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When to go & weather

Climate & weather

Halong has two main seasons: hot with sporadic rain from April to September and cool with some chilly wind from October to March. So it depends on your preference to decide the best month to visit Halong Bay.

Halong weather is typical for tropical coastal climate, which has two main seasons all year around. From April to September, it is often hot and humid; from October to March the weather is dry with some cold months.

The average temperature of Halong Bay is 23.7 degree Celsius. In the summer, the average temperature is 34.9oC while the maximum temperature recorded is 38oC. The heat may be reduced thanks to its location amid the mountains and grottos. On the other hand, during winter, it might get as low as 13.7oC on the average, and the lowest could be as low as 5oC. Some may find it hard to travel in January when the weather can be biting cold.

The city has a relatively high average annual rainfall of 1,832mm, which is unevenly distributed depending on the two main seasons. During the rain season, and also summer, from May to end of August, the rainfall amounts for 80-85% of the total rainfall of the year, with the maximum of 350mm in July and August. Winter, and also dry season (from November to April of the next year) witnesses little raining of around 15-20% of the total rainfall, with the minimum amount varying in between 4 and 40mm during December and January.

Halong is one of the most humid cities in Vietnam with the average annual humidity at 84%, which fluctuate from a minimum of 68% to a maximum of 90% in a year.

Due to the unique geological and topographic characteristic, Halong has two kinds of monsoon, which are Northeast monsoon in the winter, and Southwest monsoon in the summer. The average wind speed is 2.8m/s, and Southwest monsoon is the strongest one with its speed reaches 45m/s.

Thanks to the nature of a closed-sea area, Halong is lucky not to be much affected by heavy storms. The strongest storms on the bay normally are at level 9 and 10, hardly anytime reaching level 11.

When to go to Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay can be visited the whole year round, however there are months when the temperature rise and storms develop in the bay. September through November are the best month to enjoy safer weather conditions and cooler temperatures. The months of March, April and May welcome blossoms and new greenery along the various cliffs.

Best time to go to Ha Long bay for the Weather

There are two distinctive seasons in Ha Long Bay. One is the wet and hot summer with the other being a cooler and dry winter. The temperatures range through most of the year from 59°F (15°C ) to 77°F (25°C ).

The seasons tend to fall with the following months:

  • Summer – June, July and August
  • Autumn – September, October and November
  • Winter – November, January, and February
  • Spring – March, April and May

Although the probabilities are not high, travelers should be aware that the months between August and October are considered typhoon season. Another note is that Ha Long Bay can be rather foggy during the months running from February through April. Some may like the fog as it adds mystique to the area, whereas others may find this distracting as they wish to see more of the islands.
When to go to Ha Long Bay for leisure and tourist activities

Many festivals observed in Vietnam are related to cultural traditions of China following the lunar calendar which only has 29 1/2 days in a month. The festivals observed in the Ha Long Bay area include the following:
Tet Nguyen Dan – This is the New Year in Vietnam which happens every late January or early February of the year and is the most celebrated and important observance for the Vietnamese people. Streets and homes are usually seen decorated with colorful flowers and lights, families exchange gifts and the streets are filled with stalls that sell traditional foods.

Lim Festival – Folk songs are performed during this festival which happens every 13th day of the 1st lunar month. Thousands of locals and visitors from other countries come to Ha Long Bay during this time of the year to also enjoy the festival. There are weaving competitions, dialogue performances, processions and other must-experience activities.

It is important to know when these events. Some travelers seek these events out to experience special aspects of other cultures. Others find the extra crowds detract from their experience of the serenity that comes with Ha Long Bay. Deciding to travel during one of these festivals is your choice, but making you aware is important.
More information on when to go to Ha Long Bay

When To Go always recommends looking at other resources for more information. You can visit the Vietnam Tourism Board for additional insights on your travels to the Ha Long Bay area.