Million dollar castle restaurants in Saigon

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Tajmasago, Ming Dynasty, Cham Charm, Nam Phan are all designed luxury, elegance and high class with construction costs of up to several million dollars.

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TajmaSago Palace USD 15 million

Located on the shore of Half- moon lake in Phu My Hung urban area, TajmaSago white palace is inspired by Taj Mahal temple in India. Here, you will be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the castle which is covered by green grasses, clear water lake ... The design of TajmaSago palace takes two main colors: white and black together with silk curtains on the windows and smell of subtle incense make you feel like losing in a wonderland.

You can reward yourself a luxurious dinner as a royal at French cuisine restaurant - Trois Pommes restaurant with a menu of attractive French dishes such as soup made from precious mushrooms Truffle, salmon from Tasmania region or specialties Caviar fish eggs ... Or you can also choose yourself the premium beefs of Wagyu, New York, Australia, New Zealand ... at London Steak House restaurant.

The Tajmasago hotel with 19 luxurious rooms in a subtle and distinctive interior design. The hotel is fully equipped all conveniences such as conference room, library room, event room...

In addition, demand for leisure is also considered important in the palace with Infinitive Swimming Pool, Taj Theater, Taj Spa, Fitness Center. It also has high quality services for guests such as transportation of passengers by supercars of Rolls-Royce Phantom, Jaguar, Range Rover, Audi Q7, BMW series 7 ... and many others class services like event, banquet, conference.

Cham Charm USD 11 million

This is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the chain of Million dollar castle restaurants of Khaisilk Group.

When the door closes, the space inside the restaurant is like the palace of a Cham pa King, especially the bricks that are alternated in the walls are covered by mysterious red light. Furthermore, it also decorated with a range of stone column in My Son, terra-cotta idol, Linga statue, old relics, sculpture statue… will impress anyone coming here.

With the ancient architecture imitating majestic and splendid Ankor Wat temple, Khaisilk - Cham Charm is a spectacular architecture with bold Eastern style.

Night seafood buffet is held in Cham Charm every nights.

You will be surprised in the face of monumental and rich premium buffet party.

Ming Dynasty Chinese Restaurant USD 10 million

Right behind the wall is grave Ming royal with the royal garden, the statue of terracotta, fair lady very beautiful.

The menu of this restaurant includes Chinese food of Guangdong Province - China.

You will enjoy and feel the renowned dimsum jewels combined harmoniously with abalone, bird's nest; or famous Peking duck (Beijing roast duck) eating with black Carviar. It is considered one of the high grade East and West Meets in Ming DYNAS banquet table.

Au Manoir de Khai France villa USD 9 million

The restaurant is located at the intersection of Le Quy Don - Dien Bien Phu Street (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City). Because of opening times quite special (6:00 pm to 9:30 pm daily), so this place is known as "the restaurant closing".

The special feature of this restaurant is that the French style dishes not be mixed and very luxurious.

Some dishes are covered by 24 carat gold. Many dishes have ingredients from white forest mushroom Alba truffles (king of mushrooms in the culinary world).

Nam Phan Restaurant USD 8 million

Located on Vo Van Tan street (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City), Nam Phan restaurant attracts the attention of anyone passing by here by magnificent works of architecture exuding luxury and senior.

After walking on the cool stairs, go over corridors with the fragrance of plumeria flowers, a traditional Vietnamese restaurant space appears with wood, decorative plaques , motifs on the wall, pictures of fair lady, thin silk flying make you feel like going to the palace or at least the home of a high functionary.

The highlight of the restaurant menu is traditional Vietnamese meals, seafoods or dishes belongs to the list of 8 precious foods which only used for nobility royal, emperor in the past).

In addition, the restaurant also offers its own charm of the cuisine of Hanoi, Hue and Can Tho in Set Vietnam Bento.

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