Uyen's House – A new super cute homestay you can not ignore when traveling to Con Dao

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Uyen's House is the perfect place for you to have a holiday close to nature and live the days relaxed, calm in when traveling to Con Dao Island

Located on Pham Van Dong street, Con Dao Island, Uyen's House is the perfect place for you and your loved ones "fled" to a place where literally the waters wilderness. 

Stunning architecture of Uyen's House viewed from the outside 

In the rooms are equipped with books for guests to relax 

The brand new homestay in Con Dao is not too wide and several rooms, but here you will feel the flair of each utensils, decorative items of premises. The green walls are adorned with pretty small bonsai pot gives eyes a sense of tenderness, softness is hard to describe. Guest rooms at Uyen's House no less competitive any luxury resort, you can feel the fragrance's new breeding station was washing routine, the smell of the room spotless man cool sea breeze. 

Uyen's House has 7 rooms, 2 most VIP room on the 1st floor is called Park 1 and Park 2 rooms overlooking the park. From this room, you can see a mountain range that stretches in front, the rooms are also equipped with dressing table, private bathroom, and many Vietnamese English books of all kinds. 

The two rear rooms named Mountain 1 and 2 is a mountain view room, this room is decorated in the door headboard looks fancy and very cute. In this room is also equipped with a vanity and a lot of books. In particular, the mountain view rooms are extremely ideal for shooting in the morning. 

The two rooms in the middle called Between 1 and 2 shall be designed so gentle with dry trees, wood and glass, you will feel the warmth and privacy of this room, the room has a private bathroom, dressing table. 

Also, Uyen's House also has one Dorm room with 11 beds, there are 3 general bathrooms, 2 aisles, especially Dorm room adjoining book shop so people will be spoiled for free reading. This room is particularly suitable for those of you traveling alone or in groups. 

Uyen's House is located in a quiet area on Pham Van Dong Street, 200m from the sea, a night market of 70m and a knife 100m should stay rest here you will easily move to destinations featured in Con Dao. 

Uyen's House will make you feel this is the "home" or "family" truly, not just a place to accommodation, a temporary stop.


Further information

Address: Uyen's House, Pham Van Dong Street, Con Dao Island, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, Vietnam

Reference rates: 

+ Standard Room: 18 USD / day for 1 person 
+ Double Standard Room: 23 USD / day for 2 people 
+ Bed in Dormitory Mixed 10 people: 9 USD / day for 1 person

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