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Introducing Co To Island

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Co To Island in Northern Vietnam near Halong Bay is a new emerging tourist destination. The island is still untouched with wonderful turquoise waters, white smooth sandy beaches and amazing landscapes and seascapes. The Quang Ninh province's tourism sector has surveyed potential to develop tourism on the island, especially eco-tourism. Co To Island includes 40 large and small islands, of which the three largest are large Co To, Thanh Lan and Tran.

Co To Sea is beautiful both day and night, sunrise and sunset, bright moon and dim moon. Beaches in the large Co To Island are deserted and not polluted by modern industrial society. Trinh Sat Beach is typical with white sand and blue water as clear as crystal.

The forest is also appropriate for ecotourism tours. You can walk or catch "xe om" (motorbike taxi) to visit a lighthouse on a high hill. It's about 10 minutes by "xe om" from centre of island to the foot of hill, and then you'd better walk along a path to the lighthouse. This path is about 1km and lies among pine tree forest together with thousands of violet wild flowers. The light house is on the highest peak of the Co To island, 70 metres above sea level. 

Large Co To Island has an abundance of seafood such as shrimp, cuttle fish..., price is very cheap. You can bring gas cooker and cook your own meal or hire a native to cook. 

From large Co To Island, hiring a boat to the islands around, you will discover things such as kinds of water sports: snorkeling, fish stabbing... on Thanh Lan Island, oranges are a special harvested fruit. During harvest time, the island turns a splendid orange-yellow colour. 

What to see and do

Co To Island is usually referred to as “Large Co To Island,” which can be explained by its relatively large area. Despite the growth of Vietnam modern industry, the island still has deserted and aesthetic beaches, one of which is Trinh Sat Beach. This beautiful tropical beach has a wonderful shore with white sands and blue, crystal-like water. The sea at Co Toseems to be so nice no matter when you look at it: day or night, sunrise or sunset, under the moonlight or in the morning mist. Whenever you walk on a Co To beach, you are about to experience manyunforgettable emotions. There is even a romantic path which leads to the lighthouse, the highest peak of Co To Island.  Only 1km long, this path goes within the pine tree forest full of fresh and aromatic wild flowers. When you reach that lighthouse, which is 70 metres above sea level, you can hear the breath of the ocean and fill your mind with the peaceful scenery of Co To. Sometime during harvest time, you can even smell the fragrance of oranges from the nearby Thanh Lan Island, which has turned a splendid orange-yellow color.

The perfect ecotourism tours in the forest of Co To Island are another option to consider when you stay in Co To. Besides, you can actually hire a boat to discover the islands, go fishing or snorkelling (in the company of the boatman, of course!). When you are tired of walking around, sit down and enjoy the incredibly tasty seafood. You can choose to either cook by yourself or to hire a native to cook for a very good price! 

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