14 recommendations for a memorable visit in Hoi An

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In this season, the weather in Hoi An is perfect to take a walk along the flower streets of this ancient town, ride a bike along Thu Bon river or swim in Cua Dai sea, enjoy fresh seafood and return to Hoi An in the sparkling light of lanterns.

Hoi An is an ideal destination for relaxation and a favorite place for ladies. Which one will you choose among 14 recommendations below for your vacation here?

1. Dropping by a café and relaxing in airy spaces

At any time of the day, from the early morning to shining noon or dark evening, dropping by a café in the ancient town is a wonderful experience. Each café is designed distinctively and lovingly. If you would like to look over the Hoai river, choose some cafes at Bach Dang street. If you like to view crowded people on the street, sit under the flower canopies at Tran Phu street. Or stop by Nguyen Thai Hoc street for peace or at a narrow lane to join in the life of local people. Another interesting location is Hoi An market, where you can both view the river and see fishermen play cards in their free time.

Forget all the worries of your daily life and spend hours in some small lovely corners. Do not bring your computer or electronic devices with you. Instead, bring a book or a music player and relax with a cup of coffee.

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2. Swimming and enjoying fresh seafood

Once coming here, spend a day relaxing on white sandy beaches such as Cua Dai or Bai Bang and ride a bike around here. After wandering under coconut trees, swim in the cool water and stay in a seaside hotel. Do not worry about the price when having a meal in a seaside restaurant because you will be well-served with reasonable price. In the afternoon, after having a bath and changing your clothes, come to a seaside restaurant at Cua Dai beach to enjoy an array of fresh seafood such as shrimp, crab or squid.

3. Riding a bike around the town

The weather this season is very comfortable in the morning and afternoon. It is not too hot and it is very windy. With a bike at 25,000VND/day, you can ride around the small streets of the town or around Thu Bon river, following the local people to Tra Que vegetable village or Cua Dai and Bai Bang beaches. In addition, you can also ride a bike along the rice paddy fields to breathe the aroma of rice.

4. Wandering around the town with a camera

There are many green lanes in Hoi An ancient town. From streets, you can turn to any lane to discover a variety of interesting things such as a good café, a cheap tailors’ shop, a delicious restaurant, a cheap hotel or ancient temples. With a camera with you, spend an afternoon to take beautiful photos in little lanes.

5. Having a new dress sewn in a day

Shopping is a hobby of every lady. Here, you can choose among a wide selection of clothes. Come to a tailors’ shop and have a new dress sewn in a day at a very reasonable price. In Hoi An, tailors’ shops are located everywhere in the town. If you like a dress, which is not your size, you can have it altered. Dresses are made with good materials. Alibaba’s trousers are priced from 50,000VNd – 120,000VND. Dresses are priced from 80,000VND to 1 million VND.

6. Buying a pair of leather sandals for your lovely feet

After having a new dress made, you can go to a shoe store in Hoi An market to choose your favorite model of a pair of leather sandals and have it made at about 250,000VND. Return to the store to get your new sandals or dresses in the afternoon. It is amazing!

7. Enjoying cool drinks in streets

It’s time to take a rest. You do not need to go to luxurious cafes, choose a seat on a sidewalk, under the shadow of confetti flowers and sip a glass of soya milk or lotus sweet soup. You can enjoy different drinks in Hoi An, from green bean sweet soup to corn sweet soup or red bean sweet soup. In addition, you can enjoy a bowl of “chi ma phu” or “tau hu” (two special kinds of sweet soup) with coconut milk. Coming to Hoi An to live slowly and feel the lovely relaxed lifestyle.

8. Tasting scrumptious specialties

Once you come here, do not miss tasting many delicious dishes such as Mrs. Buoi’ rice with chicken at Phan Chu Trinh street, Quang noodles in Hoi An market, vermicelli with grilled chopped meat at the sidewalk near Cau pagoda, white rosy cake, glutinous rice cake and green bean cake. Furthermore, you can enjoy the duck porridge, grilled duck or Cau Mong barbecued veal. You can have these dishes near Cau pagoda, where there are many small restaurants by the Hoai river lit up with oil lamps and windy air for your dinner.

9. Dropping lanterns in the “lantern night” on the 15th of every lunar month

A wide variety of romantic activities with colorful lanterns have been attracting a large number of visitors in the river near Cam Hoi bridge and Cau pagoda. From here, you can travel to the other quarter to walk in the night market selling many colorful lanterns and souvenirs. This quarter also has many restaurants and food streets with crowded guests.

10. Walking from dusk till midnight

Anyone who visits Hoi An should experience walking around town in the evening. The streets without motorbikes are more peaceful and cleaner. There are only the sounds of some bikes or the steps of guests. The light of some stores stretches the shadow of the walkers. When it becomes darker and the houses have turned off their lights, Hoi An is the most peaceful and tranquil.

11. Witnessing the sunset on Thu Bon river

Have you ever traveled along small ditches to villages around Hoi An? Do not forget to try it once when you have a chance to go to Hoi An. Get in any coach to visit villages on the other side of the river. Bring a bike with you to ride around these villages, release yourself with the sun and wind and spend a little time to immerse yourself in the exotic sunset.

12. Experiencing Cham islet for the whole day

It takes about 20 minutes and 120,000VND to travel to Cham islet by canoe for two hours and 30,000VND by ferryboat. You can come here in the morning to tour around the islet, swim in the most striking beach, dive to view coral reefs and enjoy crabs and snails, two specialties here, then return to the main land in the afternoon.

13. Taking photos of the most photographed walls in Hoi An

Hoi An is a rendezvous of many photographers and couples, who come here for their wedding albums. However, if you are not a photographer, you can also take a variety of beautiful photos because Hoi An has a fascinating landscape. Stroll around the town and take stunning photos of ancient houses, peaceful cafes, flowers, deep lanes and old walls.

14. Enjoying romantic music on a boat

In the late evening, drop into a “bả trạo” (traditional music of Hoi An) restaurant near Cam Hoi bridge to enjoy the moon, drink fresh beer and listen to the sweet voices of local artists. If you know how to play the guitar, you can join with the artists. The night space is interesting with the singing echoed on the river. Take gentle steps to feel the serene night in the town.

Those are all the wonderful features of the ancient town. They are like musical notes that guests will never tire of.

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