10+ stunning photos show the beauty of Hoang Su Phi terraced fields in Northwestern of Vietnam

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The fairy scene of the terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi is a worthy gift for tourists who overcome a long road full of obstacles.

Unlike Mu Cang Chai or Y Ty, the terraces in Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang provinces) are steeper and more tottery. This makes the scene even more spectacular.

In the harvesting season, Hoang Su Phi is in yellow but in the rainy season, it is a mixture of young green of rice and sparkling light of water on hundreds of stairs stretching from the peak to the foothills.

The terraced fields run from mountain to mountain.

It is believed that the Hoang Su Phi terraced rice fields have been cultivated for 300 years when the first people of the ethnic groups tried to turn rocky fields into fertile land. 

Today, these rice fields are located in around 6 communes, at an altitude of 1,000m above the sea level.

Hoang Su Phi terraced rice fields cover 760ha of total 3,000ha of fields in six communes: Ban Luoc, San Sa Ho, Ban Phung, Ho Thau, Nam Ty and Thong Nguyen.

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