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Getting around

Information and advice for travellers about getting around in Hoi An.

Getting around Hoi An is a breeze. With the exception of the journey out to the Cham temples at My Son, pretty much everything else in Hoi An can be done on foot and bicycle. And there are plenty of cheap and reasonably reliable metered taxis available if you’re not inclined to cycle.

Hoi An's old streets In a great decision for travellers, Hoi An’s old streets are closed to motorised traffic three times a day. There are never any cars - so at these designated times, there are no crazy motorcyclists either. It makes wandering the old town streets a delight.

If you’re staying around the old town, you may also want to head out to Cua Dai beach which is 5kms away and can be reached on a bike, motorcycle taxi or taxi. A meter taxi will cost around 60,000 VND each way. Travellers staying on the beach will do the same in reverse to visit the old town though many hotels also offer regular shuttles.

Cam Kim Island on the river is accessed by local boat from the centre of Hoi An near the market. Cham Island 18kms offshore is best accessed on a diving, snorkelling or beach and island tour. These are booked in the old town.

The cheapest way to visit the Cham ruins at My Son is by taking one of the backpacker tours. If you want some more flexibility, you should be able to rent a car and driver for the trip for between $30USD and $40USD. You may be able to negotiate a deal with a taxi driver as well.

Hoi An is a small peaceful town and to your delight, it is easy to remember street names and get around town. Even the beach is only 6km away.

The best way to experience Hoi An, many have said, is to rent a bicycle. This service is offered at most tour companies and hotels and it costs about 20,000 (about 1 dollar) per day.

Motorbikes are about 100,000 ($5) per day but note that the Ancient Town does not allow motorized vehicles for most of the day. Nevertheless, you can park and have a pleasant walk around town and do your shopping and trying out restaurants.

Cyclos are not as abundant as Hue and maybe a good way to slowly experience Hoi An beauty and take photos. An hour trip would cost about 30,000 VND.

Taxi is a good option if you want to get from one place to another fast. Faifoo taxi is yellow: 0510-3919191 and Mai Linh taxi is in white and green: 0510- 3914914. Note that car are banned from the Ancient Town area so you will have to walk the certain distance (5-10 minutes) if you want to get to the river.

Taxi in Hoi An

- Mai Linh Taxi in Hoi An. Phone: +84-0510.3929292
- Mai Linh Taxi in Tam Ky. Phone: +84-0510.3838383
- Taxi Hoi An in Hoi An. Phone: +84-0510.3919919
- Taxi Faifo in Hoi An. Phone: +84-0510.3919191

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