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Shopping in Halong bay

Shopping is an essential part for any tourists. From shopping, tourists can learn more about culture and society of place that they visit, as well as bring home some nice souvenirs for their friends or family. There are several locations for tourists to purchase excellent souvenirs, but tourists should be aware of some issues that might negatively influence their shopping time here.

One of the most serious problems in not only Halong City but also in various tourism spots in Vietnam is related to the price of products, or the way that sellers set prices for their goods. If tourists spend time on shopping places in this city, particularly at markets where prices have no apparent range and standard, they are usually ask for higher price for actual price of the products. Often, these prices can be 1.5 times higher than actual cost, but in some places where sellers are extremely avaricious, they can be 2 or 3 times higher. Therefore, suggestion to tourists is to carefully research about average price range of products that they desire to purchase before to not to be charged by sky high price. Tourists should bargain for a better price if they think the product is overpriced. However, tourists should not bargain in supermarkets or shopping centers, where prices are already set.

Another issue that tourists should be aware of is fake products. Halong City is located in Quang Ning Province, where has border with China. Therefore, fake products from China are bought frequently by local sellers to earn more profit. Therefore, tourists are recommended to check the quality and origin of products thoroughly before purchasing, as well as shop at ensured places such as shopping mall or authorized shops.

Bank in Halong City

Asia Commercial Bank
Address: 747-749 Le Thanh Tong- Halong- Quang Ninh
Tel: (033) 3818282/99

Address: 172 Le Thanh Tong - Ha Long - Quang Ninh Province.
Tel. (033) 3823 364
A new and more convenient branch in Bai Chay with the usual exchange and ATM.

Maritime Bank - Quang Ninh
Address: 168 Le Thanh Tong- Halong- Quang Ninh
Tel: (033) 3826 174