Discover Saigon's wholesale seafood market in night

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Every great seafood-eating city has a great seafood market - Tokyo has the Tsukiji Market, New York has the Fulton Market, and Ho Chi Minh City has the Binh Dien Market.

Located on the outskirts of the city, Binh Dien is a huge market spanning 20,000 square metres.

Boats and trucks arrive in the wee hours of morning to unload their produce, fresh from the rivers of the Mekong Delta, East Sea, and Gulf of Thailand

Before the first faint glimmer of light breaks the horizon, Binh Dien’s three aircraft-sized hangers are filled to the brim with seafood, meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables.

Tons of fish, shells, crustaceans, and seafood of all types, along with meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables arrive on boats and trucks from across the fertile southern provinces.

Pineapple and basa fish are two staples at the market.

The fish is always fresh. Market management board regularly checks to ensure that banned substances are not present in it.

Transport scene at the bustling market. Many porters earn US$4.48 (VND100,000) per nightly shift.

Squid, octopus here only costs US$.10-US$.15 per kilogram.

Fresh sardines that many people use to make fish stock.

Fresh mackerel are butchered for sale on site. 

Fish eggs are extracted and sold separately. 

Sea shrimp, shell on are very tasty aromatic meat. 

Three western trade areas are also present at the market.

Snakehead fish heads used to prepare as food or can be purchased as seed.

Gobies in a pot with a diameter of about 2 metres.

Fish brass key from the provinces of Long An and Tien Giang. This fish makes delicious chilli and rice. Price is only about US$2.24 (VND50,000) per kilogram.

Ca Mau crabs are selected and classified before sale to restaurants and for retail.

Snails have been separated from the shell.

Fish strabismus cost US$8.07 (VND180,000) per kilogram.

The Binh Dien closes promptly at 6:00 am every day for cleaning.

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