9 street food you must-try while traveling in Hoi An, Vietnam

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It’s believed that street food even from different cuisines carries some magnet which may fascinate numerous travellers in the world; Vietnam is also one of the attractive travel destinations where surprising types of street food are found. Especially, doing day trips in Hoi An is really what foodies may desire as it’s also the paradise of street food. Start from the 9 following must try street food in Hoi An.

Quang noodle (My Quang)

Quang noodle or My Quang is referred to as a traditional dish of Hoi An, Quang Nam and also the fairly popular street food you should taste. Browsing through a bowl of Quang noddle, you will be impressed by the noddle in yellow, which is made from rice flour and the color of broth. Some common ingredients are added to the dish; they consist of shrimp, crab, vegetables, pork, grilled rice paper, and spices. Especially, herbs from the Tra Que herb village make it more attractive and delicious.

Cao Lau

Cao Lau is one of the must try street food in Hoi An

It’s absolutely certain that Cao Lau is the must try street food in Hoi An as it’s seen as the legendary noddle and also one of the Vietnam’s culinary treasures. It’s easy to see eye-catching ingredients like slices of barbecue pork, bean sprouts, pork crackling, herbs and lettuce. The outstanding feature of this traditional food is that it’s the fusion of Vietnamese cuisine and another style of cooking, which may be Japanese or Chinese. However, its real root has still been a mystery for even locals until now.

Banh beo

People know Banh beo as the popular local street food which is recommended to international travellers when they come to visit Hoi An. The basic component of Banh beo is rice flour mixed with stuffing like ground shrimp and pork. It may be topped with fried onion, “ram gion” (a kind of dried and fried noddle), and crushed roasted peanuts. Its flavor will be rather amazing when you enjoy it with green chilli fish sauce.

Hoi An Chicken Rice

Most cities of Vietnam have food stalls where customers may be served with Chicken Rice. In other words, this street food is also considered as a specialty in many areas in Vietnam. Having day trips in Hoi An will be a good chance for you to find and savor a famous Chicken rice brand: Ba Buoi. The chicken is especially moist and taken off the bone; papaya salad is extremely fresh and crunch.

Banh vac

This kind of cake also includes familiar ingredients like white and sticky rice. Nevertheless, its special feature is that its core is ground shrimp mixed with garlic, black pepper, citronella, and some secret things. Due to those secret ingredients, Banh vac becomes a specialty which brings back travellers an unforgettable experience when they savor it.

Banh xeo

Some people in Vietnam suppose that Banh xeo has its origin in Hoi An. The foremost ingredient of this cake is rice flour completely mixed with water and fried in a big pan. Later, it’s topped with turmeric powder, shrimp, bean sprouts, and fatty pork. The right recipe of Banh xeo is that it must be served with sweet and sour fish sauce (fish sauce, water, chilli, and lemon) and plenty of herbs. It’s ideal for rainy days.

Hen xao (tiny clams with crispy rice paper)

Another type of must try street food in Hoi An is Hen xao, also called tiny clams with crispy rice paper. What makes the dish special and impressive is crispy rice paper served with it. Additionally, clams are caught from Hoai river, cleaned and boiled in the plain water; later, they are fried with peanuts, black pepper, onion, gingers, and other spices. It’s well worth trying!

Banh mi (plain or filled baguette)

Called a modern name, which is Vietnamese sandwich, Banh mi in Hoi An is seen as a deserving kind of street food. Banh Mi Phuong is the famous brand recommended to you if you are staying in Hoi An. It’s filled with vegetables, salad, meat (different sort of meat), and pâté; it’s awesome to taste.

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Hoanh thanh (wonton)

Components of Hoanh thanh consist of shrimp and ground pork, eggs and some spices, wrapped by a thin and flat piece of rice flour. It is made in three forms: wonton soup, fried wonton, and wonton noodle soup. It’s better to enjoy it with bean sprouts, vegetables, and chilli soy sauce.

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