Coca Restaurant — An ideal destination for Thai cuisine-lovers in Hanoi

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Coca Restaurant Worldwide has officially opened its flagship restaurant in Hanoi, promising to offer guests a brand new dining experience with Thai cuisine.

The new restaurant is part of the brand’s regional expansion strategy to open flagship restaurants in Asia. The first Coca Restaurant in Hanoi is designed with the inspiration from Thai temples’ dome blended with contemporary architectural style and colorful pictures by Thai people, bringing a lively yet cozy space. “The bustling location with views of Thanh Cong Lake, from the second and third floors, offers locals and visitors a lively dining scene. We are confident that Coca’s strong reputation in the Vietnamese food and hospitality sector will enhance the existing offerings” said Trevor MacKenzie, Managing Director of Coca & Mango Tree Worldwide.

Mr. Trevor MacKenzie - Managing Director of Coca & Mango Tree Worldwide

Coca Restaurants are modern hot pot (suki) restaurants featuring Thai and Chinese styled dishes. The brand was established in 1957 when its owner Khun Srichai Phanphensophon opened the first restaurant in Surawong street, introducing suki trend in Thailand. Since then, Coca is always pioneer to providing guests premium dining experience with 30 restaurants in Asia. The healthy menu includes various types of meat, seafood, and vegetable which are carefully selected. The business philosophy of the group was inherited when Pitaya Phanphensophon, Mr. Srichai’s son - a famous chef, opened the first Thai restaurant named Mango Tree in the heart of Bangkok in 1994. Nowadays, Mango Tree and Coca Restaurant Worldwide have been operating more than 70 cafes and restaurants in 15 countries in Asia, Middle East, and the US.

Set Combo Suki

At the Opening Ceremony of Coca Restaurant in Hanoi, Buffalo Trip has had a chance to meet Pitaya Phanphensophon - the director of CoCa Restaurants, one of the most successful brands in Asia. He has shared his passion with our readers. 

Chef Pitaya Phanphensoph 

I know that it is difficult to prepare a delicious. How does the brand keep the quality of food in 70 restaurants worldwide in the highest level, Sir?

Whenever we plan to open a new Coca restaurant, I will train the chefs myself. I want to inspire them, letting them know that they would develop with Coca. The motto of Coca restaurants is that cooking for guests must be as good as cooking for family members. “Coca’s chefs prepare dishes with their heart”

It is said that fresh seafood is the key of Coca Restaurants’ dishes. How do you do to keep the seafood fresh from the kitchen to the dining table?

As you may know, many restaurants use freezer cabinets to preserve seafood; however, at Coca Restaurants, we only use normal fridge. All food is imported daily. Imported seafood is keep fresh, living in the pool. The chefs will use them to prepare food from 10am to 10pm.

Apart from fresh ingredients, what are you doing to bring the traditional Thai flavors to our capital to satisfy the most discerning clients, Sir?

Thai dishes have distinct flavors including sour, spicy, and sweet that could be easily tasted by diners. However, when we introduce Thai dishes to Hanoians, the chefs would consider to adjust the flavors to meet the taste of locals. It is actually a challenge for each chef. To be frank, I really want to keep the authentic taste of traditional Thai cuisine in our menu.

One more thing, we can bring spices such as chili, lemon or fish sauce from Thailand to Vietnam but I appreciate the local culinary culture. The abundance of fresh ingredients in Vietnam would combine with the Thai recipes to create delicious dishes.

Would you please recommend some must-try dishes from the brand’s lavish menu for diners who first time visit the Coca restaurant?

To me, every dish is delicious and unique. If you have a chance, you should taste all of them. What makes the Coca restaurants renowned worldwide is hot pot dishes. You are invited to enjoy different types of hot pot with scrumptious ingredients including chicken, tomyum, pork bone, and seafood or choose the Suki combo with special green noodles. The noodles and unique suki sauce of Coca will bring you unforgettable dining experience with your friends and family.

From your own opinion, what is the most significant factor to attract more and more guests to Coca Restaurants?

“Come to enjoy” is our philosophy in work. Diners just come to Coca restaurants and enjoy the perfect dishes. Not only paying much attention to luxurious space, we also focus in the services quality of our staff. Better till, “Simple, Healthy and Lively” are our criteria. That’s why we have been favored by diners for more than 60 years. 

Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Further information

COCA Restaurant — Hanoi
Address: 75 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: 04 3960 5555
Opening hours: 10:00 am - 22:00 pm