Discover the "ruby" of the Caribbean islands – Cuba

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The ruby of the Caribbean –  Cuba is becoming a leading attractive destination to tourists specialty with 3 specialties: blue sea, cigars and the world heritage – the capital of La Habana.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Old Havana

Though getting through many turbulent times in history, the dust of time still can not bury the essence of the "heart" of the heroic island. Recognized by the UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity in 1982, Havana now still remains nearly 88 works of high-value history and culture, following the architectural style of Baroque dating back to the 16th century.


Not to mention the most prominent cathedral dating back over 300 hundred years that impress you with curves, embossed gaudy decoration and colorful murals in the interior. Not only the spot for traditional cultural activities at the weekend, according to a legend there used to be the place where preserves the body of the famous adventure C. Columbus.

Pay a visit to El Morro fort built solidly by rocks and is the place for the protection of the port of La Habana, you will have a chance to witness in person the traditional cannon at 9 pm every day (formerly the time was a signal for ships and the closeness of the gate).


Following the journey of the well-known American novelist Ernest Hemingway, you will get to Ambos Mundos hotel - where he started to write his famous work: "Whom the Bell Tolls".

The small room number 511 with a few simple items and the bookcase displaying the novels translated into various languages, is the place where Hermingway had his breakfast and sometimes stayed all day and night to write his novel. 


Additionally, the "treasures" of La Habana are 5 manufacturing factories that the home to the famous cigar or rum museum with unique processing procedures: distilled from sugar cane juice and stored in oak barrels. Make sure you do not miss out on enjoying the famous dance of Cuba - Tropicana Show with moves just like Latin echoes such as rumba, mambo ... and then sip a tangy lemon-mint cocktail.


Take a stroll on the ancient streets paved with cobblestones, you will also love a La Habana with the rows of simple but colorful houses, ancient taxis from the 1950s with the brand Chevy or Cadillac run on the street and the hospitality of Cuban people with a permanent smile on their lips.

Exploring "Empire Cigars"

About a 3-hour drive from La Habana to the west, you will head to 132 km2 wide Valley named Viñales. Considered as the "capital" of the legendary Cuban cigars, here has been the home to the fields of cigars over 2 centuries.


The cigar has long been a cultural icon, a pride of Cuba, and the indispensable luxury goods in the pockets of the aristocrat. Indeed, a Cuban cigar sometimes worth a fortune. However, you will understand the reason when coming here to witness the whole process of cigar making that is done entirely by hand with the handicraft remained from the 19th century, you will even willing to pay more for the handicraft man. 


After the tobacco leaves are marinated with special additives, it will be sort out based on the color, the size, the viscosity, the leaf veins, ... Usually, a man who chooses leaves for the outer of cigarettes has to classify approximately 1,200 leaves per day. Then, the man rolling cigars will deftly fold the inside layers of leaves and cover the other layer outside.


He needs to roll in a steady but not too tight so as to not tear the leaves, eventually, he uses a special glue made from maple leaves oil to stick the outer edge. The signs of an excellent cigar are the smooth glossy wrapper, leaves are rolled in the same direction. If you try to manually make yourself a cigar, this will surely be an unforgettable experience.


This will be a big missing if you miss on admiring the giant painting painted directly on the cliffs of the Valley of Viñales which describe the historical evolution of life on Earth. What is more, taking a boat to discover the ancient cave system where the Indian tribe used to live.

Blue sea paradise - Varadero Beach

The island nation is regarded as the ruby of the Caribbean will not disappoint you when welcoming you with Varadero, one of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet, which attracts more than 500,000 international visitors annually.

The resort town of Varadero, also known as Playa Azul which means "blue beach" in Spanish, located separately on the peninsula of De Hicacos and connected with Cuba through Kawama Canal. With crystal blue water, the beach stretches to 25km and the temperature always maintain in 24 degrees C all year round, promises to give a wonderful trip.  Featuring numerous luxury hotels and amusement parks, Varadero is really a blue sea paradise gifted by the Creator to mankind.

blue sea paradise cuba travel destinations

Coming here, running barefoot on velvety white sand, listening to the waves slapping, enjoying the atmosphere of the sea breeze and getting the pristine moment between day and night, you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere. In the evening, immerse yourself in  the warm salsa dance on the beach will help you get the most feeling of the beauty of "the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen". 

blue sea paradise cuba travel destinaions

You will easily see the bike loaded with souvenirs, colorful crafts made by the gently Cuban girl here. Do not forget to save the great moments in Cuban holiday with exciting volleyball games, water-skiing, banana boating, touching the shimmering colorful coral reefs lying on the seabed.