Dating with Tet holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Late winter in Hanoi, when the coldness of the Northeast monsoon has not been washed, the streets have already lit up with Tet colors. They are the green of trees and Vietnamese dong leaves, the red and pink of peach blossoms and the yellow of kumquats, all together marking the arrival of spring.

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The nearer Tet comes, the more cheerful the atmosphere is. Locals welcome Tet by preparing not only material things but also spiritual ones. Tet is the time for family gathering. All family’s members together clean and decorate their houses, go shopping and prepare offerings to their ancestors and temples.

Tet in Hanoi won’t be complete without couplets and calligraphies written by Confucian scholars, showing people’s dream of a peaceful and lucky year for their family. In the first morning of Lunar year, streets are quiet and more spacious.

This is the rare time in the bustling capital. Vietnamese flags are hung across every lane, creating a joyful yet serene scene. When you visit Hanoi these days, you will easily enjoy this pleasant atmosphere.

Therefore, not only Hanoi inhabitants but also many visitors choose Hanoi as their destination to date during their spring journey. Hanoi has a different portrait of tranquility. 

Photos: Ryan Nguyen, Cao Anh Tuấn, Dino, Duc Tran, Milivista, Nguyen Anh Ngoc


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