5 kinds of rice noodle soup in Sai Gon you shouldn't miss

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1. Crab noodle soup (banh canh cua) 

A crab noodle soup bowl has its recipe. It has viscous soup, interesting red color, instead of washy soup. Noodle soup fiber with crabmeat to tear, shrimp, and blood ... looks delicious and good taste for the dish. You can visit some famous crab noodle soup shops in district 5 and 10. In some streets,  112 Ngo Quyen street, To Hien Thanh street, Vinh Vien  street or Nguyen Huu Cau street, District 1. The price of a bowl of tear crab noodle soup is from about 1,2 dollars to 1,3 dollars and whole crab noodle soup is 2,7 dollars.

2. Duck noodle soup (banh canh vit)

Bringing a western cuisine taste, duck noodle soup made with own secret. It has white noodle soup fiber, soft, pappy, purified from a kind of fragrant rice in the west. After making clean, portions of meat is marinated in white wine, ginger to reduce characteristic scent and keep sweet to keep pure tasting of meat. You can smell a sweet taste when eating of broth, chewy taste of duck meat moderately. Address of a good duck noodle soup shop is in Hau Giang Street, District 6, and the price of a bowl of copper is from 1,1 dollars to 1,3 dollars.

3. Grilled chopped fish noodle soup (banh canh cha ca)

It is a popular dish of the central coastal provinces, grilled chopped fish noodle soup is also pleased some Saigon diners by rustic and delicious. The grilled chopped fish slices are fried golden and shining, soft fat, grilled chopped slice is steamed l smooth chewy. In some shops have more pieces of mackerel, tuna made more attractive.

Grilled chopped fish noodle soup sells for 1dollar a bowl in some markets, sidewalk. If coming to some famous shops on Phan Xich Long, Vo Van Tan or Le Van Sy ... will have prices from 1,2 dollars.

4. Snakehead fish noodle soup (banh canh ca loc)

Hue snakehead fish noodle soup is characterized by noodle soup flat fiber, fried meat and fish is available, some greaves, broth, green onions, and laksa leaves is sliced to add flavor. Especially water is used from the head and bone of fish with little ginger and spices, keep the sweet taste unmistakable. Snakehead fish noodle soup has the price from 1,1 dollar a bowl, you can find some Hue standards  taste shops such as O Nho, Anh Mai in Tan Binh District.

5. Chive noodle soup (banh canh he)

Except for some familiar material such as noodle soup fiber is sliced, fried fish, chopped chives is covered the surface chive noodle soup of Phu Yen people. In Ho Chi Minh City, this dish is sold at some restaurants such as Banh Beo Quo in Le Van Sy Street, Co Nga in Pham Van Dong Street for 1 dollar to 1,3 dollars per bowl.