Eat Appetizers like a Spaniard at Cobalt

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Why don’t you say te amo* to your life lover and enjoy a tasty Spanish style appetizer?

*Te amo in Spanish means I love you

When travelling to Spain, don’t be surprised if locals offer you tapas – a wide variety of appetizers or snacks served from 10pm to 3am the next day. Nothing could be more interesting that chilling out with friends with tapas and beer.

Chorizo, a spicy pork sausage, is one of the most famous types of tapas. Spanish people consider chorizo the soul of all dishes as it can make every dish better. Prepared with paprika and Spanish chili, chozico is hot and a bit salty. You can enjoy chozico with toast, cashews, and a cold beer.

Another most favored dish is albóndigas (meatballs). They often mix different ingredients such as chopped meat, egg, flour, onion, breadcrumbs, and spices to make albóndigas. These ingredients are also used to prepare albóndigas soup – a traditional meatball soup cooked with mint and herbs which is god for sick people.

The “family” of tapas has many other delicious varieties to offer, from calamares fritos (crispy fried squid) to croque de jamon (a baked, boiled, or fried ham and cheese sandwich) and berenjenas gratinadas (grilled eggplant). All tapas are small and simple. You only sometimes need a toothpick to skewer an olive or a slice of cheese to eat with toast.

In particular, foodies can’t miss cold the tapas with cheese dipped in olive oil and served with bread and dried fruits. What a great experience! tasting greasy camembert cheese with the the faint odorof mushrooms and nuts, soft creamy-flavored brie, or pungent blue cheese!

You can enjoy tapas party at:

Cobalt Wine Bar & Restaurant

Located on the 30th, the concept is inspired by casual Bistro style food, featuring a selection of Spanish inspired Tapas, with Charcuterie and Cheese, Steak selection excellent quality and sustainable products. Menu items are able to be served as sharing plates or boards for two, three or group at a communal table. An important element is originality, authentic, simplistic and fun.