Taste new autumn flavors with Tartare

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The fans of the Mr. Bean series are certainly familiar with steak tartare which aroused a profusion of strange face expressions from him. It is also considered one of the ten must-try dishes in your lifetime.

Tartare dishes are very popular in European countries and have consistently been ranked among the most luxurious and exquisite cuisines. As the dishes are completely “raw”, delicious tartare also includes extremely fresh and tasty pork or fish. 

To make the best beef tartare, tenderloin (Australian beef) which is firm, succulent and known to be the tastiest part of the cow, is carefully selected. Without any sophisticated steps or cooking techniques, beef is minced and mixed with wine or lime. Salt, pepper, and egg yolk are also added. The quality of the dish lies in the taste of ingredients, bringing diners the freshest beef flavor.

Tartare is usually served with bread, vegetables, a side of fries in Germany or pita bread in the Middle East. Apart from beef tartare, tartare made from salmon, lobster, sea bass, or oyster are also delicious and exquisite. The most famous one is oyster tartare - the perfect combination of raw oysters with lemon juice or mustard. In this way the succulence and greasy taste of oysters will be retained in a way that no cooking method can manage.

If Steak Tartare is France’s pride, Italy is famous for carpaccio made from one-mm-thin slices of fresh salmon or meat along with Parmesan cheese. Meanwhile, Germany boasts their Hackepeter (or Mett) made from premium minced pork with onions, cilantro, pepper, and other spices. This autumn, treat yourself to a brand new experience of tartare!

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