Hon Tam Island

Introducing Hon Tam Island

Hon Tam Island (Silkworm Island) has become a familiar name with tourists to Nha Trang coastal city over the years for its wild tropical forest, long beach and clear water. Coming to Hon Tam is coming to nature, as the island is covered by hundreds of ancient trees such as tamarind, willow, almond and bamboo as well as an array of colorful flowers such as daisies and sun flowers. No one lives here but the tourists staying at the 4 star Hon Tam Resort which offers bungalow rooms and even camping and, of course a restaurant. In addition to sightseeing and sun bathing there are a wide variety of activities available on the Island: mountain climbing, hiking, para-sailing, boating, wind-surfing, jet-skiing and especially scuba-diving, to explore the secrets of the ocean world and see thousands of fish and colorful corals around the rocks. Therefore, Hon Tam Resort is a wonderful spot of recreation and health improvement.

Hon Tam is divided into two areas, which are Section A, and Section B. Section A is a curling beach with smooth sand bank to help visitors feel the delight of seawater. There is a big restaurant, which is capable for 300 diners at a time. Along this section, a series of 32 kiosks have been built for the group of visitors or families. After sinking in the sea, visitors would join in the water motor, water skiing, sliding on the water surface.

Hon Tam is quietly developed from scratch. From a neglected island, Hon Tam, has become a crowded tourism centre which attract any visitor. There are many new and strange activities, which are only special for Hon Tam.

Section B is made in the form of recreational village. This is a hi-class recreational area with many suitable and beautiful features. The 10 separated villas of Asia style are divided into two luxury rooms each. All the villas face the sea and are equipped with the luxury hotel. Surrounding these villas, there are many types of flowers and local trees of Nha Trang and Vietnam.

Not only visiting, visitors would also join in the sports like climbing, forest discovering, boat racing, water skiing, sail boat, water motor, badminton, volleyball, etc, and especially there is the activity of undersea discovering.


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