Rustic central cakes that visitors fascinated in Central Vietnam

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Central Vietnam – the land of sunshine and wind – always a great place for every tourist believers, especially the favorite tourist travelers phượt. Besides the attractive destinations, the central strip also caused many tourists to linger by the special dishes unique and attractive but nowhere has it. Among the central dish, cakes are always the specialty that you can not ignore when to strip this sunny and windy will introduce you to the Central Vietnam for cakes which we consider to be attractive and most can not be ignored when you come to this land. Start your culinary journey full of fun along the same central plot yet!


Central Vietnam – land of sun and wind

1. Banh Beo

Referring to the central cuisine, especially Hue cuisine, may say dirt cake is a dish that diners can not be ignored when arriving in this land. Perhaps the name of this dish comes from leaf shaped its dirt quite nicely. Dirt cake originating from the ancient capital of Hue, but in each locality, dirt cake there are different variations. Although there are many variations, but basically dirt cake consists of three parts: the bread, the filling and sauce section with other supplemental materials as crushed roasted peanuts, onion or greaves …

Dirt cake – dish attractive central pole

Dirt cake made from rice flour and molded cups. Dirt cake Hue often thin and smaller than those of the dirt cake other regions, especially of Quang dirt cake is molded to and thicker. Part of filling of two types: the ones who are pureed dried shrimp and dried, there’s kind of wet made from meat, minced shrimp, onions, shallots cooked mixture into a dough. If dry personality types brings you the scent of dried shrimp, then who wet the taste of the meat fat side of shrimp and onion aroma, chives. Dried human’s kind of dirt cake tradition, unlike dry personnel, personnel of the wet dirt cake usually only found in dirt cake of Quang.

Besides traditional dry personnel, who wet dirt cake is also an interesting experience

Besides the cake and part human part, served with fish sauce is a key ingredient and other indispensable dirt cakes. If the sauce is not tasty, even if there’s part of the bread and tasty cakes to where also become tasteless. Fish sauce used to eat dirt cakes with dipping sauce kind. Fish sauce often served with dirt cake is diluted with water before air travel with sugar to reduce saltiness and its pungent odor. Wonderful fish sauce to eat with dirt cake is flavored fish sauce is not too sweet, or too salty and particularly pungent smell of fish sauce had no or very little.

Dirt cake cups – the best way to enjoy this dish

If you want to enjoy a central dirt cake in style, the Hue and Danang are the destinations that you can not ignore. If dirt cake Hue is pretty small dirt cakes, dried shrimp’s delicate with aromatic onion and served with greaves and rum crispy greasy dirt cake Quang back then gives you the rustic nature of human foot people here in the dirt cakes are molded thicker and bigger, you can choose a traditional dry human or wet greasy to eat together.

The dirt cake Hue’s pretty small with dried aromatic

How to enjoy dirt cake is also very diverse, you can choose to enjoy each cup small dirt cake or pie dish dirt, even how to enjoy the dirt cake promises to be a wonderful dining experience and you can not ignore when they come to the central strip sunny and the wind.

Add a little spring rolls on a plate to dish dirt cake become more attractive

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2. Tapioca pudding

Is a very popular cake in the North Central area, but every time they mention tapioca pudding tapioca pudding cakes Hue has always been the most mentioned by the subtlety and careful in how. Basically, tapioca pudding cake is made from tapioca starch filtered taken inside with shrimp or lobster meat, after completing the portion of bread dough rather in and can see individuals inside . If you glance at the ordinary people that work out a tapioca pudding is a fairly easy task, but in fact to create a delicious cake and ensures the aesthetics, it is both a feat of baker.

To create a delicious tapioca pudding should merticulous

To have a tapioca pudding is delicious and beautiful cake flour is the most important component of a pie. If you want to create a tapioca pudding, then the selection of the correct standard sourdough stage is extremely important and indispensable in the baking step. Type of baking powder chosen is the most delicious meals by the quality of baking powder will determine the quality and form of the tapioca pudding. If we do not carefully choose the dough into a pie eating products being created will be in contact exposure, friable and not tasty. Also, if you choose not good, pancake batter when making pie will not in, sometimes with dark color, not beautiful.

Quality flour decided to color of cake

Besides, it’s part pie dough is also an important component and other essential of the tapioca pudding. Fillings usually shrimp or shrimp are marinated meat, sometimes we even saw the green bean tapioca pudding. Shrimp used to make tapioca pudding is usually small shrimps by eating in these prawns will have more sweetness and aroma of different kinds of large shrimp. Besides, they are semi-processed shrimp to peel pie will not only cut head and tail to help shrimp retain their flavor.

Besides traditional shrimp and meat also have green bean tapioca pudding

Also shrimp is the main component of the pork filling is also an important factor in helping workers become more delicious cake. Meat used to make bread often the meat’s fat, because if we choose lean meats over the cake while eating will not have the fat, daily, unpalatable. Besides traditional shrimp and meat, the filling can be made from mung bean puree marinated map add spices like salt, sugar, pepper. Green bean cakes when you eat will feel greasy, green beans Daphnia’s very tasty and interesting.

Tapioca pudding wrapped in banana leaves

Tapioca pudding can be wrapped in banana leaves or bare steamed. Each way has discovered a way to enjoy the taste and particular. If the cake is wrapped in banana leaves would be loud and easier to maintain than steamed cakes are bare. Tapioca pudding if being wrapped in banana leaves, the best way to enjoy eating the piece is still dotted with pungent ginger chili sauce.

Ceiling steamed tapioca pudding is usually done after the pot with a little oil with onion sauce

As for steamed tapioca pudding is smaller ceiling after being boiled and will be mixed with onion sauce with a little more tasty cake making. Eating cake is usually eaten under tinged sauce dish similar dirt cake. Tapioca pudding will be a very special gift for loved ones and your family travel each Central there!

Central cakes as well as human naivete here

3. CAKE year

Besides dirt cake, tapioca pudding, the cakes banh nam is impossible not to mention when talking about cuisine Central, especially Hue cuisine. Is a cake from the ancient capital region should bring in their banh nam flair, gaudy palace of magnificent place but equally rustic and familiar. To make a tasty cake nậm it is indeed a wonderful baker’s. In all stages, the baker must note one by one: from the bread flour to the dough to do them, fine, fine, do not mind being famous buffalo or to share the cake package must also have the secret to creating the cakes are beautiful.

Cake is a cake nậm other attractions in Central Vietnam

To get the rice flour cake then after mixed with water and add a little seasoning salt, cooking oil will be put on the stove until thick again. After the dough has consistency is time again for the baker in addition to flour solution is mixed and filtered again. Once the flour in, the baker must stir constantly for being notorious and famous cake buffalo mind, this work must be carried out continuously until the dough thickens. Meal after cooking will be to prepare for natural cooling processes cake package.

To create a square pie requires very handy

Make the cake part was hard, but to create a perfect cake nậm the filling stage is harder and do more sophisticated very nhieu. Tom meat after being cleaned thoroughly with salt and chopped it will be Profile island with a little oil and onions to get up to the aroma. After preliminary processing of shrimp, meat will go through a series of other steps, such as fried shrimp meat to absorb seasonings, retired to shrimp and roasted to a small fire to rub for shrimp peeling them. Also part of filling will be added a few mushrooms (black fungus) and scallions to add flavor to the dish.

Banh nam new leaf to eat right on the right of

Banh nam while eating you will feel the cool of rice beside fat leopard on the date of shrimp, onions taste of sour, sour, sweet sweet sauce, all blended to taste should a culinary masterpiece that you can not forget the past while enjoying each. When taste banh nam you should leave the bread in foil packets, sauce sprinkled up to the aroma of tobacco will save you more tired when enjoying. Also, when eating you should not chew hurry, be put in the mouth and slowly feel the flour slowly melts, penetrates the taste, this time will be cakes and fragrant greasy more.

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4. Undercarriage

Cakes dam – a simple dish

Simple, rustic but no less subtle, that’s what we can say about cakes dam aka pounded rice paper – was very rustic cuisine of people Quang. Is a fairly common snack from Quang Nam to Khanh Hoa, but where making cakes dam became a simple dish but exquisite, do rejoiced how tourists cross the spelling is Hoi An. We can say, with cakes, nowhere beats can match in Hoi An.

Nowhere is delicious with bread dam Hoi An

At the cake shop traditional dam, sellers usually women, the elderly mother by to create a tasty pie, apart dams need very sophisticated is a skilled baker, experience is also a factor important factors and decided not least to the quality and aesthetics of the pie dam. A pie dam only covers a wet cake leaves spread on a roll the same size. Looks very simple but in fact to make a delicious cake, it requires very meticulous, careful of the baker.

To create a tasty pie dam needed a really skilled

Both the wet cake and the cake should have sufficient thickness to medium can guarantee the taste and aesthetics of the pie. Part of the wet cake pie dam must be coated very thinly, so are on hand to eat will not be bored while. After coated finish, the wet cake was spread on a little oil executive to two-layer cake from sticking together.

As for the cake part is coated cake stages also done similar to the wet cake but a little thicker coated. After coated finish, the cake will be dried and then baked on. Unlike ordinary cake when baked right to burn a new bit tasty, but to roll for the dam is due to be coated cake is quite thin so the only barbecue grill just to fire, not burn when eating New not leave unpleasant smell and a bitter taste.

Both bread and onion are added a little onion for more aromatic

After setting up the cake in wet rice paper will apply to workers on oil cake layer wet a little onion flavor, when you eat will give you the feeling of oil leopard serve fatty, aromatic taste of onion. Besides the pizza, the sauce dotted section is also very important along with cakes dam. Seasoning sauce is sauce (mam ones) made from fresh anchovies are retired in a little garlic, peppers, pineapple and mixed with a little sugar to get up a little onion aroma.

Cake must be banging beats before eating

Maybe you’re wondering why this dish has the name dam cake rather “enlightened” as such! Explain to your question is really quite simple because when one must eat twice the pie back then “knock squashed” one to be able to eat. Depending where the dam may be eating bread with shrimp, boiled or roast pork. But there are ways to eat the most delicious ways to enjoy eating cake dam is still not marked with seasoning sauce.

Seasoning sauce and bread dam is a “perfect pair”

When you do not eat bread dam swallowed, please chew slowly to the sweetness of the rice, salty taste salty, spicy of seasoning sauce, the aroma of onion slowly saturate your tongue. Not only that, the feeling crunchy, chewy chewy chewing dam of cake will be the experience of this dish, but you can not forget in the first try it !. Let’s come and discover My tour very unique dishes and nutty yet!

Central besides attractive places interesting also are the source of many dishes, especially the cakes. Central cakes with simple, ingenuous but no less delicate, fussy will be experiencing food have mandatory that believers can not skip meals. Come and enjoy the culinary experience that central cakes brought to you yet!

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