10 greatest destinations for a trip to Cuba you can't miss

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Renowned as one of the most beautiful countries in the Caribbean, Cuba has a special stimulation for tourists everywhere. Not only is the country of the overnight dances, the love songs which make ecstasy hearts, Cuba is also a friendly destination for tourists worldwide.

1. Varadero Beach

Varadero is one of the most famous beaches in Cuba

Cuba is one of the countries which own the most beautiful beaches in the world, with pristine beaches, fine white sand, cool and blue seawater. It certainly is one of the paradises for you and your family in vacation.

Besides, Varadero is one of the most famous beaches in Cuba the ideal place for tourists who want to experience the fascinating sports such as swimming, water skiing, banana boating and diving sea. Especially, Varadero beach has many shallow glasses of water with beautiful coral reefs.

2. Vinales Valley

Vinales valley is considered that one of the most beautiful valleys in the world

Traveling to Cuba and visit Vinales valley, visitors look like an escape from the modern life to get back to the old lifestyle, as a paradise. With a large area of about 132 km2, Vinales Valley in Pinar del Rio province of Cuba is considered one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

3. Finca Vigia Villa – Where Hemingway writer lived

If you are a tourist who has literature favorite, cannot miss the Finca Vigia villa - where Hemingway lived for many years from 1939 to 1961. Finca Vigia villa is located in the east and far from La Havana center about 15km, where Hemingway has released creation "the old Man and the sea" – one of the most famous literary work in 1951, and this novel has brought him the literature Nobel prize in 1954.

4. Havana Capital

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As a western island region of Cuba, and it also is the heart of this country, Havana capital gather for itself  the diverse beauty, a dynamic, and bustle city, but also it also is a city nestles in an ancient city with the fortresses and ancient churches. Havana has always proud of becoming a capital of many old cars in the museum such as  Chevrolet, Ford, and Cadillac from the 1950s are still running on the streets now.

5. Malecón Beach

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With a length about 8km, Malecon beach is known one of the popular attractions when visiting Havana. The malecón embankment was built in 1901 to defend Havana from the sea spills, the sea embankments were built by stone and gradually extended to until 1923 in Almendares waterfront.

6. Armas Square

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Armas Square, where puts the first bricks to build the beautiful city- Havana, where visitors can purchase a lot of souvenirs, books, and jewelry at flea markets. Besides, Armas Square also attracts a lot of young people in Havana.

7. Miramar

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Miramar – a high residential area of the 50s, located in the west of Havana, home of many rich people before the outbreak of the liberation of the Cuban revolution. Visiting Miramar, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the sumptuous and unique architecture here.

8. Russian Embassy Building

Architecture of the Russian Embassy building

Russian Embassy building is considered that one of the buildings with the most impressive architecture in Miramar and was built from the Soviet army.

9. Trinidad City

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Trinidad city is also a popular destination that tourists most can’t miss when coming to Cuba. Trinidad mixes the beauty of many architectural styles of the nineteenth century such as churches, mosques, streets. Guests may stroll around town and explore Parque Marti, or visit the famous library- Museo Romantico, the Playa Ancon resort, sugar-cane Sugar Mill Valley and the Escambray Mountain.

10. Maria La Gorda Beach

Maria la Gorda beach is a great place in Cuba

Maria la Gorla Beach is a wonderful place of the Cuban resort. The blue sea, soft white sand, tourists can bask, swim and watch the aquatic species and coral below the blue sea.