24 hours in Hue: Ancient Capital of Vietnam

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Renowned as the most royal city in Vietnam, Hue has enough charm to keep you staying as long as you can afford the time to visit.

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A peaceful morning in Hue

5:00am: Invite your friends to ride motorbikes to Thuan An beach at dawn. You can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee while watching the sunrise.

6:00am: Take pictures at Quoc Hoc Hue - Century Old High School – one of the oldest and the most beautiful schools in Vietnam. Its area is above 4000 square meters, so you can go jogging or ride a bike around the campus. It’s the best way to start an energetic day!

Century Old High School

7:00am: Schools are now opened. By standing at the school gate, you will have an opportunity to take pictures of schoolgirls wearing their beautiful and elegant traditional dress: Ao Dai.

An elegant schoolgirl.

8:00am: Let’s go to a restaurant at Truong Dinh – Pham Hong Thai crossroads. Here you can eat delicious sticky rice with marinated pork. Each set costs 20,000VND (about $1). The restaurant is always crowded, so if you come late, you won’t have a chance to enjoy Hue’s specialty.

Sticky rice with marinated pork

9:00am: The coffee shops at Truong Dinh Street are always available, even on weekend or working days. Hue’s inhabitants like to drink coffee every morning.

10:00am: Go shopping. At Hue’s market, you can not only buy hundreds of stuff but also enjoy the specific Hue’s voice from the sellers.

Tip: If you want to buy clothes or shoes at Dong Ba market, remember to bargain at half the price sincethose things are always overcharged. At Ben Ngu market, there are less kinds of good, but the sellers are very kind and seldom overcharge.

Noon’s schedule

11:00am: It’s time for Hue’s traditional cakes. Try Hang Me restaurant at Vo Thi Sau road. There are many kinds of traditional cakes there. The restaurant is famous for its recipes, using shrimp’s favor.

The restaurant owner is very kind and friendly. It only costs 30,000VND to 40,000VND/ person for the whole meal ($1.5 to $2).

Cups of cake in Hue.

12:00am: Enjoy yahourt at Nguyen Hue Street. The restaurant only has some stools and tables, but it is always crowded. The price is very cheap, about 5,000VND/glass (25 cents).

13h: Let’s try European experience at DMZ, Little Italy, Hung Vuong Inn, etc. Since Hue is a city for tourism, those shops are always full of foreigners.

14h: Take pictures at Dai Noi Citadel. Its front yard is a favorite place for both teenagers and elders. At that time, local often play soccer, fly kites or ride bicycle there

The front yard of Dai Noi citadel.

15: Try grilled meat at Huyen Anh shop on Kim Long Street. Its noodle and cakes are very delicious. Prices: 12,000VND/ plate of cakes, 18,000VND/ bowl of noodle with grilled meat.

Steamed rice rolls


16h: Let’s hire a cyclo (Vietnamese pedal-taxi) to go around the city. You can get a cyclo everywhere, especially in front of Dai Noi citadel, Dong Ba market or under Trang Tien bridge. You can buy cane juice if you are thirsty.

17h: Catch the sunset on Vong Canh hill. You will know why people compare Huong river (Perfume River) a beautiful river in Hue as a silk sheet, lying across the city.

18h: Go to Han Mac Tu Street for mussel rice, noodle or porridge and dessert: Vietnamese corn sweet soup. Prices: 12,000VND/each with rice, noodle and porridge, 5,000VND/glass of sweet soup.

Mussel noodle.

19h: Have you ever seen a night rainbow? If the answer is No, you should go to Trang Tien bridge. The “rainbow” will appear right in front of your eyes!

Trang Tien bridge in the evening.

20h: You can go to Hem shop on Hung Vuong Street to enjoy Hue’s traditional sweet soup ‘che’.

21h: Go for a walk at the Huong’s riverbank or Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street (a walking street). Souvenirs, clothes, jewelries are sold at reasonable prices: 5,000VND/item. You can also pay the same amount of money for a ticket to go along Huong river.

22h: Are you tired? Let’s take a rest. Eating grilled sweet potatoes, corns or fish at Le Loi Street is the best choice. Price: 10,000VND/set.

Grilled fishes.

23h: There a many coffee shops around the lake, at the price of 6,000VND/cup, you can chat with your friends through the night.

24h: Sugarcane juice and chicken eggs are still available at Nguyen Hue street.

A new day begins

1h: There are not many people now, but you still can enjoy bread under Trang Tien bridge.

2h: A plate of spring rolls, chicken eggs, Han Thuyen’s Banh Canh (traditional cake) is the best choice at night. Price: 6,000VND/bowl.

Han Thuyen’s Banh Canh


Written by Danh Phuong Nguyen.

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