Purple lagerstroemia flowers

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Flower seasons have been strucking corners of Hanoi. In spring, sua flowers spread their white carpet around the city; in April, lily flowers are elegant in the sunshine…All of a sudden, a purple lagerstroemia bud blooms in a corner of the street as a signal of the summer.

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Text and photos: Ha Thanh

Kim Ma street stands the most beautiful lagerstroemia flowers

A flower, a bunch and then the entire street are covered with the purple. Lagerstroemia petals are so thin that a summer rain can cause them fall down and turn the pale purple. Accordingly, when summer rains come, it is time lagerstroemia flowers disappear. Remaining only the purple in one’s mind…

Purple umbrellas.

Lagerstroemia flowers are sparkling in the moonlit

But the doorframe remains

Lagerstroemia flowers connect closely with school boys and girls…

Passionately purple

Purple lagerstroemia flowers by red flamboyant flowers around Sword Lake


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