Things to do in Cat Ba island

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Most travellers spend a couple of nights on Cat Ba Island. It's not really worth the effort to get here if you stay for a shorter time.

It's easy to fill half a day or more just exploring the island on a motorbike (or bicycle if you're fit enough). If you're planning on doing any real trekking, you'll need to add another half day or more. And If you haven't already taken a Halong Bay cruise, that's another full day. 

Things to do in Cat Ba: Many activities, depend on your choice!

Swimming in Cat Ba: From the center of Cat Ba town, tourists can walk on foot or hire a motorcycle tram (about 10.000vnd) to go to Cat Co beaches (Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, and Cat Co 3). Those are not too big beaches, but it has clear water. The beaches are linked by a small road along the mountainside. Cat Co beach is quite large, usually crowded while Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3 are narrower than Cat Co 1. After 18:30pm, there have no people in here to assure safety because of the tide.

Cat Ba Scuba – Diving: Under the reef of islands, there have a lot of red coral with seafood such as: abalone, pearl, and dragon shrimp with colorful fish, which brings gorgeous place. If you try diving the ocean, you will surprise due to the beautiful scenery of the sea that would normally only see on TV or movies. Joining diving center in Monkey Island Resort (Monkey Island) Diving with instructor, 30 minutes, prices: 1 million vnd, using a snorkel: 600.000vnd

Walking on the seaside in the evening: Using electric car, bicycles or motorcycles to go around the coast of Cat Ba, breathe fresh air. Bicycles for 4 people, price: 30.000vnd/hour. However, at the weekend, you can use all vehicles so that you can just walk on foot. Some visitors want to walk along the mountainside linking wordpress three main beaches at night in order to soak into the ocean.

Climbing in Cat Ba: This is a kind of adventure tourism, which attracts intrepid travelers to Cat Ba. The mountain locations are preferred such as: Dau Be Island, the cliff of Ben Beo (about 2 kilometers from the center of Cat Ba), Ba Trai Dao Island…

Visiting caves in Cat Ba: The Granite Cave is located in the northeast of the Gia Luan. In the North of Cat Ba Island, there has a famous destination. However located not far from residential areas, the Granite Cave is almost intact that is a familiar place for research. The other attractions caves include: Trung Trang cave (belonging to Trung Trang valley), Quan Y cave… with beautiful stalactites.

Tien Ong cave

Enjoying the view from Than Cong fortress in Cat Ba: Using motorbike to visit Than Cong fortress Seeing the panoramic views of Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3.

Than Cong fortress

Visiting Cat Ba National Park: The World biosphere reserves – Cat Ba National Park along with flora and fauna is the spot that you cannot omit. You can try to experience the feeling of walking in the forests. Tourists will have opportunities to meet rare animals like the red monkey, langur… Visitors will also taste natural produce: wild honey, pink tea…

Trek in Cat Ba National Park