Early circuit triangle flowers in Ha Giang province

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It is very easy to find circuit triangular flower fields which connected continueously creating soft and glamorous red carpets in this season in Ha Giang.

The images are recorded in a trip of Ha Giang right on rainy season with nearly 500 km distance from Hanoi to Dong Van District, Ha Giang province. Beautiful scenery makes people captivating and emotional.

Winding roads with the abyss below, i drive by myself coming across and feel the early cold season on Ma Pi Leng Pass. It was really a memorable stretch of road as backpackers often say: "If you do not go to Ma Pi Leng yet, you are not a real backpacker”.

The next destination is Lung Cu flagpole, where is the beginning of the north of the country and the first point to draw a map of Vietnam.

Many groups of people wear t-shirt with the symbol of national flag, sing the national anthem at the foot of the flagpole, rising patriotic feelings infinitely.

Watching Nui Doi which is also called Co Tien Double Mountain as beautiful as a body of a beautiful highland girl in Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province. The trip ended with so much emotions, joys and exciting experiences as well.

Pao's house, a typical house of Mong people. 

The circuit triangle flowers blooming. 

The stacks interspersed with unspoiled natural scenery in middle of majestic mountains. 

The flowers and people mix together creating a lively picture. 

The color of flowers covering a region that make visitors feel like be lost in the fairyland. 

Peaceful village brings visitors a sense of peace.


Written by buffalotrip.com. Photo by Pham Duc.