Visiting Co To Island on a sunny day

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Co To Island in Quang Ninh is one of the romantic and pristine inlet in Vietnam with many different beaches: Beach Hong Van, beaches still running, still dumps North Beach on the island of Con Co… There is amazing white sand long headline set with turquoise sea water, which very voyeuristic tourist destination and many other exciting waiting for you to discover.

Visit to Coto, firstly you should stop at Cai Rong (Van Don) to buy train tickets. While waiting for the train, you can hardly ignore the beautiful sunrises attracted here.

Their seafood exchange businesses took place from dawn. Sellers, buyers crowded into the port on the road with a variety of shrimp, fish, squid, crab,... This atmosphere gives guests both familiar and strange feeling when just recently landed in the sea areas Van Don.

Many large and small vessels, boats were on duty at the port waiting to departure time and can bring tourists an unforgettable experience in the hours of sailing.

Beautiful sea views of clouds mingled with pale gradually appeared to please people. All the tension seems to be shaken off when you get closer to the sea.

You can take time to walk on "Road to Love". This road was paved in red brick, along the coast and over 2km long. The town center lies about 100m Co flanked by two rows of blue ocean, the wind blew. Street Love gives incredibly sexy romantic feeling for travelers to stride on the road.

Contributed to make sea beauty is scenes  people rakes emergent from sunrise until the sun has occupied space of the sea.

Just a few years ago, the life in Co To Island is still very difficult when the national power grid has yet to be pulled to this area. Now, electricity arrived in the island, tourism is developed to improve the quality of them. The main income of each family relies on resources from the sea, where the husband out to sea, the woman in the sea clinging clam rakes to earn some extra income for the family. 

White sandy path leads longer than 50 meters from the main road of the island opened a communal green space of Co To Island.

Sunset on the Beach Love is a moment that no one should ignore, upon reaching the sea lands dominate. Especially, when you visit Co To island, you can not miss the hours watching the sun hiding behind the mountain rushed.

This is a mountain side yards. Love the quiet, peaceful mountain on the other side there is a question mark, but certainly not everyone has had the opportunity to explore.   

And if you follow a different path, you can reach the other side of the mountain to discover a mysterious gift that only Co is endowed.

If you visit here, it is surely that you will get many people suggested this place an attractive destination for worshiping the rock-bridge. But few know, this rock is the other side of the mountain range separating the Love Beach. Cau My reef with sedimentary system was eroded over thousands of years by the sea creating a real wonders and unique in the islands of Vietnam.

Reef with a variety of stones, the stone is a great place for young people to enlist save the memorable moments of the trip Co experiences.

With many different colors of floors, stone here intertwined with the markings of time.

Stratified, multi-colored and diverse shape stone make the region as a vivid picture of tectonic processes of nature.

Little Co To is a small and very beautiful island that you should not miss. Experience on the machine board out Co To is really unforgettable.

It seems that nature has lovingly given to Coto The pristine beauty, purity, but rarely has a beach where there are.

In addition to the attractive destinations, you should also spend time visiting Uncle Ho Temple, lighthouse stations, monuments Doc potatoes or fishing village and fishing logistics parks with the best features about the lives of her children on the island.

From the lighthouse, Co To Island is entirely in the eye with many small islands which is not different from other famous landmarks in the world. Indeed, there are many other mysterious places are waiting to be explored while in paradise lands called Co To.


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