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Hokkaido, which is located on the northernmost Japan, has magnificent nature with ranges of mountains, vast plateaus, deep blue lakes and rivers and large sea.

The climate in Hokkaido is always cool and temperature for the year is low, which makes it become the coldest and snowiest in Japan. Hokkaido has got a lot of famous tourist destinations and the most beautiful flower gardens over the world. Besides, it also attracts visitors with funny snowy festivals as well as interesting games.

Some attractive tourist destinations in Hokkaido

Hakodate city

Hakodate city is one of the attractive places in Hokkaido. You can get here by tram starting from Aomori. The most prominent features in this city are the Goryokaku star fort and Hakodate Mountain. In addition, it is really interesting to observe the bustling scene of trading all day and night on the streets.

Furano lavender fields

According to the experienced travelers of visiting Hokkaido in Japan, the Furano lavender fields are always crowded in the summer. Everyone is astonished at the endless romantic purple. The colorful flower strips of lavender, daffodils, marigolds, etc, which undulate as ripples, have created beautiful fields.  Walking around Furano flower fields you will certainly have a lot of unforgettable memories.

Kurodake Mountain

In Hokkaido, you can visit Kurodake Mountain which is located on 670 meters height around the year. Spring and summer are the ideal time for hiking and observing the richness of ecosystems and biodiversity like Siberian squirrel. In the autumn, you can enjoy the romantic natural scenery when leaves turn into brilliant yellow and fiery red. Winter is time for you to go skiing or climbing the mountain with snowshoes. 

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park, which covers an area of over 100,000 m², is a not to be missed destination when traveling to Hokkaido in summer. At the beginning of May, hills are covered with pink flowers named Chi Anh or Shibazakura in Japanese. You not only admire the brilliant colors of flowers but also enjoy their faint scent and the fresh air when visiting the park in blossoming season.

Sapporo city

Sapporo city, the most important part in Hokkaido, is considered as the youngest of the major cities in cherry blossoms country. Therefore, it does not have many ancient famous landscapes or customs of indigenous peoples. Sapporo city has, however, attracted tourists with the annual snowy festival. You will see numerous white snowy statues that are marvelous and sparkling at night.

Ainu Kotan village

Ainu Kotan village is the hometown of folk art dance named Ainu in Hokkaido. Consequently, you can enjoy the ancient Ainu dances, lomante fire festival and observe old houses in the village. This is also a chance for you to learn about life and culture of indigenous peoples from ancient to now. 

Shiretoko National Park

This is one of the most beautiful and original national parks which till stores many rare and endemic animals as wells as plants in Japan. In 2005, this national park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides, UNESCO has recommended adding Russia's Kuril Islands into to be a Heritage called international "Peace Park". Shiretoko National Park is the home to a large number of bears. In addition, it has a hot waterfall named Kamuiwakkayu (Ainu language means "river of God"). Rausu volcano lying in this national park, which is 1660 meters height, is one of the 100 highest mountains in Japan.

Hokkaido northeast coast

Hokkaido northeast coast includes Shiretoko peninsula that has lots of snow and ice. Moreover, you can explore the principle of the iceberg, visit and admire the magnificent scene of nature when coming here. The ice is seen in many places on the sea in Hokkaido.

Cape Shiretoko (Shiretoko Misaki) 

At the tip of the peninsula, you can see the dramatic coastline with tall steep cliffs and towering waterfalls. It also has a wide variety of wild animals there and you are easy to see seals, dolphins, seabirds or sea lions when walking along the coastline.

Shiretoko Five Lakes

The Shiretoko Five Lakes are a set of five small lakes which were formed a long time ago by the eruption of the nearby mountains and fed by underground springs. The five lakes have got the shape of five fingers that were pressed into the ground. You can take a boat to go around the lakes, admire the beautiful nature and enjoy the unique dishes which are made from white fish caught in the lake.

Rausu city

Rausu city is the largest city on the east coast of Shiretoko Peninsula. It offers some service of accommodation, food, and shopping. Moreover, a highlight of this city is that you can enjoy hot spring baths with splendid scenery. 

Utoro city

Utoro city is the largest and the only sizeable city along the west coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula. It is located at the entrance to the national park as a transportation hub and also a residence for boat cruises or tour on the coast of the peninsula. 

Utoro city is one of the places which have many natural hot springs; therefore, it thrives resort services.

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