lightly smoked sausage, originating from Hungary; the ingredients may include bacon, pork, beef, mutton and other spices such as chili powder, salt, garlic, pepper, nutmeg, marjoram, sugar, wine or cognac. All were stuffed into the small intestine of pigs, hung overnight for absorbing spices. Kolbasz commonly cut thin slices, eating alone or with bread, mashed potatoes...

9. Rakott Krumpli

Rakott Krumpli has the main ingredient is sliced potatoes and eggs.

10. Porkolts

Porkolts is completely different with other Hungary’s garu, meat is boned, stew with paprika, vegetables, but no potatoes. Meat can be chosen from beef, lamb, pork or chicken meat...

11. Toltott kaposzta

Toltott kaposzta - cabbage rolls is one of the most typical dishes in Hungary, including cabbage and minced pork, mixing with paprika and covering in a layer of sour cream. This dish is often seen in winter.

12. Toltott Paprika

Paprika Toltott includes rice, diced onion, salt, herbs, garlic, pepper and chili which are mixed together, adding some parsley or rosemary, mushrooms, and a little meat.

13. Libamaj

Libamaj fried goose’s liver dish, as well as the delicious dish that you should try.

14. Rantott Sajt

Sajt Rantott actually is cheese dish coil with the breadcrumbs and be fried golden.

15. Turos Csusza

Turos Csusza also is called flour cheese, made from flour and eggs, then mixing with cheese.

16. Turogomboc

A small tart dish, they are coated with bread crumbs and cheese and fried golden after steaming. Food has the more crusty flavor of cheese will make you be addicted if having the opportunity to taste.

17. Dobos Torta

Traditional porous cake of Hungary with the main ingredient is chocolate and caramel ice cream. The cake consists of 5 classes of which you can taste at any restaurant in Hungary, especially in Budapest.

18. Gesztenyepure

Gesztenyepure is chestnut flour, usually served with cream, or sometimes, it is mixed with chocolate and rum wine.

19. Rákóczi Turos

This is a typical dish of Budapest with the main ingredient is cheese, eggs, sugar, and jam.

20. Kurtoskalacs

Kurtoskalacs or chimney cake which is a cuisine of the Hungarian ethnic minorities is retained in Romania’s culture. The reason for the name of chimney cake because its shape is the hollow cylinder. The cake is made from sweet yeast flour, rolling in spirals with a wooden tool, covered sugar and baked up until finishing a procedure.

21. Kifli

This is the croissants from Hungarian people. You can eat alone or it can be served with jam and butter. 

22. Turo Rudi

Turo Rudi is a kind of chocolate cake attaches with cheese. This nutty cake is covered a chocolate thin crispy crust outside, the interior is cheese mixed with milk cream. Although you do not speak Hungarian, but it is very easy to recognize this dish because it is wrapped in a nice white and polka dots red package.