4 amazing sidewalk eateries for those like wandering around Hanoi Old Quarter at night

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Set simply with a few plastic tables and chairs but the eateries below are always crowded when Hanoi Old Quarter is in its dream.

1. "Bún mọc" Hang Ga


Photo: tedchan

This eatery is located on the sidewalk of Hang Ga Street, crossing intersection with Hang Vai, near Thai Cam temple. Although being a sidewalk eatery, it is always crowd with many customers every night. The eatery is started from night until about 2 am. This kind of vermicelli is favored by many people thanks to big meatballs with fragrant mushrooms, pork ribs and nails are soft but still retain crunchy.

Plus, the vermicelli is always served properly with pure broth, not too oily. In addition, if you in a big group, you can order one bowl of of boiled pork nails with poached Colocasia gigantea, dotted with chili fish sauce or soya sauce is very delicious. The price is only 30,000 VND / bowl (equivalent to 1.5 USD).

2. "Phở gánh" Hang Chieu


Photo: Tran Hoang

For those who work at night or come home lately, spending the night in the old quarter of Hanoi, the burden of nooddle on the sidewalk of Hang Chieu, at the intersection with Hang Duong is not quite strange to them. This eatery is opened from about 4 am to 6 am. In addition to beef noodle, noodle with wine sauce is also favored by many people.

The noodle here is served with hot, crispy and fragrant "quẩy" (Youtiao) that makes it a distinctive dish. And if you want to give it a try, just try to wake up early or stay up very late, so you can slowly enjoy the steaming bowl when the whole Old Quarter is still asleep. The price is around 45,000 VND / bowl ( about 2 USD).

3. Fish vermicelli eatery at Hong Phuc alley


Fish vermicelli eatery is situated at Hong Phuc alley, close to the Hang Dau, has sold for many years. This eatery is open 24/24, has become an ideal place for those who want to wander at the Old Quarter and behold Hanoi at night. Besides fried fish, the highlight of this fish vermicelli are thin, flat fish balls - resemble to fish balls of Hai Phong City.

The broth is delicious, little sour along with a few slices of Colocasia gigantea that make this dish become easy to eat and also very addictive. Also, the eatery also offers fried fish head which is very exotic. The price of a bowl of noodles here is range around 35,000 VND ( appx 1.5 USD)

4. Stuffed pancake eatery Ha Trung 


Photo: florietran

Located in a small alley at Ha Trung street, the eatery of  stuffed pancake is normally opened from late night until 3-4 am in the morning the next day. Hot stuffed pancake is soft and fragrant. You can eat stuffed pancake with rolls, sausage, or just with a small pinch of fried acetes, you can enjoy a totally perfect dish.

Hot stuffed pancake mingled with the rich taste of onion and sweet-sour of the sauce will definitely please the most discerning customers. A portion of stuffed pancake usually costs about 35,000 VND ( about 1,5 USD).

Let give yourself a chance to experience a new feeling at the Hanoi Old Quarter at night. This is really amazing and worth trying at least once time if you coming to Hanoi.