5 wonderful amusement parks in Hong Kong you can’t miss

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The theme amusement parks in Hong Kong including places where is considered the best and most extensive in the region. There are 2 main parks receive the most attention from visitors, there are Mickey Mouse and his friends in Hong Kong Disneyland, on Lantau Island. Furthermore, Ocean Park is a Chinese inspiration which is located on the south shore of the Hong Kong island. Besides, there also have smaller amusement parks with carnival style, water parks and some choices related to water for you in Macau. So, what i is the most amazing theme park in Hong Kong? Along buffalotrip.com to  discover immediately.

Explore the 5 leading theme parks in Hong Kong

1. Ocean Park

Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the theme parks which attract most tourists in Thom Port.

Ocean Park is the largest theme amusement park in Asia with a strong feeling game which doesn't have any place in Hong Kong. From the beginning of 1977 when it is opened, Ocean Park has become one of the most amazing theme parks in Hong Kong.

Most especially, in recent time of renovation in early 2014, 30 games have been added to the list of extreme and impress games of this place already. The greatest game that you should try here is the Hair Raiser. Please drop yourself by surfing and rolling, you will understand why this game is known as "hair-raising".

Along with the shock roller-coaster parks, many young people who love animals are extremely like the interaction parks with animal, aquariums and some other great and more amazing live show. The atmosphere here is subtle scents of the countryside, with outdoor games, a carousel and much more thrilling games that will make you regret to chew "munching" that cotton candy.

Opening hours: from 10:30 am to 7 pm depending on the season

Location: Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Price: HK $ 345 for adults, HK $ 173 for children

How to get there: You can go by bus. There is a special route (No. 629) run daily from Admiralty MTR station and Central Pier to the park gate. There is also parking for cars outside the main gate again.

2. Grand Resort Deck at Galaxy Macau

Is the only water park in Hong Kong, the Grand Resort Deck is one of the most amazing theme park Hong Kong with multiple waterfalls and slipways system, a special separate area for children and the artificial waving lake on the largest rooftop  of the world. 

Surrounded by Ritz-Carlton Macau and hotel, this is a fairly new place and is a professor exciting additions to the entertainment in Hong Kong. Not to mention that one of the most amazing places available. After being refurbished at the end of 2015, the Grand Resort Deck also present with a much more impressive. Whether you want to play splashing in the pool or whirlpool yourself in the lazy river, or go waterskiing again.

Opening hours: from 8am to 8pm

Location: Galaxy Macau

3. Fisherman’s Wharf Macau

An hour away from using the boat from Hong Kong, you'll find Fisherman's Wharf. A place is built for the purpose of relaxation and promenade located in the central of Macau. It is slightly exaggerating a bit when that call it one of the best amusement park in Hong Kong, but just come here, you spoiled for looking the attract and fun places for all members of the family

Designed like a building in ancient Rome, there is a lot to enjoy. Also, this has both tram crash as well as places to shop and eat. Although Fisherman's Wharf does not achieve any award for those games and its attractions, you can go here for free and it is located in downtown.

Opening hours: 9 am to 10 pm

Location: Outer Harbor, Macau, China

Price: Free

4. Snoopy’s World

Snoopy's World Hong Kong is an amusement park located on the top floor of the New Town Plaza Mall in Sha Tin (new territorial area). Encapsulating all 6 "zones" are a few games and ring roller as well as some major attractions aimed at children, from new babies to 10-year-old baby. It reached the top of the most amazing theme park Hong Kong not only because of the scale but also because of the quality of services that the park provides.

This area is known as the Dog House Entry (housing entrance of Snoopy), School Plaza: Peanuts Academy (peanuts academy), Boating Canal: Canal Ride (channel Canal), Snoopy Playground (playground of Snoopy), mini town (town mini) and Snoopy Wedding house (wedding home of Snoopy).

While Snoopy's World can not be matched with Disneyland, it still brings a sense of comfort and a way for children to entertainment in the evening. Especially if you are planning to shop in New Town Plaza Mall. And an absolute plus point, that's it for free.

Opening hours: 10 am to 8 pm every day (some games are only open from 12 am)

Location: New Town Plaza Shopping Mall, Sha Tin, New Territories

Price: Free

5. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is an amusement park themed with leading brand in the world and the most amazing theme park Hong Kong. So you can expect in the style of the place as well as the smallest details will never be ignored here. Almost all the games at Disney Land theme park designed for young people, from toddlers baby who just walked up to the young teen.

The baby will be extremely interested in the appearance and "take care" of the mouse Disney characters. Besides, the elves experience and the unexpected miracles.

Along with experience thrills like for adults. That could be a visit to Tomorrowland (future land). Where you conquer the most refreshing speed roller coaster with Space Mountain zones (Space Mountain) and Orbitron (satellite).

At Hong Kong Disneyland, all your favorite characters will be alive and most physician practices. And certainly, it will be an unforgettable memory for anyone if you are treated to a parade of Disney along with magical fireworks anymore.

Hours: 10 am to 7:30 pm

Location: Hong Kong Disneyland is located in on Lantau Island, away from the Hong Kong International Airport is about 20 minutes

Price: HK $ 499 for adults, HK $ 355 for children

Go to get there: 30 minutes by MTR (Mass Transit Railway, the highway public transport network) from Central, Hong Kong