Romantic Hoi An in twinkle lantern

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Besides peaceful atmosphere, Hoi An travel also attracts tourists by sparkling lanterns. Lanterns are decorated everywhere in Hoi An’s Old Quarter, in front of restaurants, hotels making Hoi An really romantic.

Lanterns in Hoi An are various from colour, material to pattern and models.

Especially, lantern is made from silk and can fold which is a favourite kind of tourists for souvenir.

Around the old quarter, tourists will easily see some stores decorated by the variety of colourful lanterns.

Inside of the stores, artists are shaping for lantern.

Don’t hesitate to come in and get acquainted with the artists, you will be free instructed to make lantern.

In night, Hoi An is more fanciful by warm yellow colour of lanterns sparkling all corners of the old quarter.

The old quarter often prohibit vehicles from 18p.m every day. You can walk around the old quarter to enjoy Hoi An’s beauty in night.

When you tired, you can get on a wood boat, which has melodious guitar, call a cool beer and wallow into rhythm of the artist.

If you like eventful atmosphere, wallow into lively music of bars on the river bank.

In 14th of Lunar Year, Hoi An becomes twinkle with a night festival with flower garlands and coloured lanterns.

Stores in the old quarter are lit by lanterns.

The people pour into Hoai River, drop flower garlands on the river and pray for peace.

You also hire a small boat and row up the river, then drop flower garlands and contemplate twinkle beauty.

Lanterns seem not only to be decoration but also the soul of the old quarter.


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