7 dishes you shouldn't miss while traveling in Hanoi

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Despite being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi still keeps the ancient beauty due to impressive features in its culture, cuisine and history. A visit to Vietnam is a chance for you to explore the imposing scenery, experience tranquil atmosphere, know more about the culture, history, and immerse yourself into culinary delights of the S-shape country. Perfect your jour ney by 7 following dishes you must try in Hanoi.


When you search “common dishes you must try in Hanoi” on the Internet, lots of results about pho will be shown up at the first page. In fact, it’s a traditional Vietnamese dish carrying the unique flavor you will never forget once you have gained a chance to taste. Exactly, pho will basically be cooked in two kinds, consisting of beef pho and chicken pho. No matter if its main ingredient is beef or chicken, special broth with tender rice noodle, fresh herbs, and amazing spices will excite your tongue and open your mind to a new cuisine.

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Bun Cha

It’s supposed that Bun Cha is not only a wonderful feature in the Vietnamese cuisine, but also the unique art formed from specific ingredients of the S-shape country. It’s a harmonious combination of moreish broth, tender and sweet grilled pork, aromatic herbs, and rice noodle. Especially, how to enjoy it is also quite impressive; you just drown everything in the broth and start experiencing the wonderful taste on the tongue’s top.

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Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon is one of dishes you must try in Hanoi

There are many things drawing travellers to Vietnam, and one of them is a great diversity of cuisine. Banh cuon is regarded as one of the traditional Vietnamese recipes you will be amazed at the first time of touching and tasting. A plate of Banh cuon will include steamed rice cakes full of minced pork and mushrooms. One exciting thing is that the rice cakes are made by pouring the mixture of rice flour and water on the steamer so that they are as thin as sheets. It’s served with sweet and sour fish sauce.

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Bun Thang

Bun thang is a finicky kind of noodle soup from the North (specifically Hanoi capital). Fairly like many other delicious noodle soups, bun thang is also cooked with normal ingredients, like broth, rice noodle, chicken, dried shrimp, and spice. All creates an eye-catching and irresistible bowl of noddle soup.

Bun Rieu

This awesome dish is also referred to as a Vietnamese vermicelli soup with meat and some certain ingredients. The stunning feature which makes Bun rieu more deserving is its absolutely moreish broth. In addition, pieces of tomato, crab or shrimp paste, and sometimes meat put on the top of the rice noddle will enhance the flavor for the soup.

Xoi Xeo

Your Hanoi day tour will surely be more meaningful if an opportunity of enjoying unique and common traditional dishes of Vietnam is in front of your eyes; Xoi xeo is one of the dishes you must try in Hanoi. The dish is also called yellow sticky rice with fried onion. Although all of its ingredients are popular in Vietnam, such as turmeric powder, shallot, glutinous rice, liquid fat, and mung bean, how to cook it is extremely difficult and also the most difficult among all kinds of dishes related to sticky rice. Therefore, it’s well worth trying it.

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Nem cua be (crab spring rolls)

Each crab spring roll is made by wrapping a little mixture of ground crab tile, ground crab meat, egg white, pork, carrot, kohlrabi, and mushroom in rice paper; and then it will be fried until it is golden brown and crispy. The dish is served with bean sprout, vermicelli, and fish sauce.

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