12 ultimate things to do in Saigon

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Have you ever wondered whether in Saigon, there are still some fascinating places, a bunch of cheap yet tasty food and many amazing things that you have never given a try yet? Yeah, there’s always something new to do in Saigon.

Whether you came to Saigon for higher education or just moved from another place to settle down, Saigon may still be a mysterious place to discover. This article shows you a walkthrough of how to enjoy the best of Saigon.

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1. Try the great street food of Saigon

Mixture rice paper, grilled eggs, soybean milk are among most famous Saigon street food. Remember not to miss the celebrated Mixture rice paper of Mr. Vien at 38 Nguyen Thuong Hien, district 3. You are going to find out why people call Saigon “the heaven of street food”. Hey, what is money for if not for food?

2. Take some photos to keep your memories alive

The mood for photo taking can arise at any times of the day and Saigon have more-than-enough destinations to fulfill your desire. From Notre Dame Cathedral, Anh Sao bridge to the district 7 and a plenty of lovely café such as café Gac Hoa 92 Pham Ngoc Thach, ID café 34 Thu Khoa Huan or Catina café 151 Dong Khoi. Here are lot of impressive places awaiting your visit.

3. Enjoy yourself with morning coffee

It is likely to wake up late in Saigon, but why don’t you try being an early bird for a day. Sitting in one of those pretty café, revel in the sunshine, listen to the melody of life is such a worth-trying experience. It is recommended that you drop at Ride café on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai or Vy café on Le Thanh Ton for a while.

4. Hang out with buddies beside the riverbank and let your mind go

We are young, but like many others, we are forced to hide your real person in order to get along with the gear of life. Be with friends and it’s time to say all you want to say. Because after all, everything will be alright – you know.

5. Drinking vendor’s coffee and enjoy some “big” talk

If you have never try “ca phe bet” – literally drinking vendor’s coffee on the flat ground in Saigon, you are wasting your young times there. It is great to gather in a group of people, may be your hometown people, Forever Alone team blah blah blah…, and enjoy the special Saigon “ca phe bet” culture. Behold yourself, cause “ca phe bet” is powerful, it make small talk become “big” talk.

6. Give someone a hug from behind and keep them company on the splendid street of Saigon

Yeah, finding your love in the heart of Saigon city is not easy. However, never lose the thought that one day someone really special will walk into you life. If it comes, boys, give your Ms. Right a ride around Saigon and let your memories alive forever.

7. Dress up and wander around the cosmopolitan centers

Though it’s just window-shopping, visiting some luxury cosmopolitan centers like Vincom or Parkson is really a fun way to spend a day. It’s like giving yourself a nice treat.

8. Get on a trip round the city on a winter day

They say Saigon does not have winter, because it’s hot all year round. But believe me, it is still possible to feel how winter is in this city. When it falls in December, get your warm sweater, scarf on and go for a walk on Saigon streets. District 1 and Anh Sao bridge are ideal places to set your feet on.

9. Bar, why not?

If you want to indulge in the EDM music, sip some kinds of cocktail to enjoy yourself, invite some friends and head to the bar. There are some safe and polite bar that you will not regret visiting like Carmen bar on Ly Tu Trong, Fuse bar on Le Lai or some other bars in the centre spot.

10. Give yourself a gift

Whether you are a student or have a job now, giving yourself a gift is never a bad idea. Girls may fancy a new set of clothes, shoes, bags… and boys are bound to find some cool accessories, electricity things or just a handmade piece of art interesting things to buy.

11. Go on an overnight trip with your group of buddies

Saigon may be busy and noisy all day. However, the silence and peacefulness at night here shall thrill you. All you need are a group of buddies, a camera, a little money and it is ready for the trip. Enjoy the night with your friends and the next day, refresh yourself with Saigon food. Simple as that.

12. Backpacking to the nearby neighborhood

You do not have to travel far, just head off to Tay Ninh, Vung Tau, Ben Tre or the famed West area of Vietnam where you can pick up farm fruits yourself and enjoy it right there. No reasons to resist anymore, call your close friend driver, invite some others and it is time to realize your youth dream.

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