Rock climbing at the natural wonder

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Halong bay and Cat Ba island not only enchant visitors with its magnificent nature and romantic sea but also challenge mountain climbers with a risky topography. If you are a lover of this dangerous sport, perilous cliffs and corners of mountains and caves will inspire you the feeling of “wishing to challenge”.

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You only need a weekend for such a mountain climbing trip. However, try to practice some indoor climbing and motivate your body before you challenge steep cliffs on the bay. Aside from the romantic landscape when witnessing, now you can experience the sharp and tough rocks, which were polished by the nature as lively shapes to enjoy Halong bay in a very different way.

In your first time of rock climbing on the sea, you may need many necessaries. In addition to climbing shoes with pointed toes to stick to the cliffs that you can buy in Vietclimb Hanoi or Push Climb Ho Chi Minh City, you will need a belt, which will be tightened with ropes by a safe lock. Besides, it is necessary to get a helmet and powder to avoid being slipped when clinging to the rocks and hooks as well to keep ropes with available hooks on the cliffs. Skillful climbers will only take a pair of shoes to start their journey.

Mr Jean Verly – a professional climber and director of Vietclimb, shared that amateur climbers can also take part in this sport because you can not only relax on kayak but also go sightseeing and exchange with friends.

First came to Vietnam in 2005, when rock climbing was not popular in Vietnam, after conquering many risky mountains in Europe, Jean realized that Halong bay is an ideal destination for this sport: sediment rocks, cliffs and magnificent scenery. After that, Jean and his friends went rock climbing on Halong bay and Cat Ba island on weekends.

Each climbing way will be separated into many routes with different difficulty level. To professional climbers as Jean, climbing routes make them excited more than the concept of easy or difficult. However, all frightening feelings or aches and pains will be healed when you stand on the high cliff, witness the peaceful, stunning Halong bay and look at all natural wonders of this sea as a trophy for your challenge. It is the most marvelous to immerse in sea winds and release yourself to fall into the sea. Then, you can wake up all senses. After every experience, you can not only discover exotic Halong bay and Cat Ba island but also reveal corners of your soul.

A rock climbing tour often departs at 5:00 – 7:00a.m in Hanoi by car to Hai Phong at about 7:00 – 9:00 and then take a high speed ferry to Cat Ba island to start your journey with many interesting activities: kayaking, swimming, climbing, enjoying seafood and having fun with friends. You will sail a boat to cliffs and caves to start your rock climbing. Price for such a tour is about 1,250,000VND, including transportation from Hanoi to Cat Ba, ferry, boat, food and beverage.

In addition, visiting Vietclimb, you can explore street sports such as skating, BMX, wall climbing, bicycle riding, hiphop, somersaulting, football, martial arts and graffiti. Notably, before trying the rock climbing on the sea, you can practice indoor climbing at Vietclimb and learn some experiences of professional climbers.


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