Top 7 best boiled snail roadside restaurants - only in Hanoi

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The most genuine snails in Hanoi are boiled jackfruit snails, served with ginger sauce, lemongrass, taken by real grapefruit linen or 1 sharp tinplate pieces.

In the list of Hanoi junk foods, perhaps boiled snail is a delicious dish that many people mentioned most. Unlike fried or roasted with tamarind types of snail in Saigon, genuine snail in Hanoi is one kind of swirl, rock or jackfruit snail, which is commonly known by the familiar names as "big snails, small snails", boiled with lemongrass and lime leaves, served with chili sauce with fresh ginger, taken by real grapefruit linen or 1 sharp tinplate pieces.

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Boiled snail is the favorite of many people, regardless of gender, age. Specially, people can eat after rush hour, school hour, eat all the time throughout the year, not just cold time. However, if you are thinking about boiled snails but not eat it which is very uncomfortable. After eating snails, you can apply a water bowl mix the hot sauce, drink immediately, there is nothing more satisfying.

Talking about the delicious boiled snail roadside restaurants in Hanoi, you can not ignore the following address:

Oanh Snail in Ham Long street

Oanh Snail has no address because it is located opposite sidewalk Ham Long Church. Try to imagine the scene you was eating snails, hearing the church bells with shade trees overhead, sometimes there was some breeze rustling through the fallen leaves that made you do not need anything else.  Oanh Snail severed swirl, rock or jackfruit snail, but the most genuine menu includes a snail bowl together with figs salt, pickled pepper, lemongrass, lemon-scented leaves. Sauce in here is so delicious, with enough spices sweet taste but not too salty. The right side is salad, the left side is geese noodle with sugarcane juice, enough for you for all night.

Trang Snail in Dinh Liet street

Perhaps people who eat boiled snails in Hanoi, no one does not know restaurant located in Dinh Liet Street in the building intersection with Hang Bac Street, located in centre of Hoan Kiem District. The feeling that you was sitting intermingled with the bustling crow in Hanoi's ancient streets, drank the sauce bowl best known in capitals, occasionally took some fat snails is really enjoyed. This does not include sitting in here, you would see the foreign tourists passing looked and saw what they are eating. The address is also famous because of expensive price and parking fee. Now a snail bowl has price: 60,000 VND.

Ton That Tung Snail in Khuong Thuong tenement

Not as famous as the two roadside restaurants mentioned above, but Ton That Tung Snail is the real address for students, local residents so the price is cheap and snails are quite tasty. The restaurant is in Khuong Thuong tenement, from Ton That Tung stress about 100m, in No. 1A alley. Beside swirl, rock or jackfruit snail, the restaurant also severe a numerous sea snails ... look nice decor. Restaurant serves some Saigon-style dishes. Sauce in here is sweet than elsewhere. Price for each person about 100,000 VND.

Snail restaurant in Hang Be Market

If you like eating snails suddenly at noon, can not wait until the afternoon, surely you must know the junction intersects Hang Thung street and Hang Be Market. The snail restaurant has existed for many years, was lying quietly under the shade of ancient incense spread the cool late summer. These snails are clean, taken by a middle-aged women with agile hands and her mouth are always smiling.

Boiled Snail in Nguyen Huu Huan street

A bowl full of spices sauce and very nice in Nguyen Huu Huan street is real delicious.

Boiled Snail in Nguyen Huu Huan Street is special by the nice decor and the sauce bowl with blueberries, fresh chilli, lemongrass, lime leaves, garlic... makes you have irresistible feeling to customers. Clean space, quickly severed but the restaurant has no special snails and sometimes there is some dust in the snail disk.

Snail in sidewalk Phan Chu Trinh - Ly Thuong Kiet street

If you come to the boiled snail restaurant located at the intersection Phan Chu Trinh - Ly Thuong Kiet, you must sit in plastic chairs, even on the sidewalk. But if you are not hurry or let someone booking reference before you must return in other day because the restaurant sold out very fast. Beside the popular dish is boiled snails, in here you can eat quail eggs, they are also very tasty.

Duc Muoi (10 German) Snail in Lieu Giai street

The roadside restaurant has existed for nearly two decades. Most young people in Hanoi who belong to generation 7X in Ba Dinh area also know. Hot Duc Muoi (10 German) Snail, also known as Duc Muoi (10 German) snail sold since Hanoi had no choice but it has been loyal to the typical dishes of the capital. The roadside restaurant now has moved to new location, where from the old address no long, has smaller space, mainly customers have to sit the sidewalk, but the restaurant is always crowded.


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