Explore 5 awesome things to do in Havana

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Traveling to Havana – Ernest Hemingway used to praise that “ People want to live on this island  because of having fresh air in every morning that makes you can work better and feel more comfortable at anytime, anywhere in the world".

Ambos Mundos Hotel, where attracts many visitors everyday.

Therefore, no having reason which you can miss Havana – city of this poles. The writer had lived in Havana city and Ambos Mundos hotel for 7 years, a history place established his’s art “For whom the bell tolls”

Also, this room in Ambos Mundos became the museum for visiting of many tourists. That time later, he moved to a farm next to La Habana. Additionally, this place also became  a museum.

Ambos Mundos Hotel, Havana, Cuba, 02/2015

The writer also like to walk in Cojima, the coastal city of the west La Habana. In this place, Hemingway met the man, who communicated inspiration for the writer and create the main character in the novel “The Old Men and The Sea”

That is the charming of Havana, but you can more interest by 5 activities in the city of poles.

1. Malecon coastal rock street

Rocky coastal road Malecon, Cuba

Road has the rock wall to prevent about 6km seawater  running from the old city to the Almendares River. It consists of many large squares where having performances, organizing of outdoor festivals. And this is a meeting place, a daily favorite promenade of the capital’s, especially when the sunset comes down create a romantic scenery, many dating couples together in this place.

At the weekend on 23rd street and Malecon, 2 this places really fill the air of party is Paseo avenue met channel of Florida.

2. Ancient Havana

If you decide to visit Cuba, there will not be the perfect tour if you do not go on the ancient cobblestone roads, many of the historical monuments have been restored by the City Historian's Office of Havana.

One of four tours to discover ancient Havana is enough, including the landscapes: Church square where places the Roman Catholic shrine of the city, Plaza de Armas.

This is also a place has many hawkers coins and mementos bearing the Ernesto "Che" Guevara, and Plaza Vieja - a favorite place of Cuban school children come to play, or Plaza San Francisco windy cool.

And finally, a special interesting for visitors it is the women who wear colorful clothes and chew cigar, ready to coat your hands and leave a great kiss on the cheek. The goal is you can take pictures with them with a polite attitude but need to pay them 1 bit of money.

Explore an ancient Havana with the old colours

3. The old cars

Havana has always been proud to be the capital of the ancient cars as in museums, which are Chevrolet, Ford and Cadillac from the 1950s are still running on the streets.

These vehicles are also used for weddings, the groom picks the bride running on the road, get to the Capitol building, where tourists can go to watch the car and slowly nostalgic.

Any people who love motorcycles also have the opportunity to gather with Harley-Davidson club at the Nacional hotel and boast of their classic cars, usually held on the Saturday afternoon weekly.

Visitors can walk around by old cars in Havana, Cuba

4. Talking to the Artists

Coming to the Taller Experimental de Grafica, the church square in the former public bath to talk with the artists in Havana. It was founded in 1962 under the direction of Che, where an organization for dozens of friendly artists, want to interact with the public.

Artists at Taller Experimental de Grafica

Or you love art, you can wander on the 23rd street known as la Rampa or the Ramp, where have dozens of mosaics made by Cuban masters like Wilfredo Lam make up one gallery on the sidewalk in order to visitors can watch.

5. Baseball Fever

Cubans are very hectic with baseball and sports lovers will not want to miss the Central Park of the city of Havana hottest place.