Charming beauty of Dalat’s wild sunflowers in October

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The most exciting times to visit Dalat are from October to November, as tourists can feel the beauty of wild sunflowers flourishing and spreading between the vast plateaus. This romantic scenery has become an inspiration for many photographers and the young who love discovering nature. 

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Wild sunflowers are best known wildflowers around Central Highlands and mountainous areas in Northern as well. However, whenever to mention the season of wild sunflowers, Dalat is perhaps the first name to remember as you cannot feel full of vividly yellow flowers around in elsewhere apart from there.

Charming bright yellow of wild sunflowers. Photo:

Wild sunflower’s blooming marks the end of the rainy season and is the time for visitors to be immersed with dreamlike scenes and above all to indulge in wild yellow of wild sunflowers in Dalat. Although wild sunflowers are not as big as sunflowers, they like a glowing yellow carpet when the blooming season comes as they grow into larger clumps. The bright yellow together with the sun heats chilly highland and dazzles anyone drifted across. 

Wild sunflowers bloom and spread on the roads. Photo: foody  

Perhaps the typical yellowness of wild sunflowers is at its best beauty in the early morning, when the winter sunlight just comes out and reflects dewdrop remaining on leaves and petals. Tourist can easily catch the sight of brilliant yellow flowers everywhere in Dalat, from inside the city on the pretty small villa to the roads. Tourists should choose motorcycle companion to be able to weave across the roads, hillsides and small alleys where wild sunflowers boast excellent flavor race to immerse themselves in the charm of yellow wild sunflowers. Wild sunflowers grow mostly in outskirts of the city.

Wild sunflowers are at their best beauty in the early morning. Photo: Goldplus

The ideal streets for travel enthusiasts and photography 

Tourists can choose the best ways for the journeys depending on the duration and the purpose of the trip or the association with Dalat and vicinity’s tourism. 

Dalat - Van Thanh flower village - Ta Nung – Elephant waterfallLangbiang are the places where wild sunflowers bloom overwhelming two sides of the road. Cam Ly, deserted airport area with the red road paths among the vast wild sunflowers, creates extremely adorable scenery. In addition, visitors can stop in the others flowers villages and Langbiang resort.

Wild sunflowers usually grow in the suburbs of Dalat city. Photo: Hai Lúa SG/

The way from Trai Mat to Cau Dat (Xuan Truong Commune) which is 30 kilometers far from Dalat city center is an interesting choice as the tourists can have the feeling of travelling by motorbikes on winding mountain passes, admire the panoramic terraced fields of tea and fences of yellow wild sunflowers in a sunny day.

Wild sunflowers have become an inspiration for many photographers and the young who love discovering nature. Photo: Quy Coc Tu

The way from Dalat - Lien Khuong (along national highway No.20) – Nam Ban – Ta Nung – Dalat which is approximately 100 kilometers gives more experiences of wild sunflowers covering mountain slopes. 

The long and bright colors passageway by wild sunflowers which includes Dalat – Cau Dat – D’ran – Don Duong – Chau Son – Phi Nom – Tu Tra has always fascinated visitors. It truly brings them a relaxing feeling as they indulge themselves in the gift of nature. Furthermore, the tourist cannot forget the splendid scenery of the deep valleys nestle behind the pine forests, clouds glides on the top of the hills and the wild sunflowers stretch to horizon. Wild sunflowers alternate from the hilltop to pine forests, cover the hill sometimes and adorn bright yellow spots between the green colors of the vegetable garden, then extend along winding slopes. 

Children have fun among wild sunflowers. Photo: Thegioidulich

A simple kind of flowers but has left a lot of unforgettable impression of visitors. Photo:

Some notices for contemplating wild sunflowers .

The ideal time for taking photos with flowers is from 9 to 10 in the mornings or from 3 to 4 in the afternoons when the sun just goes up and has a yellow nursery, not too harsh.

The weather in Dalat is so cold sometimes; therefore, travellers need to prepare warm clothes, scarfs, gloves, etc. Besides, it is necessary to bring along mosquito repellent, allergy because of the wooded valleys. 

The mountainous roads are usually foggy and view is limited at sunset, so the schedule should be carefully planned. Furthermore, it is worth remembering to avoid driving in late afternoon and bring along stickers or reflective clothing in order to have a safe journey.

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