Ocean Park Hong Kong

  • Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • Ocean Park Hong Kong
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  • Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China


180 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Hong Kong

Getting there

Take bus 629 at Admiralty MTR Station or Central Pier No.7 to the park directly.
Take bus 6A, 6X, 70, 75, 90, 97, 260, M590, 72, 72A, 92, 96, 592, 41A, 38, 42, 77, 99, 107, 170, 171, 671 or 973 and get off at Hong Kong Country Club or Aberdeen Tunnel Toll Plaza. Then walk a few minutes to the Park.


+852 3923 2323




+852 2873 5584

More information

http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/, https://web.facebook.com/hkoceanpark, https://foursquare.com/v/ocean-park-hong-kong


Admission Fee
HK$385 (Adult);
HK$193 (Children from 3-11 years old);
Free for kids under three years old
Aqua City Gourmet Pass: HK$550/HK$280 for children (including the park Admission and special 3-course dinner at Neptune's Restaurant in Aqua City, dinner time 18:00-20:30)

Opening hours

10:00 am - 6:30 pm
Theater Shows:
Emperors of the Sky at Amazing Bird Theater: 11:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:00
Symbio! at Aqua City Lagoon: 18:30
Ocean Wonders at Ocean Theater: 12:00, 15:30, 17:00
Sky Fair Celebrations: 11:30, 13:15, 14:45, 18:00
Sea Lion Fun Time Show: 14:00, 16:15
Ocean Heroes at Whiskers Theatres: 15:00, 17:30
Time is subject to weather permitting without prior notice.

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Ocean Park is a major attraction in Hong Kong, the luminous pearl of the Orient and world financial center in southeast China. The city's mild climate and coastal scenery, attracts throngs of visitors annually from all over world. Any visit to Hong Kong should include the world famous sea park.

Ocean Park, located in Wong Chuk Hang, the Southern District in Hong Kong, is one of the world's acclaimed educational theme parks and tops the itinerary of many visitors to Hong Kong.

The park is located on the south end of Hong Kong Island. The larger of two sections is on the headlands of Nam Lang Shan Mountain. The smaller section is in the Wong Chuk Hang Valley lowlands. With an area of 170 acres, it's one of the largest ocean park in the world.

Opened in January 1977, the current park covers more than 870,000 square metres of the land and is divided into three attraction areas -- the Lowland, Headland and Tai Shue Wan. It offers cable cars, outdoor escalator and Ocean Express to enable guests to move between the attraction areas.

Ocean Park features a diverse selection of world-class marine attractions, thrill rides and shows. It aims to provide elements of entertainment, education and conservation for tourists.

Despite the crowd-pulling powers of Disneyland on Lantau, for many Ocean Park remains the most popular theme park in Hong Kong. Constant expansion, new rides and thrills, and the presence of four giant pandas and two rare red pandas ensure the park remains a huge draw for families. Be aware that in part of the park, Marine World, cetaceans are kept in captivity and performances involving dolphins and orcas are a feature, which scientific studies suggest is harmful to these animals.

The park is divided into two main sections. The main entrance is on the Waterfront (lowland) side and is linked to the main section on the Summit (headland) via a scenic cable car ride and a marine-themed funicular train called the Ocean Express .

The major attractions at the Waterfront are Amazing Asian Animals and Aqua City. The Grand Aquarium, which boasts the world’s largest aquarium dome, is home to 5000 fish representing over 400 species. Old Hong Kong is a replica of the old buildings that once graced Wan Chai and older parts of Kowloon. To the north is Whiskers Harbour , which thrives on an assortment of kid-oriented rides.

On the Summit, the Thrill Mountain has plenty of white-knuckle rides, such as the celebrated roller coaster, Hair Raiser. Meanwhile, the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium showcases a living gift from the mainland.

How to arrange the time inside Ocean Park?

Although Ocean Park is very large, basically it includes two parts: the Waterfront (on the foot of the mountain) and the Summit (above the mountain). Each part consists of aquariums, animal houses, animal shows, restaurants as well as amusement rides.

There are many great choices in the Ocean Park that you should not miss out.

Giant Pandas (the Waterfront)

The best-known celebrities of Ocean Park and even Hong Kong are the four adorable and cuddly giant pandas “An-An”, “Jia-Jia”, “Le-Le” and “Ying-Ying”. An-An and Jia-Jian come to Hong Kong earlier than the other two and they are living in Giant Panda Habitat while Le-Le and Ying-Ying are living in Giant Panda Adventure, which belongs to the “Amazing Asian Animal” Houses.

Btw…did you know that the two giant pandas “Le-Le” and “Ying-Ying” had been given to the HKSAR by the Chinese Central government to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China? But if you want to see the giant pandas moving around, you need to have a little bit luck. They will come out during lunchtime and keep eating their favorite bamboo. Otherwise, you can only see them sleeping movelessly through the TV monitor.

The Ocean Park recently added the very rare red pandas and it’s the first time to meet these kinds of pandas in Hong Kong. They live under the same building with giant pandas Le-Le and Ying-Ying and they also like eating bamboos.

Grand Aquarium (the Waterfront)

If you like the Ocean and their inhabitants you should not miss the Grand Aquarium.

Grand Aquarium – the artificial reef hosts over 5000 fishes and 400 different species and the aquarium is designed as a panoramic coral island and serves as an exact copy of the real ocean. You will have a great time to discover sharks, sting rays, guitarfish and other small inhabitants over the spanning aquarium. Find yourself a nice place behind the glass to enjoy the fantastic underwater view and swimming sharks, sea turtles, huge devil fish and other rare species. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk through the reef and bubble tunnels and watch the beautiful and amazing scene of deep-water fishes underneath it. We don’t need to put in words how great it is. Judge yourself from the pictures!

Sea Jelly Spectacular (the Summit)

Sea Jelly Spectacular is a recently added attraction and is the first of their kind and offers you some amazing and spectacular views on all different kind of shapes, sizes and colors of jellyfish. The jellyfish can be as small as finger nail and as big as your head, showing a delicate and breathtaking world of creature. Currently, the Ocean Park displays over 1000 jellyfish from all over the world and in combination with the special effects of light, music and multimedia content it is a highly recommended attraction! Believe us, it’s definitely a breathtaking journey!

Sea Dreams (Dolphin Show) in Ocean Theater (the Summit)

One of the reasons that people come to the Ocean Park is to visit these five cute and smart dolphins and the two funny sea lions. There are 4 shows daily (11:30am, 2:00pm 3:30pm and 5:30pm).

Insider Tips: Since it is one of the hottest shows of the Ocean Park, it is always fully seated. To secure a seat for yourself, remember to come to the Ocean Theater 15-30 mins in advance. Before dolphin show, there will be a singing or dancing performance, giving more time for visitors to settle down.

There are much more about animals in Ocean Park, such as sea lions, goldfish, Chinese sturgeons, crocodiles and recently added gold monkeys. If you want to visit all of them, you have to arrange your time carefully.

Symbio in front of Aqua City (the Waterfront)

Don’t miss the splendid Symbio (water dragon show) next to the dancing fountain of the Lagoon of the Waterfront. Every night on 7:00pm, enjoy the world’s first 360 degree water screen show with the music, fire and firework. Remind you that the soundtrack is composed by an Oscar-winning composer.

Amusement Rides

If you are more into the rides and thrills then continue to read. This one is for all who loves to feel the adrenaline pumping in their veins . The rides we mentioned below are all at the Summit part of Ocean Park. There are some rides at Waterfront too, but not as exciting and thrilling as those at the Summit.

For the thrill-seekers and lovers: Make sure to visit the newly-opened attraction area (opened on Dec. 9th 2011) “Thrill Mountains”, which contains five new rides as well as eight game booths and food outlets. Want to know more about Thrill Mountains of Ocean Park, please click the link to refer to our previous article.

Ocean Park has another two rollercoaster rides “The Dragon” and “Mine Train”. These were and still are the most popular rides in Ocean Park. The Dragon ride guarantees with its speed, twists and turns, corkscrews and 360 degree turns, the ultimate adrenaline rush. “Mine Train” ride will take you on an 85m height trip with nothing between you and the ground. Although, you will have an astonishing view over the park, seaside and the ocean, you might don’t have a chance to enjoy these and this fast paced, thrilled ride.

For the ones who love to cream their lungs out: try “The Abyss Turbo Drop”. The vertical drop of the 20 floors above ground-level will make you losing your voice after you scream your lungs out. Be prepared to you get addicted to this ride. You might don’t want to waste your time at any other attraction and are eager to take it another few times.

Insider Tips: These rides have minimum height requirements (122/132cm). Furthermore, if you are above 190cm you might feel crunched and uncomfortable in some of the cars.

Other rides:

Raging River: While you climb into a log boat, prepare yourself for some rapids and splashes. You will navigate through hairpin turns, slopes and rapids which will end at a spectacular vertical drop with a velocity of over 58km/h. Be prepared to get wet when you finally plunge in the mist below.

SkyFair Celebration: This attraction is for the whole family or couples. A 22 meters in diameter measuring helium filled balloon. The beautiful balloon will take you more than 100 meters in the sky and you will experience some tremendous and amazing views of the southern side of Hong Kong! Notice: This ride depends on the weather! There is also a height minimum requirement whereas kids and children need to be attended by an adult.

Ferris Wheel: This 24 meter in diameter measuring Ferris Wheel is a classic family attraction. Prepare your camera to take some panoramic photos while you enjoy the great views of the Ocean Park Theme park and the South China Sea.

Insider Tips: The above mentioned attractions of this theme park are very popular. Especially, on weekends and holidays expect long queue lines. In order to save your time, try to these popular shows and rides first.

On the further end of the Summit (next to the Ferris Wheel), there are lots of game booths like carnivals. You can play the game to win some cute prizes.

After the fun day, don’t forget to take some cute souvenir home. You can find almost all the sea inhabitants you have seen, such as shark, jelly fish, sea lion, sea turtle as well as dolphin are waiting for you in the souvenir stores. Of course there are pandas too.

How to travel between two parts of Ocean Park?

There are two major means of transportation between the two parts of Ocean Park: the Waterfront (on the foot of the mountain) and the Summit (above the mountain): by cable car or by Ocean Express.

Ocean Express: The latest fast and smooth way of travel. Ocean Express is designed to resemble a submarine. Unlike cable car, the Ocean Express Train can transport hundreds of people in one ride. It takes about 4 minutes through the 1.3 kilometer tunnel between Waterfront Station and Summit Station.

Insider Tips: Make sure to hold the handrail during the journey. On Dec 5th 2010, by switching on the emergency track brake accidently, 7 passengers got injured and one passenger was sent to hospital with critical injury.

Cable Car Ride: The cable cars connect the two theme parks the Waterfront and the Summit and provide you a very convenient way to travel between them. The few minutes ride will give you a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area, sea and mountains. Each cable car can sit 6 persons and the ride takes about 15 minutes to arrive on the mountain.

Insider Tips: Cable Car moves slower and takes longer time than the Ocean Express. Be prepared to stand in a long queue for 15-30min (non-holiday). But the stunning views on the cable car ride is worthy the waiting.

Where to purchase the tickets?

You can purchase your tickets directly at the Admiralty MTR station or at the entrance of the Ocean Park. If you decide to book and order your tickets online, you also have the option to get the tickets delivered to your country by courier. The prices are:

  • Adult: HK$ 320
  • Children (3-11 years): HK$ 160
  • Kids under 3 years of age are free.
  • Updates: From 9th of May 2012, Ocean Park Hong Kong introduced the new E-Ticket system that you can purchase the Ocean Park tickets from all the 7-Eleven in Hong Kong. For more details of this E-Tickets, please refer to our previous article “Ocean Park Introduces E-Tickets at 7-Eleven“.

For enquires you can call +(852) 3923 2323

How to Get to Ocean Park Hong Kong

Most convenient way: Take the special Citybus 629 which and take you directly to Ocean Park. There are two stations of Citybus 629 : Admiralty MTR station and the Central Pier 7. You can either take MTR subway to Admiralty. Then take Exit B and transfer the special Citybus Route 629 or take the star ferry to Central and transfer to the bus. Departure time for the Citybus Route 629 is daily from 9:00am-4:00pm (from Admiralty, frequency is every 10 minutes) or from 9:45am-3:45pm (from Central Pier 7, frequency is every 20-60 minutes).

From Lo Wu / Lok Mau Chau:

Take the East Railway to the Kowloon Tong Station and transfer the subway to Admiralty Station and walk to the Exit B (approx. travel time is 58 minutes and a single journey ticket is about HK$ 45). Then get on the special Citybus Route 629 (see above).

Nearby Attractions

  • Hong Kong Disneyland: It is a magical kingdom filled with beauty, excitement, and Disney characters. It is a good place for family tours.
  • Lantau Island: It is a sparsely populated island, mainly comprised of theme parks, tourist sites, parks, and natural areas.
  • Repulse Bay: With clean water and a white sand beach, it is an ideal place for relaxation.

Travel tips

Tip #1: Buy Your Tickets Before Arriving Ocean Park

Here’s the first tip and the one that can save you a lot of time. Buy your admission tickets before getting to Ocean Park Hong Kong because there’s often a long queue at the entrance ticket booth.

Depending on the time and day you plan to visit, Ocean Park can get very crowded due to the large number of mainland tourists. The best way to skip the admission booth is to get your tickets at a 7-Eleven convenience store nearest your hotel. You can also buy them at the Admiralty (West) Bus Terminal just before you get on the Ocean Park Express.

The admission tickets still cost HKD $320 per adult and HKD $160 per child (age 3-11). You won’t be saving any money, but you will potentially save a lot of time at the gate.

Tip #2: Arrive Early To Skip The Crowd

Ocean Park Hong Kong can get extremely crowded especially during the weekend. To be able to experience every indoor activity in peace, you will have to go early.

Massive amounts of people show up at Ocean Park in the afternoon a little bit after lunch time. The best plan is to arrive at 10 AM, that’s the time when the park usually opens. To check what time the park actually opens on the day you plan to visit, you can check Ocean Park’s official calendar.

There are so many things to do and see at Ocean Park Hong Kong, so even the whole day is not enough to experience all the attractions. Arriving early will allow you more time to do stuff and less time lining up.

Tip #3: Use The Storage Lockers At The Entrance

As a tourist I know you will bring a lot of essentials like camera bags and backpacks with you while you leave your hotel room. But it is no fun carrying all this stuff while you try to have fun in Ocean Park.

Near the entrance right after you passed the ticket gates, there will be a room on the right hand side that provides storage lockers for rent.

You can rent a locker for the whole day for a very low price. Save yourself from lugging around the heavy bags and jackets so you can concentrate on having fun!

Tip #4: Bring A Thin Raincoat To Stay Dry

This tip is very important if you want to stay dry during your visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong. Some rides in Ocean Park involve having water splashing all over yourself, especially the Raging River ride.

Keep a thin plastic raincoat in your bag so you can be prepared to get on these rides. Without it, your clothes will potentially get wet and it can be uncomfortable out and about all day long.

Tip #5: Have Lunch At The Bayview Restaurant

There are a total of 8 dining options in Ocean Park Hong Kong. Some are very expensive while some are fairly decently priced. The decently priced ones often are very popular and you have to line up for a table.

Having a great lunch is important, but the highlight of your Ocean Park adventure should be about the attractions and rides instead. Save some money and time by having lunch at the Bayview Restaurant.

It is a cafeteria style restaurant so you can get a table very quickly. Also, you don’t need to wait for service or the food. You just go out, pick the food items that you like, pay at the counter, an bring the food back to your table.

The best part is the view. Check out the pictures below for the amazing scenery and food.

Review by visitors

I would have given ocean park 5/5 had there this been open beyond 6 pm. The day we had gone the timings was 10 am to 6 pm. There is no way with kids you can cover the entire ocean park in 8 hours.

Here too we took the stroller and went on a friday. The queues was as bad as the previous day at disneyland owing to long weekend.

i suggest , to cover the adventure land first and then come down to complete the remaining attractions. For all indian tourist, veg food is available at clowning restaurant in the adventure land. Though tad expensive you dont have much options..

All food items are expensive including water ($28 HKD) so suggest take your own stuff while going entering ocean park.

Overall a great attraction with Kids and worth every penny

~Manish B

I have heard that the Ocean Park had added more attractions including rides. I have not visited Ocean Park in 30 years when there was no Disneyland in Hong Kong yet. I bought tickets at the airport where I got quite a discount. Getting there was easy because there were directions from the MTR station. In the park, the aquarium was not better than others in other countries. However, the North Pole and South Pole exhibition was amazing as well as other exhibition. I had never been to very close encounter with the Penguins as here. May was not the best month to visit Hong Kong because it was to warm for outdoor activities. However, there were very short queues at every ride we got in. We took a leave from the hot weather into the cooler exhibition every now and then through out the day at the Ocean Park.


Loved our Ocean Park adventure! We went straight to the summit using the cable car (amazing views by the way) and tried out all their thrill rides. It's better to go early on the rides so there's less queue. The Hair Raiser is amazing! The Rapids should not be missed as well, but you need to get ready to get wet for this. For the best dining views, check out The Bayview Restaurant near the cable car. There's a lot more attractions here than in Disneyland, and everything's a treat. Aside from the gigantic aquarium, make sure you visit the sharks, pandas, penguins, arctic foxes, and the seals. Don't miss the shows too, specially the one in Ocean Theatre.


Yesterday I visited ocean park with my family. I have to say that is is very different from other parks. The whole park is set upon a mountain which is very cool but sometimes you look at rides and they become quite scary hanging tracks over cliffs. The park is clean and very large. The cable cars are extremely good which are you from the entrance and over the mountain. The shows are good. The rides are plenty and the whole place seems a good day out. The panda house is brilliant and you can even go and see koala bears. I really did enjoy my time here but the only thing I found a little poor was the price on the food outlets. It becomes quite expensive when eating at parks. Overall a great day out. And just to add one more thing. I would say 2 day is plenty of time to do the park. I wouldn't return for a while to give them a chance to add some new things


It's much more fun than Disneyland and they are always improving what they can offer. Even if you don't get on the rides, it's still a fun day out and the cable car view is amazing.


Been here so many times!! Amazing theme park, love the marine animals here and all the rides!' The best theme park in Hong Kong! Highly recommend! 

Source: used to intern with dolphins here at this amazing park with great animal care

~Sonia L

If you have the time to visit a theme park, than this is the one. Exciting rides and beautiful shows through the day. The park spreads across the mountain and the cable car is a beautiful experience with a great view of the city and sea, You will need to plan for a whole day for this, and the walking is extensive with many uphill trails. Not recommended for seniors. A fantastic enclosure of the sharks is an experience you don't want to miss. Do carry a handheld fan and a bottle of water at all times, you will need it constantly.


It's our family's 2nd trip to the Ocean Park. The place has not change a lot since 4 years ago, but there are some minor improvements here and there. The Ocean Park MTR looks almost ready and it will be very convenient in the future for visitors.

The park is interesting for families with young children as it has both animals, rides and shows. As with all theme parks, the cost of food prices here is really expensive!


Really enjoyed the place . Picture worthy and full of happy memories. Do bring along light disposable ponchos for the water rides can be a little wet.


I wanted to visit a theme park in Hong Kong for my birthday so I had to decide between ocean park and Disneyland... I'm so happy I chose ocean park, for value for money and for the rides available. 

Great roller coasters and top quality fun. All the staff are really friendly, my only criticism is there was literally 1 person working at the McDonald's restaurant so it took us half an hour to queue! 

animals are very well looked after and it is clear that they take safety precautions seriously as there was a serious thunderstorm during our visit and they wouldn't reopen any of the rides until they had thoroughly tested etc. 

My dreams came true when I saw a panda for the first time here, what an experience! 

The park is very clean and well kept. Would love to visit again! :)


With Ocean Park in HK - I do not understand why Disney is still operating the HK Disneyland. 

This is so much better and well priced. The rides are good and there is almost no queue on a weekday. 


Pro tips: 

1. Get a park map near the entrance 
2. Ride the Ocean Express train up to the summit where the thrill rides are in the morning - then take the cable car down and enjoy the view. 
3. The park is big - do hit the big rides first. There's 3 roller coasters, the Abyss ride and don't miss Flash.
4. When tired, head down to the aquarium and take a break!
5. Food inside the Polar restaurant is acceptable in quality but don't order the pizza - it's no good. Do eat there though - the restaurant has a cut section so you can view the Penguins. We were lucky to catch them during feeding too! It's pricey with a min spend of HKD100/pax too. But worth the view. 

Cheers and enjoy the park!


People who work here are rude and impatient! If it weren't for the attractions in the park it wouldn't be worth the visit! Rude staff aside, we still had a lot of fun because of all the rides and shows, and wish we had more time to spend there, so we will visit again. If you're bringing your luggage with you, you need to rent a locker, HK$60 for a small one and HK$100 for a jumbo sized one, expensive! Food is way cheaper in the kiosks than in the restos, so find those kiosks. Also, sections aren't interconnected, so get yourself a map so you can plan out where you're going first otherwise you just might waste your time walking around in circles! Rides are so fun! Make time to see the Pandas!

~Ane F

WOW, I was overwhelmed by this place! If only one day in Hong Kong this is how I would spend it!

we went here on a Sunday during a thunderstorm... if you can embrace that your going to get wet then its the best time to go; the park was deserted and all the rides were still in operation!

the North and South pole area are well worth a look with some amazing animals (pacific Walrus, empire penguins etc.), the panda enclosure is a must... make time to swing past a few times to catch them in various stages of the day... we went on 5 occasions spending quite a lot of time with these magnetic animals. We watched them walking around, eating, climbing, sleeping and even rolling around MUST SEE. 

the park offered so great thrill rides and all the food and drinks was at typical theme prices with the addition of a maccas down the back. 

at 7:30PM ensure you make it to the main fountain to watch the water show... its Vegas quality and will leave you with goose bumps... get up close and watch the water turn to fire in a battle of two dragons!!!

this park also offered one of the larges aquariums I have seen with ample of viewing spots... very impressive and couldn't say a bad word about the day... even the entrance price was affordable.

~Kyle R

We alighted from MTR Admiralty Station and took Bus 629, upon exiting the station (just follow the signs inside the station, and it will lead you to where the bus station for Ocean Park is). Ocean Park in Hong Kong is one of the places I went to which I really enjoyed very much - not only me, but my wife as well. I love the Grand Aquarium, the Cable Cars and a "glimpse" of old Hong Kong. I was also surprised to have seen many animals inside the park, including a Panda, which I have not seen in person before. This park is recommended for people of all ages. Surely, you will enjoy your stay there. There are a lot more to do and see at the park. I reckon, a whole day is not enough to enjoy everything inside it. I would still go back to this place if given the chance to go back to Hong Kong once more. This place is a MUST-SEE!


I lived in HK for 8 years before I got around to visiting Ocean Park, but I definitely should have gone sooner!

Plenty to see and do and the roller coasters are fantastic!!

You can pay a little more for a VIP pass which allows you to bypass many of the lines for rides and exhibits. It's a pretty popular place so that's well worth it.

With the pass we were able to ride the roller coasters multiple times without lining up at all.

Something to see and do for all ages even if you don't like rides.


Nice clean park. Rides don't seem to open till 11am apart from cable car. The day we went a cyclone grade 3 was to hit. We managed to get on cable car before they closed it. Stunning views well worth it. Saw panda bear which is the reason we went. But due to cyclone all rides were shut till about 2.30 well after it had passed which was dissapointing. Did not rate the food. We were told you could not take food in our bags were searched however we noticed alot of people had taken food in double standard??? The aquarium was great big sting ray and some sharks. Neptune's restaurant was amazing as you are next to the tank and can watch the fish swimming around. Long day fir young ones as not many rides they can go on our daughter was 4yrs.

~Kaye I

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